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Game Lady Doll Cosplays Tifa as Morrigan Aensland

On May 27, 2022, Game Lady Doll released new photos of their 167cm Tifa sex doll dressed up as Morrigan Aensland from the Darkstalkers video game series. You might wonder: Why cosplay their Tifa replica as another video game character? Your guess is as good as mine. My guess is Game Lady are designers who contracted a factory (most likely Zelex) to produce their dolls. While they wait for the factory to finish sculpting their dolls, they are “killing time” with new photoshoots of their existing dolls. In this new photoset, Tifa’s hairstyle looks the same, but is neon green instead. The bright wig really brings out her face. I’m surprised they didn’t change her eye color to better fit the cosplay.

Game Lady Doll 167cm Head No. 3 as Morrigan Aensland

“Tifa” looks very pretty in these photos, and you get another look at the athletic 167cm body. Many people already received and reviewed their 168cm Tifa doll on Dollforum, and the feedback is mostly positive. This seems to be a very high quality doll. However, after looking at some factory photos, I noticed the vaginas greatly differ between the 168cm and 167cm body. 

Game Lady 168cm vs 167cm Vagina Comparison

167cm vagina video

The 168cm’s vagina looks more like an actual vagina with big lips while the 167cm’s vagina looks more like a hole. They hide this by keeping the thighs together in all the photos. Not a complete deal breaker. Just something to keep in mind. Although the new 167cm body is more aesthetically-pleasing to most people, the vagina may not be. It comes down to whether this matters to you or not. The function is the same. It’s just aesthetically different.

Many people are eagerly awaiting Game Lady Doll’s next head reveal. Which character will it be? At this rate, they will probably cosplay Aerith as Chun-Li next. However, since they haven’t released a new head in a while, I think a big surprise is coming. You can find Game Lady Dolls at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, SiliconeLovers, TheDollChannel (US), and Dollto-China.

Thoughts about Game Lady’s Tifa cosplayed as Morrigan Aensland? Comment below!

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  1. KEI

    When I contacted “dollto-china”, I was told that it couldn’t sell to Japan, and “Realdollonline” couldn’t even access it via the Internet from japan.
    It is very hard for Japanese people to not be able to buy Japanese game character dolls.

    1. Steven

      Hi KEI,
      Game Lady Doll does not sell to Japan probably due to copyright and licensing issues. All Japanese vendors removed this brand. I’m guessing even global vendors can’t ship them to Japan because GLD does not allow it.

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