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New Oral Structures, TAYU, Siliko Doll, & More News

If you’ve been asleep the entire month, it’s time to wake up as September ends. Meanwhile, sex doll brands have been wide awake designing and producing new dolls non-stop. What started as the month of oral structures, will end in a similar fashion. This week, brands continued releasing upgraded mouth designs, as well as sharing beautiful doll photos. In September, many quiet brands reemerged, such as Piper Doll, Irokebijin, and Gynoid. TAYU and Siliko Doll also joined the mix this week. As always, sit back and relax for another week of sex doll news.

WM Doll released new, elegant photos of the 159cm C-cup with Head #233. These lovely photos were taken by @CubikoMandos.

SE Doll released the 163cm Annika. The charming photos were taken by @delagefabrice1.

JY Doll shared a video of their new “automatic pinch suction” feature along with moaning sounds. It simulates vaginal contractions and looks somewhat interesting. This feature was requested before, but it’s unknown how well it works. Usually sex doll electronics aren’t recommended, but it’s a step in the right direction. With enough quality control, doll electronics might be worth considering one day. This option is available for all dolls over 140cm. 

Irokebijin revealed that their upcoming full-sized TPE heads (Abby, Suzu, Sumire, & Akane) will have oral function. This is the first time their anime heads will have oral function.

Irontech released some new heads and dolls this week. First, they released the S30 Rita head (on the 165cm body), which has an interesting face similar to their usual style. They also released a cute 100cm silicone mini doll with head N3 Yu. Are mini dolls trending again? They also shared a new photoset of the 167cm Miki. Since I covered every Miki photoset since 2020, it’s only customary that I show these.

Irontech also revealed their own oral structure and moveable jaw on the upcoming S34 silicone head. It has silicone teeth and a stretchable tongue. Although the edges of the mouth appear slightly peeled, it looks pretty durable from the stretching.

Following the trend, My Loli Waifu also launched a silicone head with oral structure called Asumi. Although the mouth is wide-opened in every photo, the jaw is actually moveable. She is featured on the TPE 145cm B-cup body. 

Elsa Babe cleaned up their workshop this week, and shared many photos of what they called, “ugly crippled dolls.” These photos show dolls that didn’t make the cut, as well as early prototypes of some later models. Dollforum members thought it was a joke, expressed great interest in these dolls, and wanted them shipped to their house for free. What are your thoughts on these failed prototypes, or “ugly crippled dolls?”

Elsa Babe also teased an upcoming Naruto-inspired doll known only as Oiroke no Jutsu, a Ninjutsu technique from the anime.

After months of silence, Game Lady finally released their new Head No. 6 inspired by Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Supposedly, they have more heads coming soon, including a moveable jaw version of an existing head. Read more about Head No. 6 here.

TAYU officially released their Peach head on the new 161cm body. Famous for their lightweight dolls, this doll (including the head) only weighs 26 kg (57 lbs). According to TAYU, they improved the softness of their entire collection, and enhanced the realism of the 161cm’s vagina. This lovely Asian head comes in both oral and non-oral versions.

Siliko Doll revealed 2 upcoming dolls: a cute Asian maid and a Western Catwoman-inspired doll. They feature silicone heads on Siliko Doll’s first TPE body (158cm). Their factory also changed. From now on, they are made at the XY Doll factory.

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. Another interesting week as most brands continued working on oral structures and movable jaws. Some brands like WM Doll and Zelex will be busy for a while redesigning their heads. Additionally, mini dolls and “silicone heads with oral function” are also trending. Although I didn’t cover it, sex robots are also trending as Tesla plans to reveal their Optimus robot prototype soon (September 30). The recent sex robot-themed movie, Wifelike, is also contributing to the hype. However, we’ll leave robots for another day since most sex doll brands don’t plan on making one. For now, sex dolls are innovating slowly and steadily, and are getting more and more realistic. What interesting features will brands release next? Stay tuned for more sex doll news.

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