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Sanhui Releases 172cm AIO Head #38 & More News

Halloween is here as October quickly comes to an end. The spooky month began with a quiet Golden Week, and ended with a ghostly (or ghost town) Halloween. Similar to last week, there wasn’t much news other than some new photosets and sale promos. Sanhui and Elsa Babe were the only brands that released something new this week. Due to a lack of news, I also included something interesting that isn’t doll-related. Anyway, stay tuned for the short and final chapter of October’s sex doll news.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a special Halloween makeup option for their TPE Head #233. I don’t know if it includes the horn, but it’s very unique and well-done. However, they chose an odd time to release this; by the time people order this, Halloween will be over.


Irontech shared 2 new photosets of their silicone 166cm body with Catlin and Kitty heads. Catlin has a “bad girl” motorcyclist look, while Kitty looks like an Egyptian or Indian princess. As usual, Irontech does a great job cosplaying their various heads in completely different styles.


Sanhui released their new 172cm AIO (All-In-One) sex doll with Head #38. This seamless neck doll was apparently months in the making, and is Sanhui’s tallest doll thus far. It features an athletic body with toned abs, thick thighs, and a pretty Asian face. Unfortunately to many’s dismay, this doll weighs a whopping 52 kg (114 lbs).

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Hashimoto Wakaba. She has an anime-inspired Disney look, similar to the secret Elsa head they once shared. Overall, this is a fairly cute and happy-looking doll.


Gynoid shared a video of their Jixiang head with oral function. Many people are unaware that this head existed since last year (Sept 2021). However, they never offered it because it was supposedly too delicate. By sharing it again, perhaps they improved it, and plan to release it soon.

October 23, 2022
September 14, 2021
September 6, 2021


SHEDOLL showed off a new lower-half doll with a unique water system. It includes a device that connects to the faucet, which in turn goes into the doll. There are various settings that release water, including one that sucks water/air in. It’s an interesting creation that mimics squirting/peeing and possibly cleans the inside of the vagina. However, it’s unclear what material the doll is. If it’s TPE, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. There are many potential problems like difficulties drying (resulting in mold/bacterial growth), slipping in the shower, and electronic issues. Interesting idea though.

Something interesting is the device in the video says “XY Doll & MissDoll.” SHEDOLL is made in the XY Doll factory, but MissDoll is a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I wrote about their electronic “blowjob doll” and auto-masturbation device 2-3 years ago but they disappeared and never actually released anything. Apparently, they collaborated with XY Doll on this device.

Random News: MaSiRo Project

Since there wasn’t much news this week, I’ll share something completely unrelated to sex dolls. Cafe Triomphe (opened October 2022) is the first ever robot maid cafe in Japan, which reminded me of MITICA, but not in a sexual way. The owner worked on the robots for 5 years as a hobby, with the eventual goal of opening a robot maid cafe. Since many doll enthusiasts are interested in companionship and robotics, they might find this interesting.

Although these cute robots are still a bit slow and simple, they can serve customers, perform specific motions, and follow people around when their hand is held. It’s a passion project that the owner plans to work on long-term. Again, this has nothing to do with sex dolls; It’s just an interesting and cute story about anime robots.

Videos of MaSiRo Robot at Cafe Triomphe

Receiving the customer's order
Delivering the order
Waving goodbye

History of MaSiRo, the Hand-holding Maid Robot (from 2018 to 2021)

That concludes October’s sex doll news. It was a quiet month but as always, brands are working hard behind-the-scenes. This includes WM Doll finalizing their new articulated hands which is behind schedule. Perhaps, November will be more eventful. Brands are unsurprisingly ramping up their sale promos for the upcoming holidays if nothing else. Hopefully, you found those anime robots to be a wholesome ending to October. If you thought they were creepy, then it’s still a fitting ending for Halloween. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on the final week of October? Comment below!

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  1. Monsieur_P

    Hashimoto Wakaba is super cute, I would like to buy her a little later, but I’m afraid she will disappear from sale as it was with Elsa, do you know why Elsa is no longer officially sold on the ElsaBabe website? But also I don’t really like the way this brand’s vagina looks, I think it’s the worst part of their dolls, it’s like from a cheap brand, small and round and very different in color, it looks like an insertion vagina…

    1. Steven

      Hi Monsieur_P,
      The Hashimoto Wakaba head probably won’t disappear from sale. By “Elsa,” do you mean the head that looked like Elsa from Frozen? That head was never officially on sale. They secretly sold it under the table for a while, then fully discontinued it. I don’t think it was ever on their website.
      Regarding the vagina, I agree with you. Their vaginas have a very “cartoony” look and color, but they do at least have 4 vagina textures to choose from, which I heard feels good. Hopefully, they can make the vagina look better one day.

      1. Monsieur_P

        Thanks for the reply, I thought Elsa head dolls were sold officially.. Another idea is to order a doll with a removable vagina from ElsaBabe and replace it with a new version of Zelex vagina insert xD

        1. Steven

          The Zelex insert may not fit properly since every brand’s inserts and vaginas are different. You should ask around before trying it.

  2. Jackson

    Gynoid has a nice mouth! I wonder what the mouth and teeth are made of? Do you have any idea?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      It’s most likely made of soft silicone.

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