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New Sex Doll Heads, Bezlya Updates, ROS, Robotics, & More

Halfway into September, things are moving along slowly and steadily. Honestly, this was a quiet week, but there still were some interesting trends to look at, and old brands to revisit. This week, brands released new heads, photosets, and some doll robotics. After a chaotic past few weeks, let’s enjoy the peace and tranquility this time around.

Qita Doll

Qita released their first head with oral structure and moveable jaw called Wendy. She has a pretty cute and interesting face, although I’m not sure which body this is. It’s hard finding info on Qita since they don’t update their website, nor their vendors.


Irontech added ROS (oral structure and moveable jaw) to many of their silicone heads. Previously, only Head S34 had this feature, but now all-at-once, it’s available for Heads S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, and S40. You’ll have to look up the head names yourself..

Irontech also released the “Oral Clamp” (sucking mouth) feature for their ROS heads. Featuring the external pink device (seen many times before), it basically functions the same as other brands with this device. According to Irontech, the suction can be adjusted. It also has the same weird and unfitting moaning sounds as before.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe shared a new photoset of their 148cm Ijuuin Maki that’s worth sharing. She looks very cute in this black cheongsam, with a nice white and black theme.


Starpery released 3 new Asian heads: Keiko, Yuyan, and Jin. Keiko (on the 172cm body) has a mature Japanese look, while Yuyan and Jin (on the 163cm body) have young-adult faces in traditional clothing.


Jiusheng released a new silicone head called Rikki on their TPE 168cm body. Based on the cosplay, she seems to be inspired by League of Legend’s Jinx. She looks ok, although something feels off about her face. She doesn’t quite capture Jinx’s essence.


EXDOLL shared some new photosets of their 166cm Jie and Hualin. Nothing really new here – just some pretty photos to look at.

Robotic Legs

Someone shared a doll robotics video with me. An unknown brand developed moving legs and a rotating torso – as well as “camera lens eyes.” Although I don’t know the brand, it reminds me of Bezlya (based on the colors, style, and video graphics), but it’s supposedly not them. While these robotic features look cool, they don’t seem particularly useful. Still, it’s one step closer to “sex robots.”

A similar video I found on Bilibili a while back. Not sure if it's related or not.


Speaking of Bezlya (whether they made those robotic legs or not), I decided to see what they’re up to after all this time. Apparently, they released quite a few things, which I’ll quickly go over. First, they released a new 162cm body (Bionic 2.2 U series) with Sunflower head. It’s cast from a real woman and looks interesting.

Note: it’s hard to find Bezlya photos so they’ll be very limited and censored.

They also released a 163cm body that’s cast from a real woman as well (Bionic 2.1). It looks almost identical to the previous body. Unfortunately, I don’t know the specs but it looks quite heavy.

About 3 weeks ago, they released a weight-reduced 149cm body (Bionic 2.1 LUltra Light Series or Bionic 2.1 L). The weight went from 26 kg (57 lbs) to 18 kg (40 lbs), which is a pretty nice weight reduction.

Since I last showed their Bionics 2.2 series debut in December 2022, they’ve released many new photosets with various heads and 2 bodies. These heads include Gardenia, Platycodon, Magnolia, Bluebell, and Lily of the Valley (names may be wrong due to translation) on the 155M and 160M bodies (Bionic 2.2 CF). I’ll just dump a bunch of photos here (and fully be up-to-date with Bezyla).


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. This week, we saw the continuation of the ongoing ROS trend. It seems ROS will be a standard one day, and all heads will be expected to have them. At least, that’s where brands are headed. We also saw Irontech introduce the “sucking mouth,” which more brands will probably add in the future. Currently, robotics are still fairly mediocre. The moving robotic legs seem interesting and may add some immersion, but it doesn’t really seem useful. Still, it’s one step closer to something bigger. Due to the lack of news, I caught up with Bezlya this week, although they’re not really known outside of Asia. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news. Until next time!

Thoughts on mid-September’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Bruce

    Hi! Where can I find the new large breast Bezlya 161 and 155 models for purchase?

  2. Steven

    I forgot to include some Sino Doll teasers. I’ll just share it next week or when it actually releases.

  3. David

    Awesome! I’ve also been speculating that the company researching mechanical legs is in talks with Bezlya or Youqu for collaboration. I hope you can gather and share more information.

  4. Jackson

    Wow nice post! Those Robot legs 🦵 😳 really caught me off guard! While they are cool they don’t seem all that useful like you said. But eventually they’ll make robot arms. All of this could lead the way to a walking sexbot. But we’ll see. On another note that Starpery Yuyan looked really good!!!

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