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Lots of Photos, New EX Doll, Sanhui, & More News

Happy New Years! 2022 is over and there’s no looking back. Actually, a lot happened last year in the sex doll industry. 2022 was the year of video game sex dolls, oral structures, and silicone innovations. Brands also experimented with robotics, weight reduction, and articulated fingers. At one point, mini dolls were greatly trending. What interesting new innovations will 2023 bring? This week (last week of 2022), brands released many new photosets of existing dolls, with some new releases here and there. Without further ado, here are the final highlights of news to kick off the new year.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their Silicone 175cm body with Head #29. She has an interesting face on a very tall and slim body. This body style isn’t for everyone, but at least there’s something for everyone.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared photos of their TPE 167cm Roxanne (Head #20). She has an elegant face and toned body. Hopefully, they hire this photographer again because this is probably SE Doll’s best photoset to date.


Irontech released new photosets of their silicone 164cm Miya, 168cm Catlin, and 168cm Luna. This first set is from their usual photographer. Miya has a naturally seductive look on a typical thick Irontech body.

The next 2 sets are from their original photographer, who usually goes overboard on the editing. They look good but the photos are super touched-up to the point where they almost look 2d.

In addition, Irontech released their own “sucking vagina” feature. This is definitely a trend lately. Irontech’s version noticably differs from JY Doll and Zelex’s as it varies in contraction lengths (sometimes it’s short, long, or pulsates).

They also shared a video showing their silicone’s softness.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head for their 102cm body called Tachibana Kotoko. Technically, it’s not new; it’s a scaled-down version of their Tachibana Kotori head, which is one of their better anime heads. She has a slightly sleepy look, and fits well as a mini doll.


Sanhui released a new All-in-one 158cm with Head #11. Oddly, they cosplayed her as Tifa Lockhart even though the head doesn’t resemble her at all. Some people might like it, but I think she looks like a strange scifi goblin/elf-version of Tifa.


Starpery released new photos of their Gret- I mean Imogen head on the bustier 172cm F-cup body. These photos are definitely sexier than the previous Imogen photoset.

EX Doll

EX Doll released their Clone Series 162cm Monique. This is yet another WANIMAL x EX Doll collaboration. The doll looks very realistic as expected, but is apparently super firm (to preserve details) and costs over $7500.

Future Doll

I’m not sure if anyone’s interested in these, but Future Doll released a “silicone stroker toy.” It’s basically a fleshlight-sized mini doll, and comes with clothes. It looks pretty funny during use (end of the video).

That wraps 2022’s final week of sex doll news. As usual, it was a mix of new photosets and releases, with plenty of pretty photos to look at. There isn’t much else to say. Things have slowed down before the CNY holidays, or at least it seemed that way until I wrote this post (and realized how many photos there were). Anyway, let’s hope that sex dolls brands continue improving and innovating in 2023. What will be the next hot trend? As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on 2022’s final week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Robin

    Yo, I also would like to know more about that future doll. This is perfectly up my alley, and maaaan do I want one of those. The closest thing I could find was a Solara doll, but it’s not fully there. I did some google searching, and I found that doll with the exact same video on a weird site called toyfigurehut, but it reaaally doesn’t look legit. Some reverse image searching got me similar dolls from their site on the Russian AliExpress site and one other Russian site. Hopefully someone knows where else to find them, or knows better ways to look, lol.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robin,
      Try contacting a reputable Future Doll vendor or Future Doll’s Twitter:
      It looks like Future Doll’s SSL certificate expired recently so their website is inaccessible.

  2. John

    Alright, I’m gonna need a source on where to buy that Future Doll 😄

    1. Justin

      Same, I definitely want one!

  3. Stephan

    What’s up with the seam lines on the Irontech video? Its like this obvious (and dirty looking) seam line right in the middle of their demo video. It makes me feel like they don’t care about the look of their dolls.

  4. Eric

    Hey, the Irontech video showcasing the softness of silicone got removed. It says because it violated terms of services

    1. Steven

      Thanks. I re-uploaded it on a different file host. My videos always get removed. 😓

  5. Jackson

    You know this was an interesting article. And that Irontech Vagina sucking was hecka interesting!!! Seems better than the Zelex version! Though I do like the EX Dolls and the new one looks very nice! They are too stiff and dont have enough robotic features yet. Hopefully they improve in the future.

    1. Steven

      I expected every brand to have the same or similar “sucking vaginas” (perhaps getting them from the same company), but they’re all slightly different so that’s surprising. Irontech definitely has more robotic experience out of the 3 brands.
      As for EX Doll, they’ve been around for a long time and seem set in their old ways. Ultimately, they chose realism over utility. They’re super detailed and realistic, but supposedly hard as a rock. Hopefully, they do something about the softness but it doesn’t seem like their priority. They also have robotics (DS Doll/EX Doll Robotics), but as mentioned before, they mostly shifted towards animatronics (for their museum) rather than sex robots as of late.

  6. Noobmaster

    I like those mini “stoker” dolls if done right. You can use them on travel or when you don’t have space to break out the bigger dolls

    Like this Prison School doll from bloedoll playing the dominatrix

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the info. People asked me about these little anime “strokers” before (that they saw on porn sites) but I didn’t know what they were called. They look pretty interesting, like handheld masturbators. The one in the video looks around 30cm (12 inches). Smaller than most mini dolls.

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