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Game Lady Doll Improves 100cm Tifa Head + Outfit

On October 27, 2022, Game Lady Doll released a new and improved Tifa head (Head No. 3M) for their 100cm body. The 100cm Tifa mini doll was first released back in May 2022, but wasn’t very popular. Although it was downscaled from the 167cm version, the head didn’t quite look the same. Game Lady has since updated the head to more closely resemble Head No. 3. Additionally, the 100cm Tifa now comes with a tailor-made FF7: Remake costume that fits her perfectly. This outfit makes a noticeable difference in bringing her to life compared to before (when she only had a bikini). She went from kind of looking like Tifa to actually resembling Tifa.

Game Lady Doll 100cm Body with Head No. 3M

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Previous 100cm Tifa for Comparison

The updated face definitely matches Head No. 3 more now, although the previous one wasn’t that bad. The new “mini Tifa” is now a fully scaled-down replica of the original. Other than the head, the body wasn’t changed. Since it’s difficult finding clothes for a 100cm doll, the new outfit is also a big deal since it includes every piece of Tifa’s cosplay. Tifa fans and action figure/figurine collectors will certainly appreciate this. Despite her sexual function, I think the main appeal is still her decorative aspect. Unfortunately, this doll comes with the same drawback as before; she is only 100cm and costs around $1700+. Most people will be deterred by that price for a mini doll. Whether this improves sales or not, it’s nice that Game Lady hasn’t completely abandoned their 100cm models after release. 

You can find Game Lady Doll at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, SiliconeLovers, TheDollChannel (US), and Dollto-China.

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  1. Latte Doughnut

    I worked with someone using the name Jason on KD. I got the mini Aerith / Tifa with the Capcom heads. I did notice a vendor who is part of my discord has his own channel and oddly enough the backdrop and prop used from KD when the dolls were made were identical. So as usual I think it’s just a group of these vendors with the same factory and alt brand names used for specific niche dolls like MLW catering to a specific fan and Piper doll going for fantasy designs. Regardless I rather not help anyone uncover the real nature of the designer and factory since a griefer would likely dox them and make problems. It’s China I know, unlikely anyone outside those borders will do anything meaningful. I will say this: without those designers and factories , we’d never have this type of lineup outside of the games and imagination itself. This basically brings adults with money to the gaming sector in an alternate way

  2. Jerry

    Is there any information on who Game Lady are? Like contact info, if there is a parent company etc.

    Because vendors need to contact someone to sell their dolls, who do they contact exactly?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      Game Lady is a very secretive brand. They have no website, social media, or email. There are some “fake” official websites and social media for Game Lady like, which is a vendor called fxxxdoll, but it’s very possible Game Lady gave them permission or they work for Game Lady now.
      It’s kind of obvious who the parent company is or at least they’re made in the same factory, but they’ll never admit it. I won’t mentioned the name but I talked about it in the past, and it’s not really a secret anymore. I actually don’t know how vendors found Game Lady’s contact information because they only communicate through a messaging app. However, every Game Lady vendor also carries the “parent” brand as well.

    2. Aga

      I bought my Game Lady 166cm with Yuna and Tifa head from (English). Went well. Jason er very easy to deal with.

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