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Game Lady Doll Releases Aerith Sex Doll (Final Fantasy 7)

On April 15, 2022, Game Lady Doll released their newest sex doll head based on Aerith from Final Fantasy 7: Remake. This is only 2 weeks since they released their popular Tifa-inspired head. Like their previous heads, this new Aerith head looks super realistic, and highly resembles her video game counterpart. Game Lady has nailed it once again with yet another beautiful (and high demand), video game character brought to life. As they cement their name as the video game sex doll brand, other brands seem to be taking notice. The demand for video game-related dolls is on the rise.

Game Lady Doll 168cm D-cup with Aerith Head

It’s amazing how well the new head resembles Aerith from Final Fantasy 7: Remake. Hardcore Aerith fans will surely be pleased with this new model. Once again, this body is the same as their previous models (they only have one body), but it fits Aerith very well. Because the GameLady brand is so new, there’s still no reviews on them, but several doll community members already ordered one. From my research, I am 99% sure Game Lady Doll is made at the Zelex factory. They even use the same photos for their new hard feet design. Therefore, the quality should be pretty good since Zelex makes high quality dolls. If you ever wanted an Aerith sex doll, now’s your chance to finally have her.

Looking to order a Game Lady Doll? Many trustworthy vendors carry Game Lady Doll now. We recommend SexDolls-Shop, SiliconeLovers, TheDollChannel (US), and Dollto-China.

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  1. Austin

    Any chance you could link me to a reputable listing that’s up?

    1. Steven

      Hi Austin,
      A few random vendors carry them but none that I would personally consider reputable. Realdollonline, who was the first to showcase the Game Lady brand, is probably legit although I don’t like that they stole content from other websites. I never heard of any of the other vendors that carry Game Lady Doll. You can take a chance or you can wait for a more established vendor to carry them. My Robot Doll hinted that they may carry them in the future.

  2. Austin

    Could anyone direct me to where I can order this? I want the Aerith one like crazy.

    1. Steven

      Hi Austin,
      A few random vendors carry this brand, but the most trustworthy is probably Kumadoll. Kumadoll told me that a few days ago that Game Lady Doll sent a notice to all vendors to temporarily take down their dolls. The reason is unknown but it is likely due to licensing/copyright issues. Most vendors have taken down the Game Lady Doll brand, but some haven’t.
      Update: Game Lady Doll doesn’t want their dolls listed in Japan (probably due to Square Enix copyright issues). Other vendors have relisted them, but Japanese vendors like Kumadoll or Rakuendoll may not list them again. It’s mainly just the Tifa and Aerith doll that is problematic.

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