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SY Doll Releases Their First Silicone 158cm Body & New Heads

Recently, SY Doll released their very first silicone 158cm body. After months of detailed silicone heads on cheap TPE bodies, they now have a silicone body to match. Maybe it’s just the same photographer, but it greatly reminds me of Cosdoll/Yearndoll’s bodies (Well, technically not Cosdoll, but the Rifrano factory). It’s not confirmed, but there are some noticeable similarities. They also released 3 new heads: S16, S17, and #175. Usually, their silicone heads are inspired by real-life celebrities, but I don’t recognize them this time. Do they look like certain celebrities? Let me know.

Silicone 158cm Body + Head S16

First, we have Head S16 debuting with the new body. This model-like head with dark hair and bold makeup looks great on the new body. Meanwhile, the body is well-proportioned and weighs 31 kg (68 lbs) – a decent weight.

Silicone 158cm Body + Head S18

Next, we have Head S18. If she’s supposed to resemble a celebrity, it could be many, maybe even Keira Knightley. So far, both heads fit the body very well.

Silicone 158cm Body + Head #175

Last, we have a more cartoony or anime head. I’m not sure why she’s numbered differently, but it’s the same body. She makes for a pretty cute anime maid.


Traditionally, SY Doll has been a lower-tier, budget brand. Then like many budget TPE brands, such as Qita and Jarliet, they transitioned to silicone. Starting with detailed silicone heads (inspired by celebrities), they now have their first silicone body. Priced around $2000, they might capture the budget silicone market now. Still, SY isn’t exactly known for good quality so I would still be hesitant. Surprisingly, SY’s silicone heads have been out for months now, but I’ve yet to see anyone order or review one. For now, it’s nice to see their silicone heads on a matching silicone body, and a new silicone competitor certainly won’t hurt.

Thoughts on SY Doll’s new silicone body and their transition to silicone material? Comment below!

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