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New Cute Sex Dolls, Irokebijin 147cm Kasumi, & More

It’s a new month, so what interesting things will April shower us with? After an eventful past few weeks, things have inevitably slowed down. This week, brands mostly shared new photosets with some new releases. Just another typical week in the sex doll industry. I ignored some photosets this time around, but still showed the more interesting ones. Ultimately, it was a fairly quiet and short week of news, but still worth checking out. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights this week.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their 164cm J-cup body with Head #433. She’s cute, busty, and quirky with the removable tongue.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Amina (Head #117). Since I couldn’t find other photos of this head, it could possibly be new? Either way, there’s something I really like about this head. Maybe it’s the light smoky makeup or the calming colors that I find interesting.

Doll Forever

Doll-forever released a new 100cm Asako mini doll. She has a cute and slightly sad Japanese face on a petite scaled-down body.


Irokebijin released a new silicone head and body: the 147cm Kasumi. This unique anime head has an interesting grin, while the body is sexy and well-proportioned. The cute bunny ears really complete the look, and the body is compatible with their new articulated fingers.


Irontech released a new photoset of their 164cm Miku. She looks quite cute here with a wavy blonde wig and cat hat. Animal ears and clothing are trending for good reasons.

Elsa Babe

As previously announced, Elsa Babe debuted their silicone 160cm body with L breasts. This body now has S, M, & L breast sizes, with a mysterious size up next. What could the mysterious breast size be?

AXB Doll

AXB Doll released a new silicone Head, GE102, on their TPE 166cm body. She has a cute Japanese-inspired face, on a tall and slim 166cm body. The body seems a bit lanky compared to her face, but the classy dress looks great.


My Loli Waifu teased a new head called Sora (Head #70). She looks slightly more mature compared to their usual heads.


SHEDOLL showed off their “Gu Xiaoyu Super Deluxe Edition” head. This is their Gu Xiaoyu head with carefully-applied makeup, and a “special film technique” to seal it in. According to SHEDOLL, this film technology is colorfast and permanent, and can withstand oils and wear. We can only wait and see if that’s true or not.

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady has an event between April 1-30 where people can vote for the next Game Lady character. You can win prizes (such as a doll or heads) simply by emailing them a character suggestion. Currently, 2B from Nier: Automata is winning (only 2 days in).

That wraps up a fairly short week of news. There were some new photosets and releases here and there, but nothing too interesting. Recently, Doll Forever and Irokebijin have gotten much more active with new releases, mainly targeting the Japanese market. The cute dolls and Japanese trend are still going strong. SHEDOLL also continued their innovation with their “film technology” for supposedly permanent face makeup. Other than these little updates, there wasn’t much else this week. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

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  1. hp

    I can’t seem to find the 160cm doll on the ElsaBabe site, is it not available yet? I wanted to know how heavy it is and what other options it has (mainly what heads are available).

    1. Steven

      Hi hp,
      It doesn’t appear to be on their website but it was already released. Many Elsa Babe vendors have it listed. For example, here: (scroll down a bit)
      There aren’t any new specific 160cm heads. They used their 165cm heads in the promo photos, so those should be compatible. Customization options should be the same as other bodies.

      1. hp

        Thanks for the reply. Two more questions. One, can you order the movable jaw now or do you still only get it through the promotion? Two, which heads get the movable jaw?

        1. Steven

          I suggest asking Elsa Babe or a vendor. I know they have a package during their promo for a free moveable jaw – so I’d assume you can pay for it without the promo, but I’m not 100% sure. They released the feature very discreetly around Dec 2022, with little-to-no information other than a short video. Therefore, there’s really no info on which heads are compatible. I’d guess all heads with oral function are compatible? Their moveable jaws are different than other brands – it’s less pronounced. Judging from their lack of wording, I’d guess many heads are compatible, but you should never assume. Ask Elsa Babe or a vendor to be sure.

  2. Mat

    Hello Steven. Thanks for another batch of news! Did you vote for GLD character? Whether or not, who would be your choice?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mat,
      I haven’t voted yet. I don’t play enough games to know who to vote for. 😆

  3. Robert

    Hi Steven,

    Do you know who the photographer is of this weeks Irontech photoset?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know who the photographer is but they take promo photos for most of Irontech’s silicone dolls. I don’t think they’re on Twitter, or at least they don’t share anything like CubikoMandos (for example). It’s possible they only work for Irontech, in which case, I wouldn’t know how to find them (other than asking Irontech).

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