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Anime Fever: New Sino Doll GD Series, JY Doll x Mozu Doll

On July 31, 2021, Sino Doll revealed their newest line of anime sex dolls called the GD Sino series. These cute, new dolls combine anime-inspired faces with Sino’s new 142cm and 139cm bodies. Just a few days eariler on July 19, JY Doll announced their collaboration with Mozu Doll to release some new anime-inspired sex dolls. These new JY x Mozu anime dolls feature Mozu Doll’s trademark anime faces on a 145cm body. It is unclear whether JY is manufacturing these new dolls and using their established brand to advertise them, but they are listed under JY Doll’s brand.

New Sino Doll GD Sino Series

Sino Doll G160 with S30 Linyin Head

New 145cm JY Doll x Mozu Doll Collaboration

It seems that anime dolls are the new sex doll trend. We are starting to see increasingly more anime dolls appear in the marketplace. Nearly all top brands have taken their shot at anime dolls now. Additionally, it’s interesting to see doll companies collaborating with each other such as when Sino Doll teamed up with LEVEL-D. Because there is such a large anime fanbase in the world, these dolls will certainly appeal to many people out there, and make a lot of money.

You can find the new Sino Doll GD Series at: My Robot Doll Trusted Vendor

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