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Piper Doll S 150 Akira, Gynoid Updates, & More News

As multiple typhoons rage on in China, many ports have shut down for over two weeks now. Luckily, the storms haven’t affected the sex doll industry too much. Sex doll brands continued designing, producing, and shipping new dolls as usual. Despite a slow start this week, news started rolling in quickly as time progressed. It’s looking like another jam-packed week of news again. This week, quiet brands reemerged, including Piper Doll, Gynoid, Sanhui, and a secret brand. Read on for more details.

WM Doll didn’t release anything this week. However, since last week was fairly packed, I didn’t get a chance to show off their new photosets. Here are some photos from the last 2 weeks, featuring various heads and bodies.

JY Doll released a new 60cm silicone mini doll with several photosets. They’re pretty cute, and hopefully come with the clothing in the photos. JY seems quite focused on mini dolls lately. They released at least 3 this month.

SE Doll released a new doll known as the 151cm Ayako. She looks somewhat cute in these photos.

Piper Doll revealed the new 150cm Silicone B-cup Akira (a conversion from their TPE version). According to Mizuwali, they developed a “new body makeup technology.” The skin appears to have more texture (tiny freckles), and some areas like the elbows are more reddish. With the weight reduction option, she only weighs about 26 kg (57 lbs).

Many people believed she had articulated fingers but Mizuwali confirmed that she, in fact, does not. Revisiting older photos from Piper Dolls, the hands actually look the same; Mizuwali is just good at posing them. For comparison, I included some sample photos below.

Examples of Piper Doll's Wire Fingers (Posed by Mizuwali)

Mizuwali Carrying the 150cm Akira with Weight Reduction

Mizuwali demonstrated Akira’s lightness by lifting her above his head. Although it’s difficult to tell, you can somewhat get an idea of the softness from this video. She seems quite firm.

Irontech released new photos of their 165cm S27 Ivy doll dressed as a sexy teacher. She has a very realistic and mature face.

Just in time for Halloween next month, Elsa Babe released a new spooky head called Kurokawa Mio. She is based off a Japanese urban legend, known as “Kuchisake-onna” or “Slit-Mouthed Woman.” A very unique and risky design by Elsa Babe, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. People have requested “monster sex dolls” before but I didn’t think brands would actually make one.

Sanhui released a new 118cm All-In-One (AIO) mini doll with Head #10. This small, seamless neck doll features an interesting Elf head.

Gynoid shared a new photo of their updated lineup of dolls. Now all their bodies can be compared side-by-side in one photo. If you’re wondering what happened to Models 1-8, I believe they were all discontinued (although some vendors still list Model 6). The only other model missing is Model 17, which is a torso doll. Maybe they should have included Model 17 just for laughs. Gynoid also shared videos showing their dolls’ softness, and a new realistic feet option coming soon.

Softness Video
Upcoming Feet Details

"Secret Brand"

“A top-secret, highly unrecognizable brand” silently released two 142cm dolls that spread like wildfire onto most Japanese vendors’ websites. I guess this explains what they were working on all that time. It was supposed to be low-profile but several vendors already promoted it on Twitter. You didn’t hear it from me.

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. It was quieter this week but things are always happening behind-the-scenes. Whether it’s redesigning heads with moveable jaws, converting between silicone and TPE, or improving body paint, brands are always hard at work. If I were to guess the next big trend, it’s probably something else from Zelex’s Inspiration Series like the removable labia, kneadable butt, or more-permanent body paint. While some brands already have those features, more brands will eventually jump on board. Mini and smaller dolls are also somewhat trending. Starpery hasn’t appeared in a while so maybe they have something in the works. As usual, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on the sex doll news this week? Comment below!

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  1. Joe

    Where can I find more information and/or buy the new JY dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      Unfortunately, most vendors don’t list the mini JY dolls. You can try contacting some vendors that carry JY Doll. Otherwise, it will be hard to find information unless you contact JY Doll themselves.

  2. Joel

    Can you get import the 142cm doll to the US?
    I don’t like kids but like the characters Tifa and Aerith. I seen sites that carry those dolls.

    The price seems more affordable than a full sized doll from GLD and I think 142 cm is the right size and weight for me.

    I just don’t want any legal problems and being a federal database that may come up it my purchase.

    1. Steven

      Hi Joel,
      If you don’t live in Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, South Dakota, or Florida, there’s technically no laws against it. However, not everyone wants to take the risk. If you want to play it safe, find one that’s already in-stock in the US, or a US vendor that will import it to their address, and then ship it to you directly. TheDollChannel, for example, offers this service.

  3. N00bMaster69

    I’m personally getting the Final Fantasy girls b4 Sq.Exix gets angry over something they’ll never try but feel offended over if it’s not hentai

  4. Steven

    I forgot to add some JY news. I will add it tomorrow.

    1. Jackson

      Hey do you know if 6YE will add anything with their silicone doll heads?

      1. Steven

        Hi Jackson,
        What do you mean “add anything with their silicone doll heads?” Like adding moveable jaws or releasing more silicone heads? I actually don’t know. It’s hard to find news on 6YE since they don’t post on social media. They used to send me photos but haven’t sent anything in a while.

  5. Jackson

    Honestly the “Secret Brand” looks like loli versions of the Tifa and Aerith dolls lol!!!

    1. N00bMaster69

      I found a vendor saying it was “*” or nothing….the other said AXB. but I can’t find it. I only know of 1 other vendor that has these heads and I got the complete “Capcom Biohazard collection”

      1. Steven

        They were released under a new brand name. I won’t name it since my goal is not to get them in trouble.

        1. hp

          Do you know if they have plans to release other heads?

          1. Steven

            Hi hp,
            I assume they will release more heads. There’s no reason for them to stop. Their releases usually come unpredictably so no one really knows when or what’s next.

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