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New Sex Dolls, Fanreal 153cm, Shedoll 150B, & More

July, the month of celebration, is finally here. As people launch fireworks into the night sky, sex doll brands shot some news-worthy fireworks of their own. This week, Irontech returned after a month of silence to share 3 new photosets, along with WM and SE Doll. However, there were more than just photosets this week. Brands like Zelex, Fanreal, and Shedoll released several new heads and bodies. Without further ado, let’s see what goodies brands released this week.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their 164cm J-cup body with Head #74. Once a popular and classic head (in fact, it’s the head in my “Trusted Sex Doll Websites” picture), it unexpectedly returned 4 years later. Although still pretty, she looks like she aged quite a bit (probably due to the wig).

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 161cm Phoebe. Like WM, this is a very classic head brought back to life. Cute face, but her butt certainly stole the show.


This week, Irontech returned with 3 new photosets and a Real Lady teaser. First, we have sexy photos of their 164cm Luna in a lovely home setting.

Next, they shared photos of their hybrid 161cm Flora on a TPE body. She looks quite alluring as a redhead with a nice, round butt.

Last, we have the Hybrid 161cm Suki. Same body as above, she looks fairly sexy although the wig doesn’t quite suit her face. Regardless, the butt still looks juicy.

Irontech also teased their upcoming Real Lady doll with a 4 second video. Molded from a real woman, it will be their most realistic doll thus far.

Piper Doll

Piper Doll teased their upcoming silicone 155cm Ichika. Her unique face surprised many unexpecting fans. Although the reactions were mixed, I can see what Piper had in mind. They wanted to make a realistic, smiling face, but the mouth ended up a bit strange.

In other news, the DollHouse168 2017 EVO Series has been discontinued. According to Mizuwali, the molds are “too old and unusable.” This outdated series never moved to the newer Doll Forever factory, so it was only a matter of time. Obviously, they can remake the molds, but perhaps due to low sales, they decided to end the entire series.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new silicone 90cm body. Like many of their bodies, it’s petite yet bottom-heavy, with thick thighs and a big butt. According to Elsa Babe, it’s compatible with their 102cm heads, but they’re clearly too big for the body.


Fanreal released a new 153cm B-cup body with Mo head. She has a cute Asian face and realistic petite body. This is Fanreal’s shortest body thus far, and weighs 29 kg (66 lbs).


Speaking of B-cups, SHEDOLL released a new 150cm body and Erin (Ailin) head. This pear-shaped body is perhaps their thickest thus far, with thick thighs and a round butt. The elf head is very cute, and the devil-maid costume brings it all together. In the end, she weighs 36 kg (80 lbs).

They also released some vaginal texture options, which reminds me of Piper Doll’s. While it’s unknown what they feel like, their mold instruments certainly look interesting.


Zelex released 2 new heads, starting with Head GE114 on the 175cm body. She has an interesting look with oral structure and moveable jaw.

Next, they released Head GE125 on the 170cm body. Showcased in a fancy beach scene and later with glasses, she pulls off both an outgoing and scholarly look.


Jiusheng shared a new photoset of their Yukiko head on the 168B body. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of this head when it first came out, but this photoset is like night-and-day. Interesting how much a different wig and makeup can change.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released a new head and body in their Pro series: the 155cm Ginny. Like all their Pro series heads, she has oral structure and moveable jaw. The new body has a somewhat interesting shape, but there aren’t many photos of it.


Jarliet released a new silicone head called Rei. She has an interesting, slightly-more mature Asian face. I can see this appealing to many people.


That wraps up another jam-packed week of news. Perhaps the longest post in a while, brands held nothing back this week. There were lots of photos and something for everyone, from young to old, tall to short, and TPE to silicone. Although there was nothing particularly unique, there’s definitely more options for people to choose from. Brands molding dolls from real women seem to be a growing trend. Zelex did it a while ago, and now Starpery and Irontech are pursuing it. I guess the pursuit of realism never ends, although some brands (and people) still prefer fantasy. We can only wait and see what next week brings. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on July’s massive first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. DAS

    Great showcase as always. Do you the think Irontech will do anything with the Fenny head on there updated realistic series body?
    I’m a hugh fan of the current model. I would love to see her head on an even more realistic 164 cm, or 161 cm Silicone body. Plan on getting her soon. But holding out to see if they do any updates. God I luv Irontech silicone ladies 🙂

    1. Steven

      Hi DAS,
      Irontech’s newest series, Real Lady, is a sub-brand specially for bodies (and maybe heads) molded from real people. From what I can tell in teasers, their previous heads will likely be compatible (new body designs, while heads look the same). Right now, the goal of Real Lady is to create bodies molded from real women, not upgrade their previous bodies (but maybe they’ll do that in the future). The first Real Lady prototype is supposedly 171cm tall.

  2. Michael

    The GE125 zelex head is very beautiful, great photoshoot as well. I agree with you that the new piper doll head looks a bit weird because of the smile. Is it the upper lip that is protruding too much? Talking about Piper dolls, have you heard about an Ariël torso releasing? I saw it for sale only on myrobotdoll, could not find any information elsewhere.

      1. Eric

        Hola soy nuevo en el campo de muñecas sexuales,y aquí en mi país vi en un lugar muy conocido y ventas x internet una muñequita (suki) y la pedí pero no me llegó esa muñequita sino otra y más sencilla,hice reclamo pero no sirvió x ser juguetes sexuales,ya investigando un poco la vi en la marca original pero según entiendo no lo venden para México, quisiera xfavor me ayudará diciendome con quien puedo comprarla xfavor

  3. Biden

    that’s kinda sad for DH168. Their Natasha was underrated.

    1. Steven

      I think Cat, Natasha, and Sasa were my favorites. It’s sad to see them go, but it was only a matter of time. Back when I was a vendor in 2019, they were already considered outdated and not recommended. Honestly, I’m surprised they lasted this long.

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