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Sex Doll News, WM’s No Poker Face, New Heads, & More

As we approach the end of May, the news was quite bountiful this month. After 2 fairly-packed weeks of news, there was a hattrick this week as sex doll brands continued releasing new updates. This week, WM Doll teased their own version of the “openable and closable eyes” feature, which will really jumpstart the trend (like the next ROS). Meanwhile, other brands released a wide range of new heads and bodies. Without further ado, let’s wrap up May on a high note.

WM Doll

Officially the 3rd brand with this feature, WM Doll teased their upcoming “openable and closable eyes,” wittily named “No Poker Face.” From the video, it looks about on-par with Sanhui’s “Agile Eyes.” Similar to ROS, I’d expect other brands to start adding this soon like a chain reaction (after WM did it).

Under Jinsan Dolls, they also released a new TPE 140cm body with Head Y011. Weighing 24 kg (53 lbs), this pear-shaped body fits well with their anime heads.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 161cm E-cup Bridget. While I preferred her “bunny” photoset, this one has a modern and contemporary feel to it.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll released a new head called Skylar. She looks pretty hot like a life-sized Barbie doll.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Camille Baker. With a stylish anime design, she looks quite pretty and fashionable.

They also shared a new photoset of their 148cm Takeuchi Yuki. I don’t usually show their new photosets, but they went the extra distance with this one (not just a plain background).

Sino Doll

Sino Doll officially released their T155 body (ACE Soft-Max). This time, they showcased the T21 Mikui and T32 Naomi heads on it (with Artist Makeup). They look fairly realistic.


Starpery released a new 85cm G-cup Torso with Realistic Skin Texture. With large breasts and toned abs, it comes with Weight Reduction 4.0 (WR 4.0), weighing around 14.2 kg (31.3 lbs). Soon, they’ll share photos of various heads on this torso.

Unfortunately, the video is low quality so you can’t see the details, but it shows the softness at least.

Speaking of WR 4.0, they compared the softness of WR 4.0 vs WR 3.0 in the video below.

Jiusheng Doll

Jiusheng released a new head called Evana with ROS mouth. She looks interesting, and a bit similar to their recent Ayaka head.


FANREAL teased “new girls [are] coming soon” with photos of an upcoming head (?). She looks a bit like their Qian head with a charming, slight smile.


Speaking of new heads, Tayu teased a new head named Sora. Facially, she also looks familiar and similar to their other heads.


FUDOLL released the new silicone 165cm body (teased last week) along with a new head called Xiaobei (J032). According to them, this doll weighs 27 kg (59.5 lbs), which is very lightweight, but unfortunately, they didn’t show any clear photos of the body. (Usually, they tease a few photos every few days/weeks..)

They also shared another video of their new S-TPE option. It’s supposedly softer, more durable (tear-resistant), and less oily than regular TPE.


Zelex shared a new photoset of their Inspiration Series 170cm body with Head GE124. This rare head was only shown once before, but looks quite pretty.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released a new silicone head called Rae on their TPE 159cm body. Oddly, shadows cover half her face, which is a strange way to present a new head.

They also showed off their TPE BW82 torso with silicone Grace head. With blushy makeup, this is a rather unique combination – a cute head on a large, busty torso.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Yunxi. Showcased on their recent 161cm B-cup body, she looks pretty cute on this skinny body.


MLW shared cute new photos of their smiling Rena head. She looks pretty happy in these outdoor beach photos.


Bezlya released their Campanula head with ROS feature. Possibly their first head with ROS (not sure), she’s featured on the 2.2cf 155M body (cf=Ultra-soft).

Dolls Castle

Dolls Castle released a new head called Jovelle in a fairly normal photoset (compared to usual). Other than the strange pubic hair and heavy 42kg (92.6 lbs) weight, she doesn’t look too bad. 

SY Doll

SY Doll released 2 new heads which I thought were quite pretty. Head M34 resembles a Russian beauty, while Head M35 has a cute, dollish look.


LACEDOLL released a new head called Summer. She looks quite pretty with a Western-influence (although she’d probably look Asian with brown eyes). Like many brands, she has unrealistically blue eyes, maybe for a fantasy look? It looks cool though. Usually, their promo photos look filtered with some kind of photo or color-editing, but no AI.

An example of their heads (promo vs factory photos), Dong Yu looks fairly similar. Mainly, their promo photos have some kind of color-editing, airbrushing, or something else.

Last but not least, Doll Senior teased an upcoming head called Miye for their 148cm body. It looks fairly similar to SHEDOLL or FUDOLL in style. They’ve been trying to find more global vendors lately.


That wraps up another eventful week of sex doll news. I wondered which brand would release a “Facial Muscle head” next, and WM Doll answered the call. Surely, every brand has (or will have) access to this “technology” now, like with the ROS mouths and sucking vaginas. In the meantime, brands released more heads, bodies, and photos like usual. Other than continued weight-reduction and skin texture, the next big trends are probably the “openable and closable eyes” and perhaps S-TPE. It’s always easier to copy other brands than to create something new from scratch.. Anyway, that’s all for this week. Let’s wait and see what June brings next.

Thoughts on May’s last week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Richard

    Elsa Babe’s Camille Baker is cute

  2. Rebel Drifter

    Where can I find the Bezlya doll website? I thought you where adding websites or am I not seeing them?

    1. Steven

      Bezlya’s official website is, but it’s in Chinese and very outdated. Every vendor’s Bezlya catalog is also outdated so it’s not easy to find info on them.. Mainly, they post updates on their Twitter. Sadly, they don’t really cooperate with vendors, and don’t send their vendors any updates.

      1. Rebel Drifter

        Thanks for the reply. This is something I was concerned about… Pretty sad and lame actually.

  3. ItsAme

    Hope MLW can try and figured out the ROS heads again. Rena is so cute.

  4. Jackson

    SE Doll Bridget looked good.

    Sino Doll Mikui and Naomi, looked fine like a MILF lol!!!

    New Fanreal doll looked pretty.

    Climax had some massive busty dolls.

    I liked Bezlya’s softness!!!

    Wow finally Doll Castle released something that won’t give me nightmares lol!!!

    Lacedoll DongYu looked nice!

  5. Adam

    Hello Steven! As always great work and thanks for another week of doll news.

    Talking about the new models, does it happen to you that the buttcracks seems very unrealistic?
    For example, the new xtdoll was awesome until I saw her buttcrack, same with the second SY body.

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      Some dolls do have unrealistic butt cracks. It seems more common with cheaper brands, but probably depends on the body.

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