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Game Lady Doll Releases 167cm D.Va Sex Doll (Head No. 23)

On January 19, 2024, Game Lady released their latest Head #23, inspired by D.Va from the video game, Overwatch. Ranked 4th in their character contest a while back, Game Lady finally brought the gamer-girl hero to life. As usual, the head greatly resembles the character, more-so the animated-short version than the in-game model. Featured on the 167cm body, it seems like a perfect fit. Although the outfit isn’t fully skin-tight, it’s a well-put-together cosplay. Also despite a somewhat plain face (since it’s impossible to capture her cartoony and vibrant expressions), I think they did a nice job on the overall sculpt.

Game Lady Doll 167cm Body with Head No. 23

Factory Photos

Head #23 marks the completion of 4 of 8 top-voted characters thus far. Considering that is quite popular, I think she’ll sell very well. The only downside is the lack expression which is expected. Since her expressions are quite exaggerated and cartoony in both the game and animated short, she looks a bit plain here in comparison. Still, they chose a smart character to recreate, and the overall face sculpt is good. The 167cm body also fits her very well. Other than Gynoid (Elina) and Doll-Forever’s (JianX) cosplays from a while back, this is the closest one thus far. Nice to see Game Lady quickly release new heads again, although this should have came with ROS in my opinion, which seems to be a standard nowadays. Which popular character will or should they make next?

You can find Game Lady Doll at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, MyRobotDoll, and SiliconeLovers.

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  1. IconOkee

    Looks just like her but she looks kinda bored though. I just hate how their heads cost $900+
    I hope other companies sneakily make a SF6 Juri and Cammy heads but don’t dress them up as themselves when they do photoshoots just like what Elsababe did with Kasawara Tomoko.

  2. Keith

    Wow hopefully I get the League of Legends Ari head soon lol…. It seems likely that they are kind of making the top three or top five dolls from that list that they had last year. Oh well it’s nice to dream

    1. Steven

      They seemed to skip over Ahri, who was #2 on the final list. Not really sure why. Maybe they’d have to make her from scratch, or because Tencent owns Riot/League of Leagues (possible legal issues?). Many possible reasons, or she could even be next, who knows?

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