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Orange In: A New Sex Doll Brand that Resembles YearnDoll

Recently, a few Japanese sex doll vendors, such as Kumadoll and OLdoll, added a new brand called “Orange In.” Quite a strange name, but most sex doll brand names don’t make sense anyway. There isn’t much info about them, however, they look very similar to Cosdoll/Yearndoll’s designs. Most likely, they’re made in the same factory (the facial details look nearly identical). From what I can tell, they don’t share any bodies with Cosdoll; they’re all original. Also considering that their head numbers range from 500-600+, they’re definitely not from a new factory. Similar to Yearndoll, their heads are very Japanese-inspired with a Japanese target audience.

Note: The following dolls are all full silicone with oral structure and moveable jaw. There’s one hybrid section, which I’ll specify.

161cm Body with Heads #600 & #599

Let’s start with two cute Asian heads (#600 & #599) on the 161cm body. This body has very fantasy-esque proportions with E-cup breasts and a thin waist.

165cm Body with Head #542

Next, we have the doll that originally caught my attention: the 165cm body with Head #542 dressed up as FF7’s Tifa. Honestly, it looks more like a Yearndoll cosplayed as Tifa than a recreation, but Tifa dolls are always worth showing.

Additionally, here’s Head #587 on the same body. This head looks a bit more mature or tired.

168cm Body with Head #546

Next, we have a tall and fit 168cm F-cup body with Head #546. While the head doesn’t really appeal to me, the bikini nun outfit is extremely sexy. Blasphemous! 

TPE 160cm Body with Heads #537 and #539

To mix things up, let’s look at some hybrid dolls next. Currently, they have one TPE body: a 160cm F-cup, which is slim but busty. Head #537 looks a little like Selena Gomez (another Selena Gomez head?), while Head #539 is dressed as a sexy Asian nurse.

159cm Body with Head #647

Speaking of mixing things up, they also have some fantasy dolls like Head #647. This elf head is super pretty and cute – kind of resembles of a Belle Delphine fairy.

Back to human heads, here’s a Head #6-020K (not sure why it’s numbered like that) on the 158cm body. She has a beautiful Korean baseball cosplay, with a nice blue and white color theme.

Rise of the AI Photos

Last, it wouldn’t be “Cosdoll” without some AI photos. OLdoll strictly labelled these as AI, but they’re still being used as promo photos none-the-less. Unless they’re hiring the same photographers, this more-or-less confirms their connection with Cosdoll.


That wraps up just a few previews of Orange In’s dolls. They pretty much look like Yearndoll, and are probably made in the same factory. Also like Yearndoll, you probably won’t find them outside of Japanese vendors, although Kumadoll is the gateway to most of these brands. Since they’re new, and Cosdoll is more popular or known in Asia/Japan, there aren’t many reviews available – so the quality is relatively unknown. I don’t really see anything unique about them, just more options to choose from. However, if you like Japanese aesthetics, I can certainly see the appeal.

You can find “Orange In” at the reputable vendors: Kumadoll and Rosemarydoll.

Is the new Orange In brand: in or out? Comment below!

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  1. Halo Jones

    Website would appear to be

    The elf doll with the green hair is absolutely beautiful.

  2. FlashForward

    Does the manufacturer “Orange In” have an official website?
    What is the official manufacturer name and where is the manufacturer located?
    Do you have any experience with Orange In dolls in terms of durability and quality?
    There are no reports about the manufacturer anywhere.
    I am looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards

    1. Steven

      Hi FlashForward,
      Unfortunately, I haven’t found Orange In’s official website yet. I also don’t know where they’re made but I suspect it’s probably at Cosdoll’s factory or Rifrano/Lifanou like Yearndoll. Haven’t seen any reviews either, but they’re likely lower-end silicone dolls. They appeared at a recent expo, so maybe I can try to find more info, but for now, I don’t know much about them.

  3. Artur

    I have a question about the websites you mentioned specifically for this article. I noticed that Kumadoll has a high tier recreation of Julia the JAV star, so I was wondering if you think it’s legit? Julia being one my absolute faves, I’m sorely tempted to get it but still being so new to the hobby I don’t know if I’m looking at a ripoff.

    1. Steven

      Hi Artur,
      That Julia doll is legit but the quality is unknown; I wouldn’t automatically assume that it’s good quality. Personally, I don’t really trust the “Real Girl” brand that Kumadoll offers. Real Girl is like a vendor that puts their brand on OEM dolls and dolls from other brands, which I don’t like. They’re a weird brand.
      In conclusion, that’s a legit and actress-authorized doll, but I don’t know if the quality is good or not. It’ll be a gamble since finding reviews will be very difficult.

  4. Adam

    For me Orange in 161 full silicone Florance and 166 hybrid Grace are the preatiest from this brand. Bodies are amazing but Florance is little to tight at waist line. They are looking perfect in every single position. LHP is normal, I saw better but that is enought. The hips line is looking crazy. I want to see realfoto from the factory.

  5. Logjammin

    The 161 Orange In has an exquisite sculpt…better than anything Zelex has , for one. Unfortunately the 161 is rendered useless by a horrific LHP. However the 158 body is similarly sexy , but with good LHP. Interesting!

  6. Jackson

    That Tifa Doll looks too good! It looks better than Gamelady’s in my opinion!

  7. Arnold

    Head #537, Selena look or not but its very very pretty.

  8. Steven

    There are so many photos this week.. I have to divide my weekly news post into 3 parts. This is the first part..

    1. Jackson

      Thanks I look forward to seeing those other 2 posts!

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