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A Slow Week of Sex Doll News & Venus Berlin 2022

It’s one week away from Halloween and things have gotten eerily quiet. Like a horror film where you think something’s about to happen but nothing actually happens. Is this the calm before the storm or the calm after the storm? After an eventful past few weeks, this week was quite barren in contrast. Rather than leave everyone hanging, I scraped the bottom of the barrel to scoop up what little news I could find. As you may know, Venus Berlin 2022 took place last weekend but the sex doll aspect of it was very lackluster. Anyway, sit back and relax for a more quiet and peaceful week of sex doll news.

WM Doll

Last week, WM Doll released Heads #432, 436, and 452 with their Real Oral Sex (ROS) option. If you were waiting for new photos or videos of the ROS heads, don’t. Contrary to Zelex promoting every upgraded head, WM doesn’t plan to take any photos or videos of their new ROS heads; they said it would take too long since they have so many heads. It’s similar to when they released the breathing feature and never showed it again. Also despite the vagueness, it still sounds like the ROS heads will be in TPE, and not silicone.

Someone on TDF posted a photo of an ROS head (supposedly) with half the TPE cut off. (It might look a little gross, but it’s just in time for Halloween) You can see the teeth, tongue, and hinged jaw. A happy TDF member mentioned that because there’s a hard palate (separating the top and bottom half of the head), the eyes won’t bulge during oral sex. However, what this probably means is it’s like Zelex’s oral structure which only goes horizontally for ~3.9 inches (and doesn’t go up or down). That’s just my assumption.


Zelex shared photos of their Head GE95 with special Halloween-themed makeup. They are offering this makeup and a Halloween costume for free until October 31.


Irontech released 3 new photosets with different head-body combinations. This includes the 168cm Yu, 153cm Miyuki, and 164cm Maria. Their photography has been pretty spot-on lately, making these thicc and heavy dolls incredibly tempting.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Arisugawa Yumeko on their 148cm body. She has a dollish anime face with a somewhat blank expression. Having appeared in Elsa Babe’s list of “ugly, crippled dolls,” this head was once considered a reject. According to Elsa Babe, they never released it because they thought she looked too young. However, after receiving approval from TDF admins, they released it this week.


Starpery teased a new, upcoming head. She has a youthful face with a slight smile, in contrast to Starpery’s more mature faces as of late.


Last week, Tayu quietly released a 47cm silicone torso/hip toy. It’s made with the same mold as their newest 161cm body, including the new realistic vagina. It’s an interesting alternative to buying a full-sized doll, lets you to test out the Tayu brand for relatively cheap, and only weighs 11 kg (24 lbs).

Venus Berlin 2022 Expo

During October 20-23, the world’s largest erotic trade show called Venus Berlin 2022 took place in Germany. It was a wild convention full of nudity, porn stars, strippers, and live sex on stage. As someone who never covered this expo before, it was smuttier and more X-rated than expected. Apparently, it also wasn’t the first time sex doll brands appeared there. There were many interesting things to see, things you wished you could unsee, and never-before-seen diseases spreading around. The smartest guy there was probably that one guy walking around fully covered in a gas mask. (I’m joking, of course)

This video doesn’t show any sex dolls, but gives a good idea what type of convention this was (Courtesy: Sex Turysta <- click for higher quality): 

While all the sex, stripping, and action was going on, away from all the activity in a quiet, empty corner were the sex doll booths. Unfortunately, there were very little photos and videos available. These were the only brands I could find but there were some other brands as well. Ultimately, the sex doll booths were a bit simple and lackluster.


Starpery and their German ambassador displayed a few of their dolls. There isn’t too much to say here. These were the only photos Starpery shared.

JY Doll

Unlike Starpery who had 4 dolls, JY Doll showed up to the event with only 1 body and 2 heads. The WanYu head also didn’t look quite right (maybe it was just bad lighting). They had a very simple booth with odd marketing like “World’s First Class AI Humanoid” even though the doll had no AI. Ultimately, it was up to the salesmen to carry the entire booth.



Bezlya displayed three dolls sitting on chairs, including 3 new (and unnamed) heads. Apparently, someone vandalized one of their dolls on the 3rd day (as seen in the 2nd picture). According to Bezlya, they found their doll on the side of the street, and don’t know who did it. It could have been a competitor, anti-doll activist, or a horny janitor. In the end, they sold their display dolls for 40% off (or at least tried to).

That wraps up a very quiet week in sex doll news. A couple of new releases here and there, but most brands were missing in action. Irontech and Piper Doll/Mizuwali had a bunch of new photosets, but they’re not really news-worthy. The Venus Berlin expo turned out as expected, or worse than expected. The coverage was very limited, and most people didn’t go there to see sex dolls. Brands didn’t really showcase anything new other than Bezlya’s new heads which were barely visible in the photos. Overall, it was a slow week but hopefully things pick up soon. I wasn’t planning to release a post this week, but something is probably better than nothing. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on October’s 3rd week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Steven

    Random: if you want to see another Venus Berlin video with the gas mask guy: here It also shows a vendor called Housedoll, who rents sex dolls in Berlin.

  2. Steven

    Due to how little news there was, I added Irontech’s 3 photosets after all.

    1. Jackson

      Thanks for the info! Oh yeah and what is your opinion on Bezlya? I know that they made an innovative heating system. But they seem kinda low key to me lol!

      1. Steven

        Hi Jackson,
        I like the look of their dolls but I don’t know much about them. I think they have some relation to FU Doll, both of which are popular in Asia/Japan but not in the West. Because their Twitter is so messy, I can’t tell which dolls are old, new, or customer photos. That’s the main reason why I don’t cover them. They post very randomly with vague descriptions. Otherwise, they seem like an interesting brand but hard to “fully comprehend” and find English reviews for.

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