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Game Lady Doll Releases Yennefer Sex Doll (Witcher)

On March 1, 2023, Game Lady Doll released Head No. 12, a new head inspired by Yennefer from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Fans strongly requested this head ever since Game Lady released their Ciri head (Head No. 5) 8 months ago. After much anticipation and wonder, the Yennefer sex doll is finally here. Many people, including myself, thought it might never happen. As with Ciri, the new Yennefer head greatly resembles her video game counterpart. The overall face, moles and blemishes, and even expression match almost perfectly. Also, they did a great job with the implanted hair and costume to tie it all together. Witcher fans should be very pleased with this one.

Game Lady Doll 168cm Body with Head No. 12

Game Lady Doll 168cm "Yennefer" Factory Photos

In my opinion, Game Lady’s new Head No. 12 looks great. It perfectly resembles Yennefer from The Witcher 3, and brings the popular sorceress to life. Fans are one step closer to owning their very own Witcher 3 harem. Although her mouth is slightly opened, this hard silicone head doesn’t have oral structure or moveable jaw. They’ll probably release that version in the future.

After 8 months of losing faith in a dark, Yennefer-less life, Witcher fans can finally rejoice with this release. It’s the Yennefer doll we’ve all been waiting for. All that’s missing is the unicorn. Still, I’m surprised how long it took considering their Ciri head went viral months ago. Whether you’re a Witcher fan or not, at least it wasn’t another Tifa head. Maybe in another 8 months, they’ll release Triss Merigold.

You can find Game Lady Doll at the trusted vendors: SexDolls-Shop, SiliconeLovers, TheDollChannel, and Dollto-China.

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  1. Cap'N Nightmare

    Yeah. That is also a very viable theory. Haha also out of curiosity have you heard anything about them discontinuing the 100 cm Aerith? Someone pointed out to me that it was missing off of

    1. Steven

      I haven’t heard anything but I don’t think they ever advertised the 100cm Aerith. The Doll Channel is the only vendor I’ve ever seen selling it, which is kind of weird. Game Lady never officially released it or took any promo photos of it.

  2. Cap'N Nightmare

    They’re definitely on point with this one I theorize the last Tifa head may have had something to do with getting into the Japanese market. But either way like always they did a great job. Now if we could just get a Claire Redfield doll🦜

    1. Steven

      Hi Cap’N Nightmare,
      Interesting theory. My guess is their Tifa head sells the best, so they decided to make another variation of it. (Kinda like if something works, keep doing it) They have lots of smaller versions of Tifa, but they probably wanted another full-sized variant.

  3. Dancingmorlock

    head 12 Yennefer, looks great and sufficiently close to the original. I wish they would couple it with the 166cm body and an option for A or B cups to gibe the customer the option to customize it closer to the original.

  4. Robert

    Finally! Even though I wished they kept the mouth closed it still looks great!

    I saw on twitter an account that calls themselves official Game lady with a video showcasing yennefer. In the video you could see . Does that mean that website is the official one? I had a look around and they provide discounted defected dolls with photos showcasing said defects which seems legit but I’m not sure.

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      Let me give a quick background on because I always wanted to tell this story. 😂 Otherwise, just skip to my last paragraph.
      There was once a vendor called Fxxxdoll. They started off selling a few brands, but later exclusively sold Game Lady dolls. They also own the domain “,” which was their email domain. In this video, they introduce themselves as a new store selling Game Lady dolls. Basically, they are a Game Lady vendor. Also, I’m pretty sure they are/were one of Game Lady’s photographers. Eventually, they turned into (originally, had nothing on it) and called themselves the official store. is run by a vendor called Fxxxdoll, who also owns all of Game Lady’s “official” social media. In other words, they aren’t actually Game Lady, but most likely have permission (from Game Lady) to be the official store and social media. Or more probably, Game Lady hired them so they work for Game Lady now (so they’re technically Game Lady?). All in all, they are legit with connections to Game Lady. I don’t know all the inside details, but that is their origin story. 😂

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