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Quiet Week: New Sex Doll Heads, Cute Dolls, Orange In, & More

Time flew by quickly as we enter the last month of 2023. While people plan their holidays and family vacations, sex doll brands continued grinding out new dolls as usual. This week, brands released mostly new heads and photosets. SE Doll’s Silicone Pro series was really the biggest news, but since there were so many photos, it required a separate post. With a fairly large chunk taken out, this week seems relatively quiet. Still, there’s a lot to see so sit and back relax for a laid-back week of news.

Jinsan / Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss released a new head (LS#63) on their 175cm (AK1) body. She has a pretty Asian face that reminds me a lot of Yearndoll’s style. In fact, she looks nearly identical to Yearndoll’s Head Y206, which is interesting. Nonetheless, she looks quite beautiful on this tall and slender body.

Just for fun, here are photos of Yearndoll’s Head Y206 for comparison. Am I imagining it or do they look very similar?

SE Doll

In addition to their Silicone Pro series, SE Doll released a new TPE head called Piper. She looks interesting, and fits well on this busty body.

Funwest Doll

Funwest shared some Christmas-themed photos of their 155cm Bella. Since it’s December, these photos will help you get into the holiday spirit.


Zelex shared 3 new photosets of their tall ZX172E (172cm) body with Heads ZXE201, 204, & 207. Since it’s just more of the same, I focused more on the full-body photos.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new anime head called Furukawa Natsuki. She’s pretty cute and reminds me of Irokebijin’s Shiori head. Like always, I think this head will sell very well.

They also shared a nurse cosplay of their 148cm Asakura Naomi. Since I like nurse cosplays, these cute photos are worth sharing.

FU Doll

FU Doll teased more photos of their upcoming silicone 153F body with Head #25 (J0025). She really pulls off the embarrassed or shy Japanese look well.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Yoyo on their 150cm body. I wasn’t sure whether to show this or not, but the “detect age” website says she looks 21, so I’ll just blame the outfit.


Tayu shared a new photoset of their Azina head on the 161cm F-cup body. Originally for the 151cm body, these photos give a good idea of how she looks on a noticeably taller body. 

Orange In

Orange In released many heads since I last wrote about them, but none really stood out. However, their latest Head #647 on the 159cm body looks fairly unique. She has a fantasy elf look, and is dressed as a fairy in these naturey photos.

Their new silicone Head #660 (with ROS) on a TPE body also looks pretty good.

Of course, they also have many AI-generated/altered photos like these. Just some examples that I normally wouldn’t show. However, it’s a growing (and annoying) trend for lesser-known brands, and I’m seeing it more and more.

Cooby Doll

Lastly, here’s something interesting. Remember the Integrated Cooby doll I shared last week? Apparently, it has a “deep throat” oral function that goes downward, which is extremely rare to see. Some people told me that it already exists, but I’ve never actually seen it until now. Normally, it’s not possible due to the neck bolt, but Cooby made it work with their seamless neck dolls.

Unfortunately, the cavity has a very sharp downward angle. Unless your penis curves downward, it might not work for most people. Maybe they could have put the cavity behind the neck skeleton instead of in front.


That wraps up a fairly quiet week of news. As previously mentioned, SE Doll’s Silicone Pro series was probably the highlight of the week, but other brands still had some things to share. Personally, I found Cooby Doll’s downward oral cavity to be the most interesting, and Orange In’s “elf fairy” the most eye-catching photoset. Otherwise, things were more-or-less the same this week. I wonder if anything really innovative will come out before the year’s over, but I don’t have high hopes. With all the seamless neck dolls recently, maybe a downward oral cavity trend is next. I guess we can only wait and see.

Thoughts on December’s first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    Shifting the head upwards on that cooby doll could straighten its cavity.
    The lhp on that orange in 660 doll looks wrong

    1. Steven

      Yep, I didn’t show all the photos, but Orange In’s TPE bodies all have poor LHP.

  2. ItsAme

    Would be interesting to see how Cooby suggests to clean that throat…

    1. Steven

      I’m guessing you’ll have to lay the doll on her stomach and douche her mouth. 😅

  3. kupuna

    I like the old picture gallery format

    1. Steven

      Hi Kupina,
      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been experimenting with the “image carousel.” I like it since it allows me to show more photos without taking up a lot of space. If people prefer the old format, I’ll change it back.

      1. Mat

        The current carousel is nice, but the inconveniece about it is that you can’t quickly enlarge a picture by clicking on it. You can still scroll-click them though.

        1. Steven

          You can’t? When I click the pictures in the carousel, they enlarge for me.

  4. Jackson

    Great post! That Cooby Doll downward deep throat seemed very nice!!! I hope that they improve that angle soon though! Hopefully more innovative will come soon!

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