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Zelex EXP Skeleton, Starpery 3rd Gen, & Sex Dolls

What started off as a slow week, quickly filled up as time went on. Not only were there new releases and photosets, but some innovative things as well. Zelex’s new EXP Skeleton certainly took the spotlight with its unique ball-jointed parts. This comes 2 weeks after WM Doll officially released their ball-jointed fingers. Are ball-jointed bodies the next big trend (evolution of BJD)? Besides Zelex’s new skeleton, there were other goodies as well. So without further ado, let’s see what new developments came out this week.

Jinsan Dolls

Jinsan released a new Head #461 on their 164cm D-cup body. This Asian head looks somewhat cute with a doe-eyed look.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Melody (Head #120). She looks fairly interesting with a cute wig and bold, bright blue eyes.


Irokebijin showed off their recent silicone 147cm body with the Akane and Sumire heads. Despite the size difference, the 140cm Akane and 135cm Sumire heads fit fairly well on the 147cm body. A good comparison for people who like to mix-and-match.


Irontech shared a new photoset of their silicone 165cm Kitty. Mixing things up in each photoshoot, this is probably the cutest she’s ever looked. While she looked cute before, this is another level of adorably sexy.


As previously mentioned, Zelex released a new, upgraded skeleton called EXP Skeleton. This enhanced skeleton is noticeably more flexible with increased shoulder mobility, ball-jointed neck and wrist, double-jointed elbows, and a more flexible waist. The ball joints seem well-designed, and allows for more realistic and lifelike movements and poses. This is an optional upgrade when ordering (not default).

Zelex also updated their sucking vagina option by making it completely external. The circuit, pump, speakers, and battery are now external and replaceable. Since internal electronics can’t be replaced or repaired, this is a step in the right direction. Interesting enough, this is the exact same device Cosdoll showed a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if other brands started adding this same device.

Tenderdolls (Vendor)

Speaking of Zelex, Tenderdolls (a vendor) commissioned an exclusive head from Zelex called GE119. She has an interesting Russian-inspired (?) face, and is only available on Tenderdolls.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Hirosue Yuko on their 165cm body. Initially confused, I was certain this was an old head. Sure enough, I showed it back in August 2022, but apparently, it wasn’t officially released until now. That’s odd because the promo photos are exactly the same.

They also shared a new photoset of the 148cm Yokotani Yukiko. Personally, I think this is their cutest anime head, and it’s always nice to see her in different wigs and outfits.


Starpery teased what they call the “3rd generation body.” Essentially, they’re making a new body molded from a real woman. They shared a video of their leg and arm molding process. I have to say, the feet look very detailed, and this process will bring their realism to the next level.


SHEDOLL continued adding oral structure and moveable jaw to their heads. This time, the closed-eyed Meng head received the upgraded mouth option.


XYcolo released a new head and body: the 145cm (or 144 cm) Nana. Due to a typo, the height is unclear (more likely 145cm), but it’s their shortest body thus far. Additionally, Nana is their first head with oral structure and moveable jaw. Personally, I think the head looks a bit weird but at least they’re trying something new. 

145cm (or 144cm) Nana Promo Video
Nana Oral Demo (Like all oral structure+moveable jaw heads, it can only go forward a certain amount)
Organic Silicone PRO Softness Test

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady regularly shares updates of their contest so I guess I’ll share the latest numbers. Currently, 2B (Neir: Automata), Ashley (RE4: Remake), and Bayonetta are in the lead.

Having said that, I think most people concluded that this contest is probably rigged. I remember Game Lady had another contest a few months ago (involving inviting people to their discord), and not a single person participated. In contrast, too many people seem to be participating now. Comparing the high amount of votes to their low Twitter engagement, my (conspiracy) theory is that they’re making up numbers in each update. With each update, the numbers increase more unnaturally and unrealistically. TDF members pointed out duplicate numbers and a random male character (Astarion) getting votes. Perhaps a marketing scheme, or to make themselves seem wildly popular, there are so many red flags by now that the results are probably pre-determined with no real prize-winners. Just a guess..


That wraps up an unexpectedly lengthy week of news. As a trend setter, Zelex’s EXP Skeleton will likely inspire other brands and future skeletons. Additionally, I expect to see that same external sucking vagina popping up on other brands (as the next big trend). Starpery’s “3rd generation body” was certainly interesting to see. Although it’s not unique, it will take their realism to the next level. Otherwise, everything else was fairly standard this week. As for Game Lady’s contest, there’s definitely more going on than just “alt email accounts.” Over 1000 email votes in 10 days raises some alarms. Let’s see how far they take this.. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on April’s sex doll news thus far? Comment below!

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  1. luis

    Congratulations Steven! your blog is the best in the world. Greetings from Argentina, owner of two Stapery dolls

    1. Steven

      Hi Luis,
      Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. 🙂

  2. Arnold

    Hi Steven,
    Zelex does listen good to their costomers, but do you know if Zelex fixed the knee problems already?

    1. Steven

      Hi Arnold,
      What knee problems are you referring to? The new EXP skeleton improved the upper half of the skeleton. The knees were unchanged.

      1. Arnold

        Hi Steven,
        The silicone material of the knee rises much too far when bending the knee, posing for photos with bent knees does not look good with this problem, the silicone knee material then slides too much towards the upper leg.
        Its a well known problem of Zelex dolls and it has already disappointed many Zelex doll buyers, so I was wondering if they fixed this problem already.

  3. Black

    To GLD poll, it might be but on the other hand, 2b has a lot of hentai material, she’s quite popular. They released new numbers since these news and her votes seem to slow down after the initial boom. Also some other popular girls catching up too. Maybe the twitter tags and people sharing links on fanservers bring up so many votes (especially when there’s a chance for free stuff lol). Plus cosplay dolls seem popular nowadays, I want one too.

  4. Kar

    a good G119 head, such a beautiful-vamp will cost a lot. she will pull everything from a man, starting with the brain and ending with money. so the men made silicone copies of vamp women. the time will come and women will lower their bar, but it will be too late humanity will die out))))

  5. AJ

    Hi Steven

    I had trouble voting on that game lady contest but I will say that the male character is likely from Baldurs gate 3 Astarion is playable character.

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