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New Sex Doll Photos & Releases, Cute Dolls, & More

Valentine’s Week may be over, but the love for dolls never ends. This week, sex doll brands released an endless supply of new photosets. Like a filler episode to stall for time, these pretty photos will keep people busy while they scramble behind-the-scenes. Having said that, most of these photos are worth looking at, and there were some new releases as well. As sex doll connoisseurs, sometimes it’s nice simply to admire a doll’s beauty, and observe exquisite photography. Now, join me as we explore this museum of new photosets and news this week.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm H-cup Phoebe (Head #102), which is one of the best photoshoots they’ve done in a while. The beautiful face and sexy underboob outfit rejuvenated this head from 2021. More photos like these will surely put SE Doll back on the map, which reminds me.. SE Doll hasn’t released a new head in almost 2 years (other than the 105cm Miho).

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll released a new head called Elina on the 159cm A-cup body. She has the typical Funwest-style, realistic Caucasian face, which looks pretty good. Apparently, she’s cosplayed as Jolyne Cujoh from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Next, they shared 2 new photosets of the 155cm Lucy and 157cm Eudora. Lucy has a new blonde look in a casual winter outfit, while Eudora got involved in some kinky police bondage. Interestingly, Eudora looks a lot more Asian simply from the wig choice.


Irontech shared 3 new photosets. First, is the 165cm Kitty. It’s the first time she’s portrayed as Caucasian, and it fits very well. She also has a cute, shy look which is interesting because she looked slightly angry before. They upturned her eyebrows this time around.

Next, they dressed up their 164cm Carmel as Marilyn Monroe. Facially, it doesn’t really resemble her, but still manages to capture her essence. A fun photoshoot with a unique head.

Last, they shared new photos of their 168cm Luna. They’ve put this head on every body imaginable, but this tall, slim body fits her very well.


My Loli Waifu teased their upcoming mini doll line called M-series. It looks like a scaled-down action figure-type of doll. I’m not sure if the 3rd photo is just a prototype or not, but it seems like the hands and feet might be removable.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Yokotani Yukiko. Their RAD series (anime) heads are always cute, but this one is super adorable, and the wig really completes the look. At first glance, I thought she was a mini doll, but she’s 148cm tall.

In contrast to anime heads, Elsa Babe shared a new photoset of their 165cm Fukada Ryoko. This was one of their first “realistic” heads from 2021 when they transitioned to more “hyper-realistic” faces. In my opinion, this is still one of their best designs.


Back in November 2022, Gynoid released the Lori head on a new Model 13 Deluxe body, which had some realistic upgrades. Gynoid shared a customer comparison between the original Model 13 (from 2021) and the Model 13 Deluxe. You can find the full review with many photos here.

Note: This compares a year-old Model 13 to a brand-new Model 13 Deluxe (R) so it’s not fully accurate.


Shedoll added their oral structure and moveable jaw feature to more heads. Last week was Rose. This week included Sorin (Chu Lin) and Lemon.

Lemon head

Siliko Doll x Aotume

Siliko Doll released a new photoset of their 155cm Champagne, which was made in collaboration with Aotume. These new Egyptian-themed photos look very artistic, and highlights her face much better than the previous photosets.

Game Lady Doll

Lastly, Game Lady shared photos of their two Tifa heads side-by-side: Head No. 15 (left) and No. 3 (right). After seeing the comparison, most people preferred the original Head No. 3.

That wraps up another photo-filled week of news. Although there were some new releases, it was mostly new photosets, so let’s talk about that. One of the ways sex doll brands promote their products is through new photosets, which works fairly well for them. It resurfaces their old heads with better photography or showcases them on different bodies. It’s also something brands do when they run out of ideas. For example, SE Doll and Irontech hasn’t released a new head in a long time, so to stall or stay relevant, they just release new photosets every week. However, there’s nothing wrong with that – just more pretty photos to look at. Anyway, that wraps up another quiet, yet photorific (?) week of news. Stay tuned for more next week.

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  1. Robert

    I think the funwest doll is supposed to look like the JoJo character called “Jolyne Cujoh”

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Ah, thank you. I didn’t realize it was a JoJo reference. I will update the description. 😁

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