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March 2022 Doll News: Piper Doll 100cm TPE Ariel & More

As another month goes by, sex doll brands continue to release new heads and bodies regularly. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to cover and show everything. There’s just too many new heads and bodies coming out every week. Therefore, here are some of the highlights from March 2022.

On March 10, 2022, Piper Doll released a TPE version of their 100cm SAF Ariel doll. The 100cm SAF Ariel is a down-scaled version of the 140cm TPE Ariel and was previously was only avaiable in silicone. Now Piper Doll fans can experience this miniture doll in Piper Doll’s signature Platinum TPE. As far as I can tell, all the proportions are the same as the silicone version.

Piper Doll 100cm TPE Ariel

Sino Doll released 3 new heads in their collaboration with Japanese AV stars. These new heads include Makoto Toda (D3), Karen Kaeda (D4), and Aoi Kururugi (D5). Like their previous JAV star models, they only designed a head after the actress, and not a body. The bodies are already existing Sino Doll bodies.

Sino Doll Makoto Toda Head (D3)

Sino Doll Karen Kaeda Head (D4)

Sino Doll Aoi Kururugi Head (D5)

WM Doll Releases New 160cm B-cup Body (Head #421)

WM Doll released a new 160cm B-cup body with head #421 (elf). The head is very cute and fantasy-looking. The body is slim with wide hips and thin legs. Many people, including myself, find the legs to be a bit too skinny and weird. Maybe it was to reduce weight but at 32 kg (70 lbs), not much weight was reduced.

WM Doll 160cm B-cup with Head #421

Not exactly new, but SE Doll is combining their Gloria head and 157cm H-cup body to create a “new” doll. Many people will like this beautiful and youthful head on a busty and thick body. Photos coming soon.

The Doll Forum Adds New Brand, FUNWEST DOLL

On March 12, 2022, The Doll Forum added a new doll brand to their Approved Manufacturers list called FUNWEST DOLL. I never heard of this brand before but they look very familar. They may be related to Aibei or possibly made in the same factory (just my guess- based on the photos). They have some interestingly distinct heads ranging from cartoony to mature, including some granny heads. 😬 They also have quite a few body options from petite to BBW.

If you want to see more, here is their website:


These are just a few highlights from March. It does not include every new head or body that came out, just the more interesting ones. I plan to focus on the more unique news but lately there hasn’t been anything worth writing about- just new heads and bodies from every brand. More posts coming soon.

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