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Game Lady Doll Releases New Tifa Head (Dissidia NT)

On February 8, 2023, Game Lady Doll released Head No. 15, another new Tifa Lockhart-inspired head. This marks their 6th Tifa head variation (previously there was Head No. 3, No. 11, old and new 100cm Tifa, and the “secret” 142cm Tifa). Perhaps building a Tifa army, the newest head is based on Tifa from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Because it’s still Tifa, she looks very similar to Head No. 3 with some subtle differences. Overall, the sculpt looks pretty good although something feels slightly off about it. I think the face kind of looks like an action figure. Because many people wanted to see a new character, I expect a mixed reaction for this release.

Game Lady Doll 168cm Body with Head No. 15

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Factory Photos

From an endless list of requested video game characters, it’s surprising that Game Lady went with yet another Tifa head. I guess they just really like Tifa and Final Fantasy. They also used the original 168cm body this time around, which makes sense since Dissidia NT’s Tifa is fairly slim. Personally, I think 166cm would have been an even better choice, especially since we haven’t seen Tifa on that body yet. Overall, Head No. 15 was unexpected, and some fans may be disappointed. Game Lady definitely lost a lot of their initial hype and momentum as they slowed down greatly in the past few months. I usually end these posts with “What character will Game Lady release next?” But I think we know the answer to that already. I just had to make this final meme and leak Game Lady’s upcoming heads.

Game Lady Doll Meme and Leaked Heads List

Game Lady Tifa Spiderman Meme
Spiderman Meme: Game Lady

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  1. Icefenrir87

    Tifa looks amazing with the 166cm body based on the photos I take with her.

    As for the new Dissidia Tifa head, while I do see myself adding this to my Tifa army, I am still longing to see an updated bustier body from GLD.

    I definitely thought they were going to finish the Witcher heroine route or even go with Jessie from FFVII.

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