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Piper Doll Releases SAF 100cm Akira & Elsa Dolls in TPE

On April 28, 2022, Piper Doll released their Silicone Action Figure (SAF) Akira and Elsa sex dolls in TPE. The Piper Doll SAF series first came out in 2021, and was a miniaturized version of Piper Doll’s full-sized dolls. Initially, they were only available in silicone material. Then in early March 2021, Piper Doll released the 80cm SAF Phoebe and 100cm SAF Ariel in TPE. Today, they released two more of their popular SAF dolls in TPE: the 100cm Akira and 100cm Elsa. Piper Doll fans who wanted a TPE version of their favorite SAF mini dolls will be pleased with these new releases. Because I never really showcased the TPE 80cm and 100cm Ariel before, I included them below.

Piper Doll 80cm Phoebe (TPE)

Piper Doll 100cm Ariel (TPE)

Piper Doll 100cm Akira (TPE)

Piper Doll 100cm Elsa (TPE)

All that’s left now is to convert the 100cm SAF Jessica, Jenna, and Mai to TPE, which shouldn’t be too hard. For the silicone-to-TPE conversions, Piper Doll basically puts TPE in the silicone molds. This results in a doll that looks exactly like the silicone version but is in TPE instead. However, note that all TPE conversions (such as Piper Affordable Version & SAF) do not use Platinum TPE. Piper Doll makes their silicone dolls in a separate factory so the TPE material is different (and not as nice). However, it’s still decent, and is more affordable than the silicone version. I expect the rest of the SAF lineup to be in TPE very soon.

Mizuwali Retires from Photography

In other news, Mizuwali officially retired from photography. He single-handedly managed, designed, and took photos for the Piper Doll and Irokebijin brand for many years. On Twitter, he wrote:

“It’s been a long time since I took a picture, and I probably won’t be taking pictures again. After that, I can only entrust a photographer to help take pictures. This is the last set of photos I took for Akira myself. I hope you like it (translated from Chinese).”

Mizuwali was highly praised for his lovely doll designs, expert posing, and unedited (non-Photoshopped) promo photos. He hired some new photographers to take photos in his place now, one of which is @dollbanger on Twitter. Thank you for all the wonderful photos throughout the years, Mizuwali. You will be missed. 🙏

Thoughts on the new Piper Doll TPE 100cm Akira and Elsa dolls? Sad that Mizuwali will no longer take photos? Comment below!

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