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Game Lady Releases Aerith Head with Moveable Jaw

On January 11, 2023, Game Lady Doll released Head No. 10: their Aerith head with oral structure and moveable jaw. Many people expected this head months ago, but it’s finally here. Similar to Head No. 14 (Ciri with moveable jaw), Head No. 10 retains her original expression. It seems Game Lady stopped adding moaning expressions to their upgraded heads. As expected, she still looks beautiful on the 168cm body, and the opened-mouth is a nice bonus (can be closed). As for the wig, it’s well-styled but the hairline randomly recedes in some photos (small, but funny mistake). Anyway, enjoy these sexy photos of Aerith in pink lingerie.

Game Lady Doll 168cm Body with Head No. 10

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Game Lady Doll 168cm Body with Head No. 10 (Factory Photos)

Overall, this was an expected and welcomed addition to the Game Lady lineup. The promo photos were most likely touched-up, but the skin has a really sexy glow to it (with good use of lighting). As for the head, it looks better than Head No. 14 in my opinion. Ciri had a wider mouth so it looked more awkward, while Aerith’s smaller mouth looks much more natural. Still, she can look weird or surprised like in the factory photos, but as shown in the video, the jaw can be adjusted.

With Tifa, people had to decide between moveable jaw or not (since the heads looked so different), but with Aerith, it seems like a no-brainer- same face with upgraded mouth (unless you don’t want the feature). While upgraded mouths are nice and all, many people are still eagerly awaiting a brand new doll from Game Lady. Which character will it be?

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