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New Sex Dolls, Cute Dolls, Tifa Cosplay, Doll Senior, & More

A new month is here as the sex doll news come marching in. This week, many name-brands returned, as did some smaller brands. With a wide variety of new releases and photosets, there was a lot to see. The Asian and cute doll trends raged on, and interest in robotics grew. Toward the end, I’ll introduce a “new (to the West)” brand called Doll Senior. Without further ado, let’s welcome another highly-varied week of sex doll news.

Jinsan Dolls

Jinsan shared new photos of their TPE 160cm body with vinyl anime head, Y013. Oddly, I thought this head was new, but it actually came out 2 months ago. She has a cute, motherly or big-sister type of look.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their AK8 (168cm) body with Head LS#35. This interesting combination features a slightly-mature face on a slim, fit body. Maybe it’s just the makeup or lighting because this head didn’t look mature before.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their Jenny (TPE) looking super cute, this time on a thicker 157cm body. I really like the natural, Japanese look here opposed to the usual, dark eyeshadow in her previous photosets.

JY Doll

JY Doll released a new head called Zhimin (or Jimin) on their silicone 163cm body. She looks quite cute in these gamer-girl photos. Similar to above, she as a youthful face on a womanly body.


Irontech shared some photos featuring their silicone 169cm body. They all had interesting themes like air hostess, hippie, and bunny girl, with the highlight being Fenny with ROS mouth.

They also teased more videos of their upcoming robot head. Nothing ground-breaking, but the facial expressions (like winking and smiling) have a funny charm to them.

CST Doll

Speaking of robotics, CST Doll shared a fun video of their own robot. Despite being scripted, it paints an interesting picture or story about robot companions.

FU Doll

FU Doll teased an upcoming head called Airi (Head 31). She has a rather cute and charming smile, and will be their most expressive-looking head thus far. Reminds me of Irontech’s smiling robot.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Lydia on their 150cm body. She looks somewhat cute.


EXDoll also released a new head (I don’t know the name) that funnily, the Chinese doll community were quick to call ugly (and pointed out the skin tone mismatch). Normally, their 153EVO heads are more cartoony/fantasy, and their attempt at a realistic head seemed to miss the mark.

Climax Doll

Tired of cute Asian dolls? Well, Climax Doll has you covered this week with a new mature head called Maggie. Featured on a super busty TPE torso, this silicone head looks interesting with the usual overdone eye-makeup.


Under their own brand, OLdoll released a new doll: 168cm body + Head C26 (this could be CST/bbdoll’s C26, but I’m not 100% sure) cosplayed as Tifa. Although this is definitely a cosplay (and not a Tifa head sculpt), it’s very well-done in my opinion.

They also shared another photoset with the same head and body that looks much different here. I thought it was AI-generated at first, but they basically look the same in the videos. Just some lighting/color editing.

Doll Senior

Recently, some Japanese vendors like Kumadoll and OLdoll added the brand, Doll Senior. Although they’re not technically new, it’s the perfect time to talk about them in our final segment.

This brand has been around for a while now in China (and appeared at many expos), but was only sold domestically. However, Kumadoll officially brought them to the West today, with more vendors coming soon probably.

Doll Senior makes pretty Asian dolls in both TPE and silicone. Although most of their photos are heavily edited (some with AI), they at least have “unfiltered” videos of every doll. On the Chinese forums, they seem to have positive reviews (although limited) with similar-looking customer photos.

Courtesy of 猫千代, here’s a promo photo vs customer photo comparison. Granted, the customer is a skilled photographer, but his photos don’t seem overly edited.

Promo Photos

Customer Photos

Another example is a pretty head called Bai Yi – customer photos courtesy of 幽幽红蝶. They look very similar, which gives an idea of what to expect vs the promo photos.

Since their photos are so edited, this entire section is basically just me comparing their promo photos with less-edited photos. Here are some more examples of expected vs reality. (Photos courtesy of sawyer8778 & 小舟)

Here’s a collection of videos showing the softness of their silicone. There’s a regular and “air” (weight reduction) version.


That wraps up another varied week of news, with another opportunity to showcase a “new” brand. Always nice to see domestic Chinese brands offered globally (usually starts with Japanese vendors carrying them) like with Firefly Diary and Bezlya. Meanwhile, Asian-aesthetic and cute dolls are still trending – but funny to see Climax Doll’s busty, MILF torso pop up in between. Definitely a difference in the Western and Eastern markets. Meanwhile, robotics are gaining some momentum, slowly but steadily. Still, I feel like no brand can really get past the animatronics stage, but I guess one step at a time. First, they have to at least make a decent AI head. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on March’s first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Bob

    Just wanted to say your blog is amazing, it is probably the best blog on the internet related to sex dolls and the industry. I’ve been really interested in seeing more of the Firefly series, that brand has taken off like a rocket for their body shapes and lifelike faces. On your next post can you try and find out some more information on them? It seems the only place I have found anythin related to Firefly has been here. Cheers mate!

    1. Steven

      Hi Bob,
      If you’re able to sign up on this Chinese forum, there are a ton of customer photos and info on Firefly Diary here:

      I’ll share their new releases, but otherwise, reviews and customer feedback are mainly on other websites.

  2. Jackson

    Irontech’s Air Hostess Doll looks so sexy! Their, Robot heads aren’t bad either!

    That CST Robot video looks cool!

    OLDDoll C26 Head looked nice to me!

    Doll Senior had some very nice realism

    I’m excited to see the push for technology. And I hope that more brands follow and move past the animatronic phases!

  3. Robert

    I’m confused with the Oldoll brand. I saw that they have the exact same dolls on Rosemarydoll but on RMD they instead go by JX Doll. Which is the correct one?

    Also, do you know if anyone can comment on the quality of those dolls? Like has any english and/or chinese speaker on any forum posted that they own one?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      The OLdoll brand is OLdoll’s (vendor’s) brand. Usually when vendors have a brand, they hire certain factories to make a doll based on their design. However, some vendors also private label OEM dolls with their own brand (basically putting their brand name on unbranded dolls). I don’t know which one OLdoll does (maybe some of both), but yes some of their dolls are JX Dolls.
      Usually [the cheaper and some knockoff doll] factories (such as Aibei and SY Doll) let vendors do this. For example, Hanidoll, Ridmii, and Real Girl private label dolls from various factories. Some are existing dolls and some are custom ones. I can only guess that the dolls OLdoll and JX share come from the same factory (I can’t know for sure).
      As for reviews, you have to find out what they’re called in China (doesn’t seem to be called JX). I don’t think there’s any reviews in the West.

  4. kar

    I’m wondering when will Zelex SLE begin to weigh 10 kg less and remain just as excellent in terms of price and quality of execution?

  5. IconOkee

    damn. even kpop lookin boys aren’t good enough to get a real girl these days.

    1. kar

      this is because girls from childhood are all princesses, one is better than the other, of course the princess is looking for a prince and of course a rich one. It’s good that the sex doll industry has flourished and provides ordinary guys with ideal girls, who, unfortunately, are still far from the ideal ratio of price, quality and capabilities. however, it’s easier to spend money once on an ideal lover and she will always be there than to rely on a girl who can tell everyone about your sex or even go to the prince tomorrow)

    2. Steven

      Speaking of kpop, sex doll sales have been booming in Korea since they lifted the ban.

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