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New Japanese-Style Sex Dolls, Cute Faces, & More

February has come to an end with some final bit of news. This week, sex doll brands released a hefty mix of new photosets and dolls. The biggest trend this week was Japanese-aesthetics and cute dolls. Anime heads, mini dolls, and cute Asian faces were all on display. Seemingly, brands have really started targeting the Japanese and Asian markets. Other than some pretty dolls and photos, there wasn’t anything too innovative or unique. Without further ado, here’s February’s final week of “kawaii” sex doll news.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their 162cm E-cup body with Head #336 dressed as a sexy teacher. Maybe it’s the makeup or editing, but her face looks cartoonier than before. Although the face feels a bit off, the teacher theme is great.

JY Doll

JY Doll released a new 125cm Xiaoqian mini doll. The head is a scaled-down version of JY’s first silicone head, Goddess (also known as Xiaoqian). This head was shown once before on a thick 125cm body. Now, it’s on a slim 125cm body, and looks very cute.


Irokebijin released a new 120cm “fat butt” body and 2 heads: Erika and Sayaka. For those unaware, their previous Hina and Koharu dolls sold like hot cakes (especially in Japan); they couldn’t produce them fast enough. Now, we’re getting the sequel. The new 120cm body has a noticeably thinner waist, medium-sized breasts, thick thighs, and a big butt. Erika has a crying/sad face while Sayaka has closed eyes with a “Rico”-style mouth. 

Mizuwali also teased a new silicone body with the Sumire and Suzu heads. Proportionally, it looks similar to the original 135cm body but better-balanced. Mizuwali kept the height a secret, but using his bed as a reference, it looks around 135cm or 140cm tall.


Zelex released a new head called GE108, which is Head GE17 with oral structure and moveable jaw. This head comes in 2 makeup styles: normal and blushing+upturned eyebrows. The 2 makeup-styles are combined below, and it looks fairly good as expected.


Irontech shared new photosets of their 165cm Cherry and 168cm Candy. Cherry looks super sexy in workout attire albeit a bit angry. Recently, I noticed Irontech changes their eyebrows to create different expressions. This head didn’t look angry before. Meanwhile, Candy portrays a hot Chinese woman in tan skin.

Next, Irontech released a new head called Xiaying on their rarely-seen 148cm body. This adorable kitchen companion looks super cute in a pantless oversized sweater. An interesting reminder that Irontech makes more than just tall and thick dolls. 

FU Doll

FU Doll shared a new photoset of their 150cm Rena (Head J019) in a stylish school uniform. Perhaps bringing Japanese schoolgirl fantasies to life, she looks super cute in these photos. The 3rd photo is a game-changer for sure – very cleverly posed.

Mozu Doll

Mozu Doll released a new head called Karin (spelled differently on several websites) on the 163cm H-cup body. She has an interesting anime face, and looks cute with glasses and a police outfit. Sadly, there are no nude photos.


My Loli Waifu upgraded their Haruki head with oral structure (soft silicone head). To save time, I’ll just show the video.

Sino Doll

Sino Doll shared photos of their RRS+ T1 Miyou and T22 Miteng heads on their 95cm torso. The RRS+ makeup makes their faces look super realistic – maybe a little too realistic (Miteng). These feel like customer photos that Sino Doll decided to use as promo photos.

Mini Doll

While looking at Yearndoll, I noticed many Japanese vendors added a bunch of new mini dolls. They all list the brand as “Mini Doll,” which doesn’t seem right. Whatever the brand is, this one really stood out to me. This may be the sexiest 60cm doll I’ve ever seen.

That wraps up a very Japanese-inspired week of sex doll news. February was the month of pretty photos, and this week was no different. As you noticed, Japanese-styled dolls really trended this week. Anime heads, mini dolls, and cute faces were all displayed in their full glory. Irontech even tweeted in Japanese for the first time to promote their 148cm Xiaying doll. Overall, it was a small reminder that Asia makes up a large part of the sex doll market. Perhaps, even bigger now that the Korean market opened up. It’ll be interesting to see what little trends pop up next. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on February 2023’s last week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Devin

    Were you able to find a name for that “mini doll” or a website for it as to check it out and possible buy it?

    1. Steven

      Hi Devin,
      Apparently, the brand is just called “Mini Doll,” and Kumadoll sells them. Capt Nightmare, who comments here sometimes, ordered one (with the X4 head) and reviewed it here: I suggest asking him for more information.

  2. david

    damn what are the odds they make a big breast version of their new Irokebijin doll

  3. Mat

    That mini doll looks amazing! Any more info about her?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mat,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore info but you can find them on Kumadoll under the Mini Doll brand.

  4. Jackson

    Cool Stuff! Oh hey what do you mean by the Korean Market opening? Were sexdolls not allowed in Korea?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      South Korea has a law that bans imports on goods that harm their “traditions and public morals.” Under this law, sex dolls were basically banned and seized by customs for years. Three months ago (Dec 26, 2022), South Korea officially “unbanned” sex dolls, which are fully legal to import now. That opens up a fresh, new market, and I already stumbled upon a few Korean vendors. One of which already has a showroom in Korea.

      1. Jackson

        Oh wow so cool! But all I gotta say is that it’s about damn time lol!!!

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