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Is SY Doll the Next Game Lady of Celebrity Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are great. They come in many different styles and varieties, with so many heads, bodies, and brands to choose from. And yet, there’s something missing. Despite the vast selection of dolls, people always ask, “Is there a doll that looks like this video game character or celebrity?” You see, many people don’t just want any sex doll. They want one that looks like their dream girl, video game or anime waifu, or celebrity crush. However, due to copyright issues, this simply wasn’t possible so people would leave disappointed.. until now.

Back in early 2022, Game Lady Doll changed the game with their video game sex dolls of characters such as Tifa and Aerith. Essentially, they showed that copyright laws hold no jurisdiction in China. By giving sex doll enthusiasts what they wanted, Game Lady quickly went viral.

What About Celebrity Sex Dolls?

“If they made a celebrity sex doll, which one would you want?” Over the years, variations of this question were asked constantly. But unsurprisingly, celebrities were a line even Chinese brands were afraid to cross, despite monumental demand. However, one year after Game Lady went viral, a new contender enters the fray: SY Doll.

Now, SY Doll isn’t new. They’ve been around for years, and like Aibei, they started off making knockoff dolls. Eventually, they began designing their own original dolls (as well as knockoffs, which is why I rarely cover them). Not a stranger to breaking the rules, SY Doll looks primed to become the next Game Lady of celebrity sex dolls.

Like many TPE brands, SY Doll eventually embraced silicone, which completely changed the game. With heads that resemble popular celebrities like Emma Watson and Rihanna, they might make your celebrity crush a reality next.

SY Doll 160cm Body + Head S10 (Emma Watson)

166cm TPE Body + Silicone Head S13 (Rihanna)

160cm TPE Body + Silicone Head S15 (Selena Gomez?)

170cm TPE Body + Silicone Head S5 (Amber Heard)

170cm TPE Body + Silicone Head S5 (Sienna Guillory)

There have been some celebrity lookalike dolls in the past, but never with such resemblance. I know Emma Watson was highly requested in the past, and Head S10 surpassed all expectations. Honestly, I’m not sure if S15 is Selena Gomez or not, but there’s also Rihanna, Amber Heard, and more. Keep in mind, all these dolls are silicone heads on TPE bodies, and knowing SY Doll, quality isn’t guaranteed. Although, one advantage of SY Doll is that they’re quite affordable (at a cost). While the faces look amazing, the LHPs on these bodies, unfortunately, look pretty bad. Still, I’m super impressed by the heads, and didn’t expect that from SY Doll. Thoughts on SY Doll’s unexpected lineup of celebrity dolls? Which star should they make next? Comment below!

Currently, the most trustworthy store that sells SY Doll is Rosemarydoll.

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  1. Rave

    I’d lost this post yesterday, actually Finelovedolls that Tom on reddit recommended is taking ages to come back to me and the only time they did it, well, I’m doubting they speak English despite is supposed to be a Western vendor… Rosemarydoll it was another option, do you still are in the “trustworthy” status for them? Heard anything bad? In the meantime because Kanadoll reached me back I asked for a list (of many dolls πŸ˜‚) fabric pictures, at least to use them as reference πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi Rave,
      Finelovedolls is actually a Chinese vendor. A few months ago, someone shared a very bad experience with them so I won’t recommend them for now.
      Rosemarydoll is legit but I heard mixed reviews. Although I had good conversations with them, some people experienced poor customer service. Meanwhile, I don’t know enough about Kanadoll but they might be ok for lesser-known brands. I haven’t seen much reviews about them though.

      1. Rave

        WTF Just yesterday of whatever that Tom expert on Reddit said that Finedolls was legit, it’s the entire F day that I’m working on their site to find the right way to make her as I want… Can you point me to the review? Rosemary has less upgrading options on the model that’s also a reason I was going there… Why the F is so complicated LOL Another site suggested there was sex-dolls shop but they have not the Sy-doll πŸ₯² Because I’m not reach or I was already in China to the factory πŸ˜‚

        1. Steven

          They are legit; the review I mentioned was more about poor customer service. Basically, one of their customers emailed me, but it’s too long to post here (so I’ll just summarize it). He ordered a doll from FLD and sent several emails asking for an update, but they didn’t reply for weeks. Eventually, they did reply but ignored his questions about factory photos, and shipped the doll without factory photos. The customer received the doll, had to pay 300€ in import fees, and one of the heads were wrong. FLD ignored his question about the fee, and the customer gave up and just settled with the wrong head. Not the greatest customer service..
          Unfortunately, most vendors don’t carry SY Doll. It’s mostly Chinese vendors that sell them. I think Rosemarydoll should be ok for SY, maybe Kanadoll too.

          1. Rave

            Well I feel him! That’s my chat with them:

            Hi! In the meantime I’ve found the pieces on your website. I need a confirmation and later on an help for customize it but I think is the Venelize body with the Sigma head, both Sy Dolls. I’v tried to costumize the Venelize and add the other head that’s supposedly free but, when I reach the last option I’ve only the add to cart, no way to choose the second head. We will fix everything when you will be in touch. If I try to costuming the entire doll from scratch it will cost me more and I’m not exactly in the best richness πŸ˜….

            Thank you!Hi there, we do not have this doll sorry are you trying to purchase an additional silicone head? Many thanks for your confirmation Kind regards

            After that they disappeared into thin line. And that Custom fees you mention are really a pissing thing, especially if your receive wrong stuff…
            Now it’s Sunday, let’s see what happens with Rosemary and Kana. Unfortunately my choice is available in stock in the US (they say) on basically all those sites but, super basic option no upgrade of any kind included. I need it more realistic as possible because, sounds maybe stupid, but I’m buying it more to help with my strong anxiety that is up from one year… long story. Well thanks for all the info and knocking wood!

          2. Rave

            FLD came back to me with a normal English and everything, probably because of the better custom options I’ll go with them. I’m paying with PayPal so, if something goes wrong I’m supposedly covered. I have the factory pictures from them if you want to see, I’ve no idea how to share them with you.

            1. Steven

              If you want, you can upload the photos on and post the link here. Otherwise, I wish you good luck. Production may be delayed due to Chinese New Year.

              1. Rave

                Here she is the basic one
                Yup, I know about the Chinese holidays working with a factory there. I mean, I design enamel pins and produce them in China, nothing related to what we are discussing.

      2. Rave

        At least, today, I’ve found this website that’s 99% to stay away for what I’ve found around but… They have factory pictures and videos of the actual doll on the lists. Stolen probably somewhere else but helpful.

    2. Robert

      I am suprised that Tom would recommend Finelovedolls on Reddit. Could you please share a link to that comment?

      Why I am suprised is because he normally recommends Sexdolls-shop and in the comments I’ve seen from him he cautions anyone with dealing with chinese vendors because of the culture difference.

  2. Artur

    You can see a factory photo of the Emma Watson doll at the below link from The Doll Forum. I also took the plunge earlier this week and ordered this exact doll from Rosemary Doll. Don’t have it yet but once I do, keep an eye on TDF for my pictures. It’ll be my first doll so I won’t be able to give a professional review on how good it is, but you’ll at least be able to see how legit or not the doll looks without any photographer glow-up.

    Since it was an “in-stock” doll are the Black Friday sale, I was able to pull off a two-fer with my budget and I’m currently waiting on a Funwest Doll “Chloe” to get made for me as well. With my requested alterations, and if they do it right, it SHOULD come out looking pretty close to Mia Khalifa. So keep an eye out for me to post that up as well once I have at least some factory photos.

    1. Steven

      Hi Artur,
      Thanks for sharing the factory photos. She actually looks pretty good in those photos, especially this one:
      I’ll keep an eye on the thread for your future review. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy your new dolls. πŸ™‚
      Also, SY is technically on TDF now under the brand Rosretty although I don’t know their full connection.

      1. Artur

        Yeah, that’s the one that caught my eye too and convinced me to pull the trigger on my purchase. That photo looks at least to me like their isn’t a noticeable difference between what the professional photographer took and what comes out of the factory. My only regret is that since I got one of the in-stock dolls, that I couldn’t get her with gel breasts. I’m hoping that the solid isn’t too hard haha.

  3. morgan

    I noticed some of these heads when they first started to be announced. I’ve been scanning now and again to see if any one has posted any factory pics or pics of what they received. Haven’t seen any yet. If these are reasonable likenesses, I certainly have some suggestions for them of doll heads I’d love to see!

    1. Steven

      Hi morgan,
      I too would like to see some customer photos of these dolls. Despite what I assume is a lot of sales, I’ve yet to actually see anyone share photos of an SY doll.
      A while back, I did see another promo photo set of the “Emma Watson” doll (Note: I don’t recommend this website, it’s just for photo purposes –, and it doesn’t look nearly as good. I guess it still looks similar, but it shows that most of these photos are heavily edited, with professional lighting tricks. You could probably ask some vendors for factory photos (but I don’t care enough to do that πŸ˜†). SY are definitely onto something here with these celebrity heads though. They just need better bodies (and quality), and they could be big.

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