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MITICA: The World’s First Sex Doll Maid Cafe in Taiwan

Maid cafes are a popular attraction in Japan, but did you know one exists in Taiwan with synthetic maids? Meet MITICA, the world’s first sex doll maid cafe located in Taichung City, Taiwan. After a successful launch in May 2021, MITICA quickly became a popular tourist and local attraction. The realistic maid dolls piqued people’s curiosity, and set them apart from neighboring cafes. While some might see it as risque, MITICA proved to be widely accepted among Taiwanese patrons. Customers of all ages (including kids) are welcomed in the cafe, and the dolls are more like decoration than sexual objects. Patrons can enjoy coffee, drinks, and Japanese cuisine, check out the dolls, sing karaoke, and more.

MITICA features a variety of high-end silicone dolls including brands such as EX Doll (DS Doll), Gynoid, Sino Doll, TAYU, Elsa Babe, and more. They all have different bodies and heads, and are dressed in classy and sexy maid outfits. Many of the dolls are attached to metal stands, but some are sitting or posed throughout the cafe. Customers are allowed to touch the dolls, and if there’s one they like, they can purchase it or custom-order one. Most likely, MITICA has partnered up with a sex doll vendor where they get their dolls and earn commissions on sales. Customers can also book private reservations to check out the dolls more intimately. Having said that, MITICA isn’t all about the dolls. They also have excellent reviews for their freshly-brewed coffee and Japanese-inspired dishes.

Photos courtesy of Dolls in Beauty & 龍之神民

MITICA Cafe: Drink & Food

A Few Menu Items at MITICA

MITICA Video by 今天的我沒有極限 & Tweets by SAQITAN

@yukityan129 shared many videos inside MITICIA including footage of families dining and relaxing. Unfortunately, his account is temporarily unavailable so the videos can no longer be seen.

Videos at MITICA by 龍之神民

A lineup of sex dolls along the wall at MITICA

Another display of dolls at MITICA

More dolls and someone singing karaoke

Customers can book a reservation to intimately check out the dolls and order one

A customer feels and investigates the various dolls on display

This is the type of cafe one would expect from Japan, but Taiwan beat them to the punch. However, instead of cute Japanese maids, they have life-like dolls instead. With all the negative stigma surrounding sex dolls, it’s refreshing to see a sex doll cafe received in such a positive way. It distinctively shows how Asian culture differs from the West. In countries such as Taiwan, China, and Japan, sex dolls are seen as “cool” and “innovative.” During Asian expos, both men and women are fascinated by how realistic they look and feel, and not a single person questions the morality or protests. Dolls are not real after all; they are plastic, technological innovations. MITICA is another example of sex dolls becoming culturally accepted, such as when Elsa Babe (a sex doll brand) appeared at the 2021 ChinaJoy Expo and fit right in. 

If you’re in Taiwan and want to visit MITICA, they are located at 404 North District, Taichung City, Taiwan- No. 165, Section 1, Zhongqing Road, Yudri, and open on weekdays from 11am-1:30pm.

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  1. Jason

    I have question about the stands the dolls are on .

    Who makes them and is it possible to buy one?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jason,
      I’m not sure know if doll manufacturers make them or contract some other company, but they usually don’t sell them to customers. Doll Forever once said they were too dangerous or something. Try asking some vendors. There’s a new stand some vendors sell that looks like a seat between the doll’s legs, but I’ve never seen the kind at MITICA for sale. Brands use them at expos so they have access to them.

      1. Steven

        Hi Rudy,
        Nice find! That looks nearly identical if not the same as the one they use. It’s very expensive though.

        1. Jaso



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