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Sex Doll News, Cute Asian Dolls, Sanhui’s Agile Eyes, & More

As unpredictable things happen all around the world, one thing remains the same: more sex doll news. 🙂 Although some brands were at the 2024 Shanghai API Expo last weekend, there was still a decent amount of new updates. This week, brands released many new heads, bodies, and photos. Let’s keep this intro short and jump straight into the news.


Sanhui officially released their “Agile Eyes” feature (previously called “Smart Eyes”), which allows the eyes to open and close. From their website, it’s supposedly available now for all dolls 105cm and above, which is pretty cool. Instead of having to create an entirely new head (with the feature), it seems they can add it onto all their existing heads. Though it seems the eyes still can’t fully close all the way.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared 2 new photosets. Starting with their silicone 167cm E-cup Jenny, her body has super toned abs. A great choice for people who like slim, atheletic bodies.

They also shared new photos of their TPE 161cm F-cup Harper. Surprisingly, she looks way different than before with much larger eyes. In her first photoset, she looked more Japanese or Asian.

Real Lady

Real Lady teased 3 upcoming heads for their 170cm body. Almost 8 months since their launch, they still haven’t made an actual “Real Lady” head yet; they just used Irontech’s heads (which don’t quite match detail-wise). But now, Real Lady can reach its full potential with heads designed specifically for their body.


Starpery released a new Asian head called Yuan on their silicone 156cm E-cup body. She looks fairly pretty.

They also had 2 new photosets, starting with Natalia (with ROS) on the 165 D-cup body. A cute face on a thick body that weighs about 42 kg (93 lbs) after weight-reduction (3.0). Hopefully, more bodies like this can get Weight Reduction 4.0 soon.

Next, they showed off their 3rd Generation Nieve head on a regular 174cm D-cup body. Their 3rd Gen heads definitely look more realistic.


Jiusheng released a new 158D body, which replaced their old 158E body. Featuring a wet and kinky nurse outfit, Arisa has an interesting anime-styled look here. 


On the same 158D body, MLW released a new head called Ayaka with ROS. This Japanese-inspired head looks fairly cute in a rather unique outfit. They also included front and back photos of the new body.


Zelex released 2 new photosets of their SLE dolls. Basically, it’s more of the same, but gives an idea of different head and body combinations.


SHEDOLL released photos of what they called “Rose 2.0.” However, I don’t see anything different about this Rose head. I’m guessing Rose 2.0 just means Rose head + 163cm H-cup body.

They also released their first-ever silicone hip or butt. Normally, I don’t show these partial “dolls” (I don’t consider them dolls without a head), but it’s their first one so I’ll let it slide. It looks pretty realistic with skin texture.

Climax Doll

Climax released a new 140cm TPE body with extreme BBW proportions. Featuring their silicone Savannah head, this doll has massive breasts, butt, and thighs. At 140cm, she already weighs a hefty 54 kg (119 lbs), so I guess they couldn’t make her much taller. Oddly, there’s no full-body photos, though I’m guessing she probably can’t stand without the knees giving out.

XT Doll

XT Doll shared a new photoset of their silicone 165cm Natalie. I’m always surprised by how cute they manage to make this head look.

Despite the height, the 165cm Natalie only weighs around 28 kg (62 lbs) with their “super reduced weight.” In the video below, they highlighted that not only are their dolls lightweight, but also soft.

FU Doll

Although I didn’t see FUDOLL in any expo photos, apparently they were there last week. Accompanied by their silicone 163D body with two heads, they took a lengthy 1500 km (930 miles) journey by train from Dongguan to Shanghai. Since most brands are from the same area, that kind of explains why many brands didn’t show up this year. However, most brands will probably be at the upcoming Guangzhou expo, which is much closer to them. Anyway, their first head is the recent Manyi (J027).

They also brought along a new, unrevealed head called Bai Ling (J033), set to release soon.

Terri Doll

Since there wasn’t much news this week, here’s another new brand. Terri (or Terrizi or Terizizao) recently launched, but is only sold in China at the moment. They make Asian dolls without anything too special or unique. Just more variety in the Asian market. Here are some photos of 4 of their heads.


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. Because some brands were at the 2024 Shanghai API Expo, things were a bit quiet this week. Still, there were plenty of new releases and photos to look at. The most interesting is probably Real Lady’s upcoming heads, which if done right, could be the most realistic-looking dolls on the market. Otherwise, this week was mostly more of the same – just more variety to choose from. Now that the expo is over, let’s see what brands have planned next week. Until next time!

Thoughts on April’s 3rd week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Rass

    Is there a typical timeframe of when Real Lady will release the new doll after releasing new head mold? I am really interested in the 3rd head.

    1. Steven

      Hi Rass,
      Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing without asking them. Irontech usually don’t tease their head molds, so this is kind of a first. For other brands, it can take a few weeks from mold teaser to release. Generally, Real Lady releases have been slow so I wouldn’t expect them soon, but if you ask in their Twitter comments, they usually reply.

      1. Rass

        Too bad, maybe I will ask them on twitter. Thank you for the help!

  2. IconOkee

    Jiusheng and mlw stood out to me in this post. I think starpery stopped trying to make their photo shoots look good.

  3. Rass

    That doll is huuuuge, some people have craving “for more” beyond sensible xD. We discussed the question of dolls looking like children recently, Australia have laws against dolls shorter than 150cm, I wonder if they claim this doll is childlike under those rules lol.
    Ohhh that’s why Real Lady dolls looked familiar. Ngl, the first two heads look a bit weird to me, but the second one is really nice and balanced.

    Thanks for your work as always!

  4. Adam

    Hi Steven, I’m curious about rose 2.0.
    In the specs appears that have hole channel (15cm) but in the photos I think she has no anal channel.
    What do you think?

    Also new Fudoll’s head is extremely pretty.
    Thanks for another week of News!!

  5. Jackson

    SE doll’s Jenny had a nice body with nice tits!

    The middle Real Lady Head looks kinda Asian in my opinion! I wonder why they made them all green lol!??

    Starpery’s Yuan looked good!

    MLW mouth looks good asf!

    Zelex 166K has an epic body!

    Climax BBW looked promising!

    Thanks for the post this week!!!

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