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Game Lady Doll Releases Ciri Sex Doll From The Witcher 3

On June 7, 2022, Game Lady Doll released their newest sex doll head which resembles Ciri from popular video game, The Witcher 3. There was much anticipation and many rumors about Game Lady’s next doll, but no one expected it to be Ciri. The Witcher is a popular series with several novels, video games, and tv shows so the decision makes sense. Game Lady’s “Ciri” head is based on her The Witcher 3 appearance, where she plays a kind, yet mysterious and badass character. The Witcher 3 and Ciri fans will be thrilled to see this new head.

Disclaimer: Game Lady is a China-based company with no association with CD Projekt Red or The Witcher series. This cosplayed doll is not licensed, nor approved or endorsed by CD Projekt Red. Under the US Fair Law Doctrine, this post only reports on the news, and does not endorse, sell, or promote any products. Celesdolls is not affiliated with Game Lady Doll or CD Projekt Red.

Game Lady Doll 168cm Body With No. 5 Head

Video edited by My Robot Doll

As usual, Game Lady did a great job designing the new head. She looks very similar to Ciri from the video game, The Witcher 3. They did a great job with Ciri’s distinct makeup and even included her scar, although the freckles may be a bit too pronounced. She is featured on the original 168cm body, and you get a close-up view at the vaginal style discussed in my previous posts. Overall, this is yet another surprising and well-sculpted head by Game Lady. I was expecting characters from more recent games, but Ciri works too. Perhaps The Witcher’s Yennefer or Triss is next.

More and more vendors are carrying Game Lady Doll now. I’m somewhat surprised. It seems that copyright is not a big issue with sex doll manufacturers and vendors. A few trustworthy websites that carry GLD are SexDolls-Shop, MyRobotDoll, SiliconeLovers, and TheDollChannel.

Thoughts on the new Game Lady Doll 168cm Ciri silicone sex doll? Comment below!

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  1. Denis

    How can I buy this anyone knows?

    1. Steven

      Hi Denis,
      You can order this doll from vendors that carry Game Lady Doll. Some trustworthy ones are Sexdolls-shop, SiliconeLovers, Realdollonline, and TheDollChannel.

  2. F

    No tattoo literally un sexable

  3. Alex

    I must say, she’s hot! Although the face is a little different to the original. Now I’m waiting fir Triss!!! #teamTriss

  4. Roach

    This went viral on the Witcher Reddit a, couple of days ago .

    Reactions where rather comedic and negative but a great read to past the time.

  5. Dandilion

    mmmmm booooobies

  6. Dandilion

    mmmMMMMMMmmmmmmm boobies

  7. Geralt of Rivia

    This doll should prove useful in my Witcher training.

  8. Analni

    po ile to, i czemu tak drogo

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  12. Geralt of Rivia

    can you provide links to those trustworthy websites?
    not sure search engine would give me fake sites with same name.

    1. Steven

      Hi Geralt of Rivia,
      There’s no fake websites with the exact same name. Just put a .com after the listed website names and you will go to the correct website.

    2. Kolczas JBZD

      Dude wtf xD

      1. Hmmmmm

        Nie spodziewałem się tu spotkać jednego z braci dzidowcow. Wypierdalam

        1. Mltn


      2. Wieszak

        A teraz wypierdalaj

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