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New Sex Dolls, SE Doll, Irontech, Zelex, Heads & Bodies, & More

After a calm previous week, an unexpected storm of news arrived just in time. This week, sex doll brands rained down boatloads of new updates all-at-once. This includes new SE Doll, Irontech, and Zelex releases, featuring robotics, skin textures, and more. There were also cute dolls, BBWs, and another AIO doll. Without further ado, let’s see what goodies came out this time around.

SE Doll released a new silicone head called Vicky –  the silicone version of the TPE Vicky. Dressed up as a French maid, she looks surprisingly cute, with ROS mouth.

They also released their new “Electric Hips” feature on various TPE bodies (150E, 158E, 163E, and 168F). As a somewhat old innovation, I thought they already had this option, but apparently not. It has 3 speeds, and adds about 2 kg to the weight. Plugging in at the feet is definitely new.

And last, they released an artistic Resin Headstand. With 4 skin tone options, this asymmetrical head stand holds your doll heads in style. Costing around $179 (and weighing 4.5 kg), it seems a bit expensive unless you really like the fancy design.

Irontech released a new TPE 162cm body. With small breasts and a balanced figure, it’s similar to their silicone 162cm Minus, but weighs a hefty 45.5 kg (100 lbs) with head. 

However, it’s more than just a new body. It includes their new realistic skin texture specially molded on, which is rare for TPE dolls. It definitely looks more realistic than your usual TPE.

Photosets with the TPE 162cm Body

To showcase this new body, they shared 3 photosets featuring various silicone heads. First is their latest S50 Veronica, who looks somewhat unique. Although the body is noticeably more realistic with the skin texture, it doesn’t really match up with the silicone heads.

They also showcased this body with the S46 Heidi and S47 Gia heads. Interestingly, the skin texture isn’t as noticeable on lighter skin tones (at least not in the photos). Also, the black areolas were an interesting choice..

New Softness Video

Last, they shared a video of their softer belly and thighs. I think this is just the Ultra-soft silicone that they jiggled around 2 weeks ago (not separate options).

Zelex released a new SLE 163cm E-cup body (ZX163E). With fairly balanced proportions, it’s slim yet curvy with medium-sized breasts. As their shortest SLE body thus far, the heads might look just a tad big on it.

They also released a new SLE head (ZXE220) on their ZX166K body. She has a fairly realistic face with plump lips.

Lastly, here are new photos of their Inspiration Series 175cm body with Head GE122. A classy and fancy photoshoot inside a car.

“Even mini dolls can be too cumbersome,” Elsa Babe thought as they released their latest torso. Based on the 102cm body with XL breasts, this legless version is half the height at only 11 kg (24 lbs). Now with 3 bodies turned into torso dolls, this one fits their 90cm-102cm heads. 

FUDOLL officially released their Bai Ling head (J033). With both Asian and Western aesthetics, she looks classy and cute on the 163cm body.

FUDOLL also released their own S-TPE material (first released by Jinsan/WM Doll). According to them, it’s softer, more durable (tear-resistant), and produces less oil compared to before. Interesting to see another brand introduce S-TPE, while WM’s still doesn’t have much reviews.

XT Doll released a new head called Southey. With ROS mouth, she has a thin Western face and elegant look.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released a new head and body: the BW151 Jasmine. With super exaggerated proportions (like something Dolls Castle would release), their BBW dolls have gotten a bit out of hand lately. For those who like it thick, her massive breasts and thighs bring her to 65 kg (143 lbs). Taking the “Jasmine sex doll” to a whole other level.

In contrast (to above), Funwest Doll shared new photos of their 152cm D-cup Lily, who looks pretty cute here.

SHEDOLL shared many new photosets, but the most interesting one was the 163cm Chuyue. I’m not sure if she’s cosplayed as Hinata from Naruto, but she somewhat resembles her.

Starpery shared a new photoset of their recent Yuan head. She looks much kinkier here than before.

They also shared photos of their 172cm F-cup Hao (I think it’s Hao). Dressed as a sexy teacher, she features their latest Weight Reduction 4.0 (33.5 kg / 74 lbs), which supposedly has less details as a compromise.

Firefly Diary showed off a fancy new cosplay for their 165cm Liuli. Not sure who she’s cosplayed as, but gamers and anime fans will probably like this.

Last but not least, I wanted to show this doll for a while, but couldn’t find the photos until now. This is Yue Interactive (or Cooby Doll)’s first Western doll, the 168cm Dora. Like all their AIO (seamless neck) dolls, she looks pretty good, and only weighs around 34 kg (75 lbs).

Also speaking of Cooby Doll, they shared videos of their experimental “super soft breasts,” which they compared to water bags (along with a loose joints feature). 


That wraps up a fairly long week of news, balancing out the quietness of last week. This time, many brands showed up and released multiple things all-at-once. Irontech’s molded-on skin texture brings TPE dolls to the next level, and FUDOLL’s S-TPE shows that brands are still focused on TPE; it hasn’t been completely tossed aside for silicone. Otherwise, it was just more variety this week in terms of new heads and bodies. As we approach mid-2024, innovations are definitely underway, although nothing too groundbreaking yet. Hopefully, this spike in news won’t result in another ghost town next week.. Until next time!

Thoughts on May’s 2nd week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Arnold

    Hello Steven, thx again for your updates!
    Do you know more already about the FUDoll 165cm 25,5kg, Ive even looked at their own site but nothing.

    1. Steven

      Hi Arnold,
      I saw the video but I don’t have anymore information. I assume it’s a new body, but like usual, their tweets are super vague.

  2. Chuck

    There is an even shorter Zelex SLE Model (the 160cm J-Cup) and heads look alright on it so i wouldn’t worry about heads not fitting the 163cm E-Cup Model. The only thing that worries me is their understanding of Cup sizes… how is that a size E? :S

    1. Steven

      Hi Chuck,
      Oh, I forgot about the 160cm J-cup. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

      As for cup sizes, it’s always a bit weird. I think it’s because the underbust or band size is small for dolls, making the cup size bigger.

  3. Rebel Drifter

    Great news regarding the chest stuff ey! The waterbags… However you can see them sag really badly at the end of the video. On the other hand one might see that as a complaint, on the other, you must support those boobies with a bra which is realistic.
    Zelex is losing top place regarding breast jiggle – I think WMdoll took the number 1 spot with their Bimbo doll. What say you? 😀

  4. ItsAme

    The FUDOLL doesn’t even look like one after the JY photograph was done with her, maybe they are branching to more styles but I’d also bet the real doll looks nothing like that.
    FUNWEST has also been going all in on AI/filters and it looks absolutely terrible.

    And those “super soft breasts” are really just awful too if they can’t hold any form which they clearly can’t.

  5. Bruce

    The firefly diary cosplay is Ayaka from Genshin Impact. Looks great!

  6. Jackson

    SHEDOLL Chuyue does look like Hinata from The Last Naruto the movie!

    I think that the blue haired Firefly Doll is Ayaka from Genshin Impact.

    Cooby Doll’s Super soft breasts seem very unrealistic!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the character name (Ayaka from Genshin Impact).

  7. Rass

    The black nipples though 💀
    The designer probably thought it fits the color palette which it does, but for the point of view of how nipples should look like – it’s weird. But as always some people will not think about it and like the design.
    Great article!

    1. Steven

      At first, I thought they went for a goth look with the pale skin and black nipples, but the heads clearly aren’t goth..

      1. Rass

        Yeah, goth is about the only style it would look good on

  8. IconOkee

    143 lbs? How is climax doll still in business? That fu doll looks shopped.

    1. Steven

      Everyone has different tastes. There are many dolls I thought no one would ever buy, but people actually buy them. If brands like Climax Doll and Dolls Castle are still in business, then they’re probably making money. 😆 Most likely, newcomers who underestimate a doll’s weight would order a 143 lb doll.

      As for FUDOLL, they’ve been using JY Doll’s photographer lately who uses AI or strong filters, so the photos are definitely enhanced in some way.

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