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Game Lady Doll Releases Head No. 25 (Tifa with Movable Jaw)

On May 11, 2024, Game Lady Doll officially released Head #25, a neutral-expression Tifa head with oral structure and movable jaw (ROS). Technically, this head came out a month ago along with Head #24 (2B with ROS), but it only had factory photos at the time. Today, they officially released the head with fancy promo photos. Featured on the 167cm body, she looks fairly cute in a purple bunny outfit. However, despite a fancier photoshoot than usual (not a solid gray background this time), the poses were rather limited with no nude photos.

Game Lady 167cm Body with Head No. 25

3 Tifa Heads Compared

In the photos below, they compared 3 Tifa heads side-by-side. Although the head placements and angles are somewhat inconsistent, it still gives an idea of the 3 heads.

Tifa's Birthday Promo

To celebrate Tifa’s birthday, they have a fairly interesting promotion. If you order a full-sized doll between May 9 – June 9, 2024, you can choose between free implanted hair, free extra head, or a free AIO 100cm Tifa (outfit not included). That seems like a pretty good deal if you want a free Tifa mini doll with your order.


Overall, Game Lady was smart to release a new Tifa head with ROS and neutral expression, which was highly requested. But comparing them side-by-side, there’s a noticeable difference between Head #3 and the latest #25. The ROS feature makes the head slightly wider, and she also lost her original smile. Personally, I think opened mouths with ROS always looked a bit weird, but the lack of smile makes her look noticeably plainer. Out of the 3 Tifa heads, Head #25 appears the most emotionless. Even Head #15 (Dissidia FF NT Tifa) has a slight smile, but regardless.. a neutral-expression ROS Tifa head was a good design choice.

As Game Lady’s hype slowly dies down (and people get “Tifa burnout”), now might be the best time for them to release something new. The obvious choice would be Stellar Blade, which is at its peak popularity right now. A recreation of Stellar Blade’s Eve will definitely get them viral again, while something like League of Legend’s Ahri (one of their top contest characters) will only result in a few nods. But at this rate, it’ll probably be months before Game Lady releases anything new.. What character will they release next?

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  1. Rass

    The only movable thing here is the beauty, and it went down.

  2. IconOkee

    I hope they make more 100 cm dolls of other characters and make their dolls softer

  3. Richard

    I really want Game Lady to make more different bodies

  4. Brad

    Probably a tangent, but what happened with Game Lady and TDF? They were darlings there for quite a while, but recently I discovered they are no longer a TDF-approved company, with many threads featuring their dolls getting locked or erased. Was there some drama that I missed, or did Game Lady no longer want to pay for ads and sponsorship at TDF?
    (If this sort of industry gossip isn’t the sort of thing you want to cover here, I understand. I just found the company’s shift from “featured” to “shunned” on the forums in under two weeks to be a bit jarring.)

    1. Steven

      Hi Brad,
      As far as I know, Game Lady was never on TDF or TDF-approved. Other than the big thread about them in the member’s section (which is still there), I’ve never seen them featured on TDF. Maybe you’re thinking of another brand? I still see the 140-page Tifa thread there, but I don’t know if any other posts were locked or deleted.

      (If this happened 2 weeks ago, I might have missed it. I don’t visit TDF much.)

      1. Brad

        The 140 page Tifa thread got locked on May 4th. It just feels strange that they let members openly discuss the brand for so long, only to ban all discussion of them so suddenly.

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