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MITICA: World’s First Sex Doll Maid Cafe- 1 Year Later

MITICA, the world’s first sex doll maid cafe launched in Taiwan back in May 2021 as described here. They had a highly successful launch, and attracted locals and tourists from around the world. Turns out, sex dolls and delicious food are a winning combination. However, there’s a few things I’d like to address first before we continue. Previously, I speculated that MITICA had partnered with a doll vendor, but in reality, they are actually owned by a vendor. The owner of MITICA, Guo Da, also owns KD人形美術館, an online sex doll store. That explains where the dolls came from. Next, despite their captivating launch, not everyone approved of it. Some neighbors actually reported MITICA to local authorities due to its risque nature. Fortunately, government officials showed up, determined no laws were being violated, and left them in peace. A happy ending.

It’s been over a year since their grand opening. Have you ever wondered, how is MITICA doing today? Was it all just a gimmick or did they discover a recipe for long-term success? The answer is they are more prosperous than ever before; not because they combined sex dolls with cafes, but because they never stopped building. Guo Da continued growing his brand everyday since they launched. He hosts multiple livestreams every week (with guest interviews) where he discusses topics ranging from business and health to music and arts. He manages the cafe, interacts with customers, oversees his online store, is the head of a Taiwanese sex doll association, and has expanded his business to multiple locations. His passion is largely what led to MITICA’s great success, and Guo Da has no plans of stopping. Let’s see what he has been up to.

Note: There are many videos below. I uploaded them separately to open-caption Google’s “poor” English translations, and because Youtube doesn’t allow embedding of age-restricted videos. They are credited with the original links, which have better quality but you have to enable “auto-translate” in the video settings.

An Overview of MITICA

KD人形美術館-郭大矽膠娃娃開箱 uploaded a nice summary video of MITICA on September 14, 2022. Originally, I planned to showcase their progress in chronological order, but highlights are probably a better idea. I also expected to focus on the cafe, but as I discovered, Guo Da (and his company, KD人形美術館) are really the centerpiece of it all. The video below shows that MITICA is more than just a cafe. Guo Da has built something much greater.

KD人形美術館 at the 2022 CWT Expo

Despite MITICA’s success, Guo Da and his team were nervous heading into the 2022 Comic World Taiwan Expo in August. This national comic and anime-themed expo never featured sex dolls before. Luckily, KD人形美術館’s booth was met with largely positive reactions from both men and women.

Taiwan's Doll Community Expands

Sometime in 2021, Guo Da established the Taiwan Doll Art Promotion Association (TDAPA). This association creates gatherings and events for doll owners in Taiwan, but was, unfortunately, hindered by COVID-19. One of their TDAPA locations is the KD Art Museum (also called KD Figure Museum) in Taipei. The space was designed specifically for photoshoots, and provides people with dolls, clothing, makeup, lighting, and backdrops for elegant photos. Additionally, they have one in Kaohsiung where they also sell a variety of sex toys.

KD Art Museum in Taipei

KD Art Museum in Kaohsiung

TDAPA Outdoor Boating Event (Don't try this at home)

Beautiful Dolls on Display

One of the main attractions of MITICA is their high-end display of silicone dolls. Because KD人形美術館 is a doll vendor, they have dolls from famous brands such as Gynoid, TAYU, Sino Doll, DS Doll, and more. Recently, they acquired Game Lady’s Tifa and Aerith-inspired dolls, as well as realistic dolls from JY and FU Doll. Here are some media taken at the KD Art Museums and MITICA cafe.

Videos & Photos Courtesy of @DollsVue, @zhangyo17212490, and @lovedoll4MGTOW.

As sex dolls become increasingly popular, it’s not surprising to see doll communities forming in various countries. Although there’s still massive stigma surrounding sex dolls, Guo Da has gone above and beyond to combat it in Taiwan. His ever-expanding business regularly to puts silicone dolls in the spotlight, as all his shops, locations, and online content are open to the public. It’s amazing to see Guo Da integrate dolls into everyday life and bring the doll community closer together in Taiwan. His businesses continue to flourish and as the global culture shifts, the West may be more accepting of sex dolls one day too.

Thoughts on MITICA, Guo Da, KD-Doll, or just sex dolls in general? Comment below!

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  1. Jackson

    Wow now this is interesting! Maybe they can make a Cafe like this in America or something!!!? Also they have had some sexdoll Brothels in Europe as well! Maybe you can blog about that? Thanks for the blog post!

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      Indeed, it’s very interesting. Hopefully this story inspires people to set up doll cafes (or other businesses) in other countries as well. It can help reduce doll stigma and build local doll owner communities. However, I think it’ll be much harder to accomplish in the West due to cultural differences (sex dolls are more politicized and stigmatized in the West). As for European doll brothels, I heard about them but never paid much attention. I think they were popular before I started blogging. But from a quick search, it doesn’t seem like they’re doing well. Most of them have disappeared.

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