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November Sex Doll News, Photos, & Implanted Hair

We’re halfway into the chilly month of November. Some people are thinking about juicy turkeys and pumpkin pie, while others will be eating canned ham this year after losing everything to FTX. Hopefully, you weren’t affected by that. As crazy things happen all around the world, one thing remains relatively stable – the sex doll industry. This week was yet another quiet week without much releases, but things were definitely happening behind-the-scenes. At least, Elsa Babe never fails to deliver at least one new head every week. Without further ado, let’s see what happened in the 2nd week of November.

Angel Kiss

Jinsan created a new brand called Angel Kiss. In short, they wanted to separate their TPE and silicone dolls into different brands. From now on, their TPE dolls will be under WM Doll, while silicone dolls are under Angel Kiss. This was purely for naming/organizational purposes; there were no other changes. 

SE Doll

SE Doll released 3 photosets of existing heads on different bodies. Because these heads have been shown many times, I only included one photo of each. You can look them up for more photos.

JY Doll

JY Doll released a new silicone anime head on their 123cm TPE body. They didn’t specify the head name, but the doll is dressed up as Genshin Impact’s Klee.


Irontech shared many new photosets this week, including one with their very first head (from 1.5 years ago) – perhaps a celebration of how far they’ve come. Below, you’ll find pretty photos of the silicone dolls: 165cm Miya, 152cm Luna, 152cm Ivy, and 166cm Hedy.

Irontech also showed off videos of their softer gel breast and butt options for silicone dolls. If the regular gel wasn’t soft enough, this new option is even more jiggly and squishy.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new and unique anime head called Miyamoto Kyoko on their 148cm body. She has a cool swordswoman cosplay, and stylized Japanese look. Elsa Babe continues to release interesting and unique heads almost every week.

My Loli Waifu

My Loli Waifu revealed two upcoming heads, Honoka and Ali. Both heads look cute with Ali having bigger, more cartoony-looking eyes.


Shedoll showed off a new hair implanting technique that increases hair density, and shared photos of their thick implanted hair. Given that manufacturers used to implant hairs one-by-one, it was only a matter of time before they found something more efficient.

The 2nd video below is not from SHEDOLL but shows how manufacturers can now implant multiple hairs at once. Like a chain reaction, once one factory does something, every other factory follows. This new method makes hair implantation much faster, easier, and thicker than before. Hopefully next, they figure out how to prevent the hairs from shedding.

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. Although there were many pretty pictures to look at, there weren’t many new releases. The new hair implanting method was interesting to see, as was Irontech’s softer breasts and butt options. Improving dolls and options are just as important as releasing new heads and bodies, if not more important. Therefore, it’s nice to see what’s going on behind-the-scenes. Anyway, there isn’t much else to say. Some brands such as Zelex have been very quiet lately. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on the 2nd week of November’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Lee

    Have you heard Qitadoll ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Lee,
      Yes, they’re a more affordable brand. They’re more well-known for their male dolls but they have some good-looking female dolls as well.

  2. Jackson

    That automatic hair implant thing is very interesting. Hair implanted should be much cheaper now. Now we just have to stop the hair from falling out lol!!! Also I wonder how they make that super soft gel butt and breasts? What material is it?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      I agree. Implanted hair will probably be cheaper or they’ll just take more profits. At least the hair will be thicker. The next step is to stop the hair from shedding. As for the softer gel breasts/butt, I’m guessing it’s a softer blend of gel. It’s still called gel. They probably made the gel thinner or more watery, but I don’t really know.

      1. Jackson

        Oh ok Thicker hair is definitely a plus lol! But you say it is gel. What material is that get made of? Silicone? Thanks for the article by the way!

        1. Steven

          Oh, it’s silicone. I don’t know all the details. It’s some form of silicone gel or liquid silicone.

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