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New Sex Dolls, Irontech Photos, Starpery, Tayu, & More

Working our way through September, we encounter a phenomenon known only as “Photoset Paradise” once more. A rare (or maybe not so rare) week when brands unload everything they have all-at-once. I’m talking about Irontech dropping 12 photosets in 1 week, and rather than taking turns, Starpery unleashed their load as well. With so many photos, I had to split up this week’s post to prevent an overdose on your bandwidth. You’ll discover the separate posts as you progress. Without further ado, let’s make our way through this week’s mountain of sex doll news.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their 159cm body (AK15) with Head LS#56. While I wasn’t a huge fan of this head before, she looks super sexy here as a cowgirl in a bar.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of the 161cm Winola. Here, she has a nice color scheme and wintery theme. Since they showcased the full body so well, I wanted to highlight those photos.

YL Doll

3 months since they released their Cyberpunk 2077-inspired Judy and Panam heads, YL Doll finally returned with their latest video-game head: Samus Aran. Based on the popular Metroid character, it seems to resemble her, although the lack of cosplay and wig kind of throws off the resemblance. 158cm tall and full-silicone, Samus fans may be interested in this.


And now, it’s time.. for Irontech’s “12 photosets in 1 week” world record, which we’ll break into sections. Because Irontech’s photography is always top-tier, I’m behooved to show them all.

First, Irontech shared several photosets of their 163cm Eileen, 165cm Eileen, 163cm Nabi, 167cm Flora, 165cm Yeona, and 165cm Nabi. That’s a mouthful.. All I can say is Eileen looks super sexy, and I like Flora’s Gwen cosplay.

They also shared a new photoset of their 162cm Lottie, this time as a transgender or shemale. I believe this is their 2nd shemale doll, although it’s just a penis attachment. Lottie was originally their “granny” head so this is kind of weird, but I bet someone will like it..

Last, Irontech shared a bunch of hybrid doll photos. On the 163cm Plus body, we have the silicone Layla, Nabi, Pearl, and Carmel heads.

Now, take a deep breath. We’re only halfway up the mountain.


Starpery released a new 3rd Generation 176cm body with a new head called Nieve. Previously, they released two 3rd Generation BBW bodies, but this time, we have a tall, athletic body. The head is quite pretty and realistic (looks a bit like Yennefer from The Witcher 3). She weighs 36 kg (80 lbs) with weight reduction, and the LHP looks quite good here.

They also shared 3 new photosets. However, I’ll only show 2, both of which are highly photogenic heads. Below, we have the 172cm Rozanne in a very pink theme, and the 174cm Lubby looking cute in casual clothing.


Jiusheng shared a new photoset of their silicone 168cm Arisa. This cute head, originally designed for the 148cm body, fits relatively well on the tall and slim 168cm body. Facially, I think she looks better on a smaller body, but this was an interesting combination.


Tayu offically released their previously teased 151cm E-cup Azina. She has a cute face and well-proportioned body, with fairly large breasts. Weighing only 23 kg (51 lbs), she’s a nice balance between height and weight. Although the photos aren’t super fancy, sometimes a clear front, back, and side shot are all you need. The head has oral structure and moveable jaw, and the vagina has the same design as the 158D.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released a new Ultra Series head called Athena on their 157cm body (SiQ). This elf head looks similar to their usual designs – the “Climax Doll”-style eyes and plump lips. Although I’m not a huge fan of their aesthetics, it looks interesting and has “ROS.”

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady released Head No. 19, inspired by FF13’s Lightning. Read the full post here.

SY Doll

SY Doll released their first silicone 158cm body, along with 3 new heads. Due to too many photos, I created a separate post here

Orange In

A new brand called “Orange In” emerged. Similar to above, I created a separate post here.


That wraps up an extremely photo-filled week of news. Irontech has been grinding out photos non-stop lately (as did JY Doll a few weeks ago). And because they’re always so pretty, I just had to show them all. However, there were more than just new photosets. There were also several new releases, a new brand, and SY Doll’s new silicone body. Not to mention Game Lady’s Lightning. A very eventful week to say the least. Trend-wise, I noticed that “ROS” is becoming a standard now. Many new heads like Tayu’s Azina, Climax Doll, and every head from Orange In come with “ROS” built-in. Soon, every new head will be expected to have it. Otherwise, this week was more of the same, but with a lot more photos – which never hurts.

Thoughts on this week’s jampacked “photoset paradise?” Comment below!

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  1. Ad Libitum

    Starpery’s 176cm athletic body looks really attractive for me. 36kg sounds also good, but what is LHP? And, why do I can’t find this doll on Starpery’s website?
    An, btw, a big thank you for your blog, I really appreciate it. Always nice to watch for new content on Tuesday morning (CET).

      1. Ad Libitum

        Ah, LHP=Love Hole Placement. OK, no chance to guess, thanks for the explanation!

        Yes, this is one of the things that could be made better with dolls. When the vagina channel goes upwards and the anus channel goes downwards (looked from the side on a horizontal doll). Easy to do from a producer perspective, but not realistic. On real woman both channels are going downwards, see Wikipedia for anatomical details. And least in a missionary position you would feel the difference.

  2. Jackson

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Steven

      No problem. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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