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Sino Doll Releases New Pro-Soft-Max, 167cm Body, & 2 Heads

On September 22, 2023, Sino Doll released their latest Pro-Soft-Max option, along with a new 167cm body and 2 heads. Oddly sloganed “the only choice for sex,” this option is supposedly 20% softer than their recent Pro-Soft. It debuted with a new 167cm body, 2 heads, and many important upgrades (not just softness). This includes updated LHP, vaginal texture options, articulated fingers with hard hands, and more. Let’s see what goodies Sino Doll released this time around.

How Soft is Pro-Soft-Max?

Let’s began with 2 infographics that detail all the new features of Pro-Soft-Max (or Soft-Max for short). You can read the infographic yourself, but I’ll summarize it since it’s somewhat poorly written.

First, there’s something they call “water bag breasts.” This appears to be the default breasts option for Soft-Max, but with unique wording. From the video, it definitely lives up to its name. Next, they have the default “water bag butt,” as well as a softer “cloud-like luxurious soft butt” option. I didn’t come up with these names. Also, they acknowledged that the softer Soft-Max will be less durable than the Pro-Soft.

This video more-or-less summarizes the infographic. It demonstrates the softness of the skin, showcases the “water bag breasts,” and what I assume is the upgraded “cloud-like luxurious soft butt.”

New Additions

In addition to a softer material, Sino Doll also released 3 new features: Improved LHP (at a cost), Vagina Textures, and “Air Bag Type Soft-Max Vagina.” First, the new 167cm body features improved LHP (love hole placement), but at the cost of no anal cavity. This is a bittersweet upgrade as the 167cm body will have their most accurate LHP, but no anal cavity. TDF members weren’t happy about this.

Next, they now offer 3 vaginal texture options. The default is “The Domineering Lady Type.” Odd name, but about on-par with “water bag breasts.” The other options, “Firm and Elastic Girl Type” and “Slowly Play Version of Mature Women,” are meant to represent virgin and mature vaginas (respectively). Since I’m unfamiliar with vagina textures, I don’t know if they resemble their name or not.

Next, they have something called “Air Bag Type Soft-Max Vagina.” By default, it’s just a silicone layer. With the upgrade, they add some kind of air layer that’s supposedly more comfortable – like some kind of cushioning.

Last but not least, the new 167cm body is their first S-series body with articulated fingers and hard hands. Previously, only the Top-sino series had articulated fingers. I believe the reason they went with S-series this time around is because they wanted a more fantasy and less realistic look.

Sino Doll 167cm Giant Breasts Body with S41 Linchun Head

Now, let’s actually look at some doll photos. The 167cm body comes in two breast sizes: Giant and Big. First is the Linchun head on the 167cm Giant Breasts body. She has a pretty cute face, and the body is fairly fit and busty. I like these types of action poses, and the outfit is cool.

Sino Doll 167cm Big Breasts Body with S43 Linqiu Head

Next on the 167cm Big Breasts body, is another new head called Linqiu. She looks slightly younger and more Asian than Linchun. Personally, I prefer her more-natural-looking “Big Breasts” to “Giant Breasts,” but “Giant” is a tempting fantasy as well. Again, they presented some cool action poses here with a pretty red wig.

In-Person Photos & Videos

KD人形美術館, more known for their doll cafe, MITICA, got their hands on the new 167cm Giant Breasts Linqiu before its official release. Courtesy to @DollsVue for sharing photos and videos of this doll. You can get an idea of the proportions, vagina (with no anal cavity), and softness.


Weighing at around 37 kg (81 lbs) ± 3 kg (6.6 lbs), this was an interesting release from Sino Doll. Not just a new softness option, but a new body, 2 heads, and a variety of changes. Rather than moving forward or backwards, they seemed to move in every direction possible. Super soft material, improved LHP, new vaginal textures, “air bag” vagina option, and returning to their S-series roots, a lot happened in this release. However, most people seem focused and disappointed at the lack of anal function, and compared it to Gynoid (which also has no anal cavity).

I think this was an interesting release, although nothing too unique. Yes, it’s softer but at the cost of durability; we’ve seen this before (although maybe not this extreme). Besides the odd naming, most brands already have these features, except maybe the “air bag” vagina option. Sino Doll finally fixed their LHP but at the price of no anal cavity – an unexpected compromise. Overall, the Soft-Max debut gave potential Sino Doll customers more options to choose from, but at a cost – many features require some form of sacrifice. Though I’ll admit, it does look super soft and jiggly. Who will be the first to try out the new Pro-Soft-Max?

Thoughts on Sino Doll’s new Pro-Soft-Max, 167cm body, and 2 new heads? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    Does this mean that the silicone their using is about as durable or as soft as tpe? If it does then that’s good news. Imagine having a tpe doll that looks realistic and doesn’t need oil.

    1. Jackson

      Good point.

  2. Crazedcat

    I appreciate their effort but I think this will cause more headaches than not. In one of their release videos a guy was demonstrating the soft tummy by squeezing it (with cotton gloves on) and one of his fingers left a mark in the skin LOL. Not sure how they didn’t catch that in the video but yeah there’s going to be issues with this level of softness.

  3. Rick

    I think the weird branding is due to the translation, they’re a lot of buzz words in Chinese to describe how things are soft feeling like. So does the new tunnel branding, they’re basically – hot office lady, teen/college chick and milf.

    To be honest, although it’s not a perfect product or could be a disappointment, but I still think it’s a right step to good direction for Sino.
    They have tendency of over marketing and have been focusing on high price products which is found wanting on the “function” performance.
    The new releases, in my opinion, is an attempt to push more players to jump in, and maybe look for higher priced products later.

  4. Jackson

    I think that this is interesting. I do hope that they increase the durability eventually!!! But one thing I think that they should do is confine the Pro-Soft Max to just the vagina, inner thighs, breasts, and buttocks. Is it possible to request that the Pro-Soft Max be confined to those areas?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      Hmm.. Some brands offer softness upgrades in only those specific areas so it might be possible. For this doll, MyRobotDoll has Soft-Max breasts, inner thighs, “air bag” vagina, and “cloud-like” butt listed as additional options (that you can check and uncheck) so it seems possible. However, you should ask a vendor to be sure. I don’t know the answer right now.

  5. Brad

    That doll almost looks TOO soft. A person’s thighs and calves shouldn’t be soft and as squishy as breasts.
    It all makes for a splashy announcement, but under closer reading, I’m not sure those features make me want to buy their dolls any more than before.
    I honestly get the feeling that the people running these doll companies don’t actually use their own products.

    1. Steven

      Hi Brad,
      I agree. It’s too soft to be realistic, but some people like super soft and jiggly dolls. The biggest problem is really the durability. Material that soft will tear very easily. I can already imagine the giant breasts simply ripping off the chest (from gravity) if left unsupported.

  6. ItsAme

    The huge breasts this time came out a lot better than the ones on the 160cm body in my opinion, they start higher up in the chest which gives then a more consistent look, will still need to see more videos about the softness though, the breasts on the 160cm body look pretty weird with the pro soft option when shaking a lot but on that body it’s in part due to their position on the chest.

    For me the most shocking part is how cheap the new dolls are comparatively, I know they have launch discounts but still.

    No anal is a bit disappointing when they made such big and soft butts but oh well, maybe they saw that the extra hole compromises the durability or something.

    1. Steven

      Hi ItsAme,
      I think because this is S-series (as opposed to Top-sino), everything looks more round and symmetrical, including the breasts. Meanwhile, Top-sino tries to be more realistic – although I personally liked the T153 body (which debuted with Pro Soft).
      As for the price, I was surprised too, although now that I look at it, it’s about the same price as other S-series dolls. Top-sino just tends to be more expensive. Once you add on the R+S Makeup (as in the photos), the price will go up – although the makeup isn’t recommended (will fade quickly) if you plan to use the doll for more than just photography.
      Also, you’re right. There’s no anal cavity due to durability concerns.

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