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WM Doll’s New Mouth Design, Zelex GE95, & More

Another week goes by and despite talks of China’s potential economic collapse, sex doll brands continued producing dolls as usual. The newest industry trend seems to be “realistic oral structure,” and every brand wants in on it. It’s interesting how as soon as one brand invents something, the rest of them follow. Brands like Elsa Babe, Zelex, Sino Doll, and even JY Doll all have “realistic oral structure” now (although not many heads with them exist). Is this a feature customers wanted or the brands wanted? Although the mouth looks more realistic, it may not be very practical. It doesn’t seem to improve oral sex and makes the mouth harder to clean. However, let’s revisit this question later after the news highlights of the week.

On September 6, 2022, WM Doll revealed their new mouth design called Real Oral Sex (ROS). It features teeth and a tongue, but despite the name, it doesn’t actually simulate “real oral sex.” It’s just their version of the “hyper-realistic oral structure” that every brand is making now. The head in the video will be the first head with ROS, with more coming soon. It’s unclear whether the head is TPE or silicone (more likely silicone). Personally, I think the tongue is too short and looks strange in certain angles, but one plus is the mouth can completely close.

SE Doll released 3 new dolls: the 157cm Melantha, 158cm Coral, and 163cm Gemma. Melantha has interesting face markings and makeup. Coral and Gemma both look cute and are similar to SE Doll’s usual work.

JY Doll released 3 new silicone dolls. This includes the 123cm Mini Yunxi, 157cm Nayuki, and 157cm Vanilla. JY Doll has been making more mini dolls lately and showcasing implanted hair in all their photoshoots.

Irontech released a new TPE head called Shanna on their 167cm body. They also released many new photosets of existing dolls. I won’t show them all but included some photos of the 165cm Hedy (Silicone) and 167cm Viola (TPE).

Last week, Zelex revealed their Inspiration Series featuring many new features. This week, they officially released the new 170cm body with Head GE95 (debut Inspiration Series doll). Head GE95 is an upgraded version of Head GE53, and looks pretty although the open mouth looks awkward at times. The body looks very realistic and resembles the previous 170cm body. These photos highlight the skin detail, upgraded mouth, and removable labia.

Sino Doll shared photos of the new RRS+ oral structure. Ignoring the bad lighting, it looks very similar to Zelex’s and other brands. They also shared some “doll-on-doll” photos for a promotion they’re having.

AXB Doll released a cute new head called GD22 on their 140cm body. A cute anime doll to look at while you read the last paragraph (so you don’t have to stare at Sino Doll’s mouth).

That wraps up the sex doll news this week. Most brands are jumping into the “oral structure” craze with their own silicone mouth designs and moveable jaws. Because this feature requires a new head mold, it can’t simply be added to existing heads. Therefore, expect to see lots of new heads coming soon with realistic mouths and moveable jaws. Although they’re realistic and nice to look at, they’re not very practical in my opinion. It’s more for aesthetics than usability. It doesn’t improve oral sex, is harder to clean, and gives the doll a weird open-mouth look. However, if oral sex isn’t a factor, simply seeing the teeth and tongue adds a lot of realism and immersion. Overall, quite a lot of news in one week, but surprisingly no updates from Game Lady Doll. As always, stay tuned for more news.

Thoughts about the sex doll news this week and hyper-realistic mouths? Comment below!

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  1. AnonGuy

    I wonder if the changes make neckin’ with the dolls feel more “realistic”. Since some folks use these not just for sex but as a way of simulating all sorts of intimacy, maybe the remade mouth structure feels more realistic on more northerly placed sections of the anatomy.

    1. Steven

      Hi AnonGuy,
      That is true. Many doll owners don’t have oral sex with their dolls. Regrettably, I focused a little too much on that aspect. The realistic mouths are definitely nice to look at and there’s probably other benefits as well. I’m not sure if kissing would feel different, but simply seeing the teeth and tongue alone would add immersion.

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