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Funwest Doll Releases Jinx & Vi Sex Dolls (LoL)

On November 16, 2022, Funwest Doll released two TPE sex dolls cosplayed as the League of Legends characters, Jinx and Vi. Head Assos (which resembles Jinx) is on a new 159cm A-cup body, while Sophiemina (dressed as Vi) is featured on the 157C. 2022 is the year of video game sex dolls, and luckily, the year’s not over yet. These new heads look absolutely stunning, and more detailed than the typical TPE head. Although they don’t look exactly like the LoL characters, they look pretty darn good in their own way. Jinx has a somewhat odd sheepish face, while Vi has a fittingly confident and fierce expression.

Funwest Doll 159cm A-cup Body with Assos Head

Funwest Doll 157cm C-cup Body with Sophiemina Head

Both Dolls Together & Side-By-Side Comparison

Step aside, Game Lady. There’s a new, cheaper option in town. I’m joking, or am I? If you’ve never heard of Funwest Doll, they’re a newish brand (made in the Aibei factory) that joined TDF a while back. Their TPE dolls are somewhat affordable, with very unique heads. I’m glad they joined the gaming trend otherwise I (and many others) wouldn’t have noticed them. These heads are fairly unique, well sculpted, and very realistic with the makeup they used. Oddly, the breast sizes look the same despite being A and C-cups. Overall, they’re an interesting fantasy brand and an alternative to other TPE brands like WM. As 2022 comes to an end, it’s nice to see one final push of game-inspired sex dolls hit the market.

The only trustworthy vendor I know of that carries Funwest Doll is MyRobotDoll.

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