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Slow Week of News, AIO Sex Dolls, Angel Kiss, Sanhui, & More

Last week was absolutely jam-packed with news. Like an explosive April finale, there was unfortunately nothing left for May.. Still, the show must go on. Although May’s off to a slow start, sex doll brands still released some new dolls and photos. Remember the recent AIO trend? Well, Angel Kiss and Sanhui kept it alive this week with some new ones. There’s also an interesting robotic head at the end. Without further ado, let’s see what little news the new month brought in.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their Z162E body with Head #335. Maybe I’m behind, but I’ve never noticed the “Z” in their body names before. I’m not sure if it’s new or not, but it looks like the regular 162E. Otherwise, she has a pretty graceful face and body.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss released a new Integrated (AIO) doll with AK25 (172cm) body and Head LS#50. A few months ago, they pumped out AIO dolls left and right, and then suddenly stopped. This time, they chose a taller body with smaller breasts. Weighing at 38.5 kg (85 lbs), it’s always nice to have more AIO options.

They also shared new photos of their AK3 (164cm) body with Head LS#53. She looks quite attractive with a busty and fit body.


Sanhui released a new AIO (seamless neck) doll: the 175cm Xiaoxiao. Their tallest doll thus far, she has a fairly cute face and meaty body. Sadly, Sanhui hasn’t quite figured out weight-reduction yet so she weighs a hefty 50 kg (110 lbs).


4woods released a new doll: the 151cm Peach. Sadly, I rarely covered this “OG” Japanese brand, or even knew they still released dolls.. Although I missed many of their releases, here’s the latest one. She looks pretty sexy and weighs 29 kg (64 lbs), but unfortunately, 4woods doesn’t show much photos.


Zelex shared 2 new photosets. Featuring the Inspiration Series 175cm with Head GE95, and SLE 165cm body with Head ZXE200, these slender and toned dolls are quite sexy.


FUDOLL began presales on their previously-teased 163D body. This tall and fit body looks quite proportional and realistic. Meanwhile, the head (J002) is cute but looks a bit AI-altered in these photos. Since it’s JY Doll’s photographer, I wouldn’t be surprised if AI, or at least, strong filters were used.

Lately, I skipped over many new Firefly Diary photosets, but this one stood out to me. A cute outdoor shoot that presents the doll in a natural and pleasing way.

Random Robotics (KOLE)

Last, here’s a random robotics project from Keiryu Asakura (@ARKNG2 on Twitter). Self-proclaimed “doll maker,” he showed off some videos of his robot head named KOLE. Ignoring the less-than-steller lighting and makeup, he did a pretty good job, and can even control the tongue (possibly a first in robotics). Lots of talented robotics coming from random Japanese individuals (like MaSiRo Project, which was also made by one person).


That concludes a fairly quiet week of news. Although May’s off to a slow start, it could easily pick up next week. Despite the lack of news, I guess this week’s trends were AIO dolls and tall dolls with slim or fit bodies. As for robotics, that’s been a major theme this year, but progress has been very slow as expected. The excitement is there, but building a functional robot is definitely harder than it looks, especially for sex doll brands (with no experience). It’ll take many years to develop (assuming the brands don’t give up first). However, it’s interesting whenever random hobbyists create what many brands can’t, and from scratch too. Maybe these are the people that brands need to hire. Anyway, hopefully next week is more eventful. Until next time!

Thoughts on May 2024’s first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Bruce

    Zelex seems to have stealth released a new SLE body, a 163cm E cup.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bruce,
      Yes, I saw it. It came out hours after I released this post so I’ll show it next time.. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Rass

    Seems like 175cm is the max for dolls. Well not perfect, but still better than 165cm. A rare reason why I envy asians for their shortness xD

    Thanks for the work!

  3. kar

    and that’s what I still don’t understand, why AK doesn’t post new products on its website, but Zelex does, but only the silicone version, but what about the vaunted SLE? maybe it’s not official?

    1. Steven

      Simplest answer is most brands are too lazy to update their website (or it’s not worth their time). They usually just send new doll info to their vendors to sell for them.

  4. Jackson

    Sanhui had an interesting 175cm-5ft’7in doll. Tallest female doll I’ve seen so far. It has nice breasts as well.

    That KOLE Bot with its tongue sticking out is very cool. Looks like it can give nice blow jobs! I hope that he keeps it up!

  5. kar

    new bodies and new heads…, no matter how you look at it, but the consumer’s interest is fading. I speak for myself. I’m not interested in becoming, I, like other consumers, want these beauties from Zelex to become 10 kilos lighter. Robotization is not as cool as it seems at first, because the more serious the car, the more breakdowns and the more expensive the repairs. I want the beautiful Zelex SLE 172e weighing not 38, but 30 kg, at least so that she has a strong skeleton, is soft where she should be and the price is the same.

    1. Steven

      I agree. In the past, I said that brands should focus first on improving their dolls (such as weight reduction, softness, skeletons and quality control, heating and cleaning systems, etc) before pursuing the more gimmicky robotics and electronics.

      However, R&D is probably the most expensive and time-consuming part of it – experimenting, designing, and testing the new improvements and features. Which is why some brands only release new heads and bodies (which is easier), but usually brands are working on R&D behind-the-scenes. It just takes a long time so they release new heads and bodies in the meantime.

      The doll industry is a bit weird where they usually release things without warning. For example, the SLE collection just suddenly came out one day. Eventually, dolls will get even lighter and softer, but it’ll happen very randomly and unexpectedly. Since weight-reduction & softness are still trending (like Starpery’s WR 4.0), there’s still hope, but I don’t know what Zelex’s working on nowadays. Their last big update was the “Zelexclusive” Inspiration-series customization options (and discontinuing older models and heads) back in Dec 2023. Maybe they have something else coming soon, but they’ve been really quiet lately.

        1. kar

          I soon read the article at the link, and now it has become a little clearer how many difficulties manufacturers have along this path. they write that to achieve the result they had to sacrifice some dimensions of the case, which inherently can take away some of the realism from the final model, something that clients wouldn’t want either. how complicated everything is.

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