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Game Lady Shares New Photos of Lara Croft Sex Doll

On August 25, 2022, Game Lady Doll released new photos of their 166cm body with Head No. 7. After a quiet month, Game Lady returned unexpectedly. Not with a new doll, but with more photos of their Lara Croft-inspired sex doll. This time, Lara is dressed more casually in a gray tank top, cargo pants, and brown boots. She is showcased on a podium prop with a variety of different weapons. Although many people dislike Head No. 7, she looks fairly good here in this more minimalistic photoshoot.

Game Lady Doll 166cm Body with Head No. 7

Head No. 7’s biggest criticism is that she doesn’t look like Lara Croft, which I agree. However, the head does at least look inspired by her. One noticeable difference in this photoset (other than the costume) is her hair. In her original photoshoot, her wig seemed too big and fluffy for her head at times (possibly due to the wind and smoke machine they used). Here, her implanted hair seems much more natural. Because they didn’t release any new nude photos, this is a good opportunity to share some factory photos of the 166cm body. 

Some Factory Photos of Head No. 7 & the 166cm Body

In these factory photos (as well as the promo photos), Lara features the Dark Tan skin tone. Note: The photos by icefenrir87 are in Natural skin tone. The face matches the promo photos well and looks relatively good, albeit looking a bit emotionless. The slim 166cm body highlights the breasts. Although the breast size is the same as other two bodies, it appears bigger due to the slimmer figure. Overall, it was not unusual to see another photoset for Head No. 7, but it probably wasn’t what people wanted. After a month of silence, I predict Game Lady has more surprises up their sleeves. Stay tuned for their next release!

You can find Game Lady Doll at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, MyRobotDoll, SiliconeLovers, and TheDollChannel.

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  1. Rudy

    I better asked for actual factory photos – I know that it’s wig version, but still I changed my mind and bought doll of some different brand. Here the one photo of Lara (wig version)
    (not quite impressive as these photos here, right?)

    1. Steven

      Hi Rudy,
      The link doesn’t work for me, but I would agree that most Game Lady factory photos I’ve seen don’t look very good. It must be the bad lighting because most Game Lady reviews I read are positive. I assume they look better in person, but the promo photos are also touched up. Customer photos might be the most accurate to tell what they actually look like.

      1. Rudy

        Hi, what do you mean “it doesn’t work” – when I click on the link here – the picture of the wig version of Lara doll is opened without problem – it may be bad lighting – but she still doesn’t look nice as the one on these photos, you offered here: Some Factory Photos of Head No. 7 & the 166cm Body. On your factory photos, she looks very very nice unlike on photos which I got from “My Robot Doll”. I know well, the actual look of the doll can be very different from promotional photos (I bought 2 dolls a long time ago from realdoll (in USA), that is), but this is very disapointing for me. Now I decided to try out these cheap Chinese dolls – where also should be no transporatation/taxes fees or included in the price – with realdoll (there was about +2000 USD to the price – transportation to the Europe and some taxes on the airport).

        1. Steven

          When I click the link, it goes to a blank page that says “{“error”:{“code”:101},”success”:false}” Maybe only you can see it. But as I said, Game Lady’s factory photos usually look bad so I believe you. The factory photos in my post are the ones Game Lady shared.

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