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New Sex Dolls, Top-sino T155, SLE 153B, Shedoll, Bezlya, & More

After an eventful previous week, it’s only downhill from here, right? Surprisingly not! This week, sex doll brands came back for Round 2 with lots of new releases. Sino Doll returned with a brand-new Top-sino body (and heads), Zelex released a new body, and so did XT Doll. Shedoll had many updates and teased a new body, as did FUDOLL. I guess it’s new body week..Β  Without further ado, let’s see what interesting things came out this week.

WM Doll (Jinsan)

WM Doll shared 3 new photosets of some older, but rarely-seen heads. Other than their recent Bimbo doll, WM hasn’t released much lately (more focused on Angel Kiss), so it’s interesting to see some new photos from them.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their TPE 161cm Makoto. This head was only shown once before, but she looks very fancy here. I can’t tell if they used filters or not, but generally, their TPE face makeup is top-notch.

Sino Doll

After a long break, Sino Doll returned with a new T155 body and “Soft-Max” variant called “ACE Soft-Max.” This new body launched with 2 new heads (T33 and T35) and several new features including the “Artist Makeup” option. The body itself looks fairly standard (busty and curvy body), but like many Sino Dolls, has a fairly flat butt. However, this might be the first Top-sino body with good LHP (love hole placement).

T155 Body with T33 Migao Head

The new T33 Migao head looks quite cute, although very similar to their T30 or T31 heads in my opinion.

T155 Body with T35 Mili Head

Meanwhile, the T35 Mili looks slightly off to me. I think the hyper-realistic face makes her look somewhat older or tired.

New Artist Makeup Option (Compared to RRS+)

Full List of New T155 Features:

Until they officially post this in English, I’ll just leave the poorly-translated features here.

  1. ACE extremely soft developed for “bombers” (this is a fighters and bombers plane reference)
  2. New breast glands
  3. Softened labia (new wide model at the entrance of the tunnel) and orgasmic nipple design
  4. New tunnel structure – human shield
  5. “ACE Extremely Soft” cloud-like luxurious soft buttocks
  6. A new makeup look that perfectly combines art and makeup skills – “Artist Makeup”
  7. New palm joints
  8. A small tail can be inserted in the back garden (weird feature lol?)
  9. The perfect combination of three-dimensional bone sculpture and makeup
  10. Master the soft and hard points of different parts.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Niwa Yui. Inspired by the anime character, Frieren, she resembles her and noticeably differs from their usual anime heads. The eyes, nose, and lip shapes are a mix between anime and realistic, which is even unique for Elsa Babe.


After releasing a new body last week (ZX163E), Zelex isn’t done just yet. This week, they released another new body: the ZX153B. This is officially their shortest (and lightest) body thus far with small breasts and fit proportions.

ZX153B Body with Head ZXE208

They also released a new Inspiration Series head: Head GE113. With smoky makeup, she looks unexpectedly beautiful, almost goth in style.

Last, they had one more photoset featuring their popular Head ZXE201 on the recent ZX163E body.


6YE released a new silicone head called K398 (with ROS) on their TPE 164F body. She looks somewhat interesting, and this is one of their better photosets in a while.


SHEDOLL had a lot of new updates. First, is a new sleeping version of their Chuyue head. Since “awake” heads are much more common, there’s something charming about this sleeping beauty.

Next, they released a new head called Jiang Xiaowan on their 165cm body. She has a cute and youthful face, and looks a bit Korean to me.

They also began added realistic skin textures as part of their new Z-series. Currently, it’s available on their 165cm body, with the 163cm next in line.

Next, they teased an upcoming silicone 145cm G-cup body. With large breasts and thick thighs, this body weighs 30 kg (66 lbs) without the head I assume.

And finally, they shared a new photoset of Chuyue (the awake version). A pretty and versatile head that they cosplayed as Hinata last time.


MLW shared a new photoset of their silicone 155F Sora. Although I wasn’t initially a fan of her, her last few photosets have all been quite good.


FUDOLL shared a video of a silicone 165cm doll (that I assume is new). They highlighted that the doll is lightweight, and said the “body is only 25.5kg” (56 lbs). However, elsewhere they said it weighs 27.5 kg (60.6 lbs), which might be the weight with the head.


Starpery shared a new photoset of their silicone 169C Jin. Dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, she looks kind of cute here. Someone said she looks drunk.


Bezlya announced a collaboration with Chunmomo, a fairly big Chinese cosplayer or “e-girl.” Known for her doll-like face with 1.1 million Twitter followers, the influencer “sex doll replica” trend continues.

Photos of Chunmomo at a Bezlya Building

Speaking of influencer sex doll replicas, I should probably show their previous one. Skipping over this months ago (because I thought it was just a random person), their first replica was of “Naimi” (Anaimiya) who has 4 million Twitter followers. As you’ll see in the videos, I think it turned out extremely well, and looks almost identical to her. Bezlya might be onto something with these replicas.

Note: “Naimi” always wears a black mask, and doesn’t show her full face. Would ordering this doll reveal her face? Hmm.. πŸ€”

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new silicone 161cm B-cup body. Featuring one of their first heads, Nancy (but called Carey here), this skinny body has a pronounced rib cage and round bottom. With their super weight-reduction, she only weighs 25 kg (55 lbs).

Yue Interactive / Cooby Doll

Last but not least, Yue Interactive shared a video that they called a “tear resistance test.” Although it doesn’t really prove anything long-term, it somewhat gives an idea of the holes’ tightness.


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. Surprisingly, the shower of news kept coming this week with lots of new releases and teasers. Sino Doll returned with a new Top-sino body (and 2 heads), which is probably more popular in Asia than in the West (same with Shedoll). Zelex also had a new body – one that’s more manageable in weight, but not without sacrifices in height. Meanwhile, XT Doll somehow makes their dolls both taller and lighter, and FUDOLL wants in on the action. Overall, the latest trends are still weight reduction, but also skin texture, which many brands are catching up on. Things are getting more interesting as the variety in new heads and bodies keep growing.Β  As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on May’s 3rd week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Neil

    Now we need a post (or at least a repeat post), with a matrix of vendors, alternate names, alternate product lines and which factories we suppose they get their products from. I didn’t know WM was involved with Angel Kiss, and definitely did not know Cooby was also called Yue Interactive.

  2. IconOkee

    I hope those light weight dolls don’t have foam cores because they make dolls feel harder

  3. kar

    It was a busy episode, thanks Stephen)

    1. Steven

      No problem. There was definitely a lot of news. πŸ™‚

  4. Jackson

    What is ACE Soft Max? T155 T33 has some nice tits! Vagina looks nice as well!
    I think that they used a different model for the T35 which is why it looks old.

    SHEDOLL sleeping head is interesting! Skin textures are neat though!

    MLW Sora looks really cute 😍!

    Starpery Jin looks hot πŸ”₯!

    Those Bezyla’s looked nice! But I can’t believe someone would have such a doll like face!

    Cooby Doll’s tear resistance is nice!

  5. kar

    cool Zelex finally listened to the public and made a lighter model 153 and weight 30, but to be honest its proportions are still not the same. If it looked like their 171c or 172e but at the same time 150 – 153 and weighed 25 – 30 kg, then it would have been more interesting, but all the same, well done for starting to move in this direction.

  6. Peter

    I was excited when I first saw the new Sino doll and her massive and nice looking jugs but her butt is just too flat, doesn’t need to have a big butt but atleast make it round and a nice shape…

    1. Steven

      Unfortunately, Sino Dolls are known for having flat butts.. I think the butt was better on their last body, but this one is fairly flat again.

  7. Adam

    Amazing blog! Thanks as always Steven!
    I loved the new shedoll petite doll, I hope she has anal hole in Silicone version πŸ˜”.

    1. Steven

      No problem. πŸ™‚ Sadly, it seems that Shedoll’s silicone bodies don’t have anal. I actually never noticed that until now.

  8. @itzthedollover

    Thanks for your excellent work on this blog, StevenπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Steven

      No problem. Glad you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

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