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New Irontech Heads, Piper Doll Implanted Hair, Freckles, & More

After an eventful past few weeks, things have finally begun to slow down. This week, there were some new photosets and releases, but nothing too interesting. Brands did try something new, such as experimenting with makeup and implanted hair. Also, Irontech saved the week with a bunch of photos yet again. Without further ado, let’s see what brands shared on this quiet week of news.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared several photosets this week, but I’ll only show one of them. Dressed in a fancy black outfit, this classy and artistic-looking doll was one of the few worth sharing.

SE Doll

SE Doll released a new Body Freckles option for their TPE dolls. This makeup option adds realistic-looking freckles and spots to the doll’s skin. It looks quite realistic, but like all TPE makeup, it will eventually rub/wash off. Currently, there’s no info on the longevity of it.

Funwest Doll

Speaking of freckles, Funwest Doll showed off their “Real Skin” makeup in their latest Bella photoset. It looks very realistic here, but again, it’s on TPE, and their photographer greatly over-presents their dolls. I doubt you’ll get this makeup (and level of detail) from the actual factory. 

Piper Doll

Piper Doll showed off their silicone 140cm Phoebe with implanted hair (which Mizuwali calls 143cm). It’s the first Piper Doll with implanted hair, which is a bit strange considering their soft material. Normally, heads need to be hard silicone otherwise the hair will fall out. Maybe they made the material firmer (like they recently did with Irokebijin), but that isn’t confirmed.

They also showed their silicone 150cm Ariel with implanted hair and new makeup option. Still, I’m curious how well it’ll hold, and whether the head is firmer or not.

Irontech Doll

Irontech released 2 new heads, showcased as hybrids on their TPE 161cm body. First, we have the new S40 Eileen, which has a pretty, freckled Asian face.

Next, they released the S36 Nabi head, another pretty Asian head but slightly on the plain side.

Last, they showcased their Rita head on the same body. She has a pretty and sophisticated face on a “well-rounded” body that Irontech loves to show.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe teased a new head, only known as RHC025 at the moment. She has a fairly attractive Western face, sculpted in Elsa Babe’s usual style.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released a new silicone head and body as part of their Ultra series. The 160cm Grace features a petite, small-breasted body with wide hips, and a cute face. She’s pretty cute and noticably younger than Climax Doll’s usual designs.

SY Doll

SY Doll released a new S9 head on their TPE 161cm body. Again, I only show these because they’re usually based on celebrities, but I don’t recognize this one.

XT Doll

Recently, XY Doll re-branded as XT Doll. The reason is currently unknown, but you can find more photos and info here. After discovering that their Nina photos were AI-generated, I have a less favorable opinion of them now.

That wraps up a relatively short week of news. A few new releases here and there, but nothing too interesting. This week, brands played around with some new things, like SE Doll’s body makeup and Piper Doll’s implanted hair. Freckles seem like a trending makeup option for dolls. Otherwise, there isn’t much else to say. Things were fairly quiet this week, but Irontech saved the day with plenty of peachy photos. Hopefully, things pick up next week. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on July’s first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Joker

    I’m waiting and praying piper doll just makes a big breasted version of the 140 to Ariel.

    1. Kat

      Hi Joker,

      Just curious, you’d like to have Ariel to have a bosom similar to Mai’s?
      I have a 100 cm Ariel and her bosom is quite big. Also implanted blond hair and freckles are too cute. =)
      Looks similar on the 150 cm version, maybe would have waited if I knew. XD


  2. Kat

    Hi Steven,

    I have a 100 cm Ariel with implanted hair and can confirm the head is firmer.
    Actually her legs and arms are also firmer.
    Her behind and bosom are still nice and soft though. =)


    1. Steven

      Hi Kat,
      Ah, I didn’t realize they had implanted hair before. Thank you for the info. Does the hair shed easily?

      1. Kat

        Hi Steven,

        She came with a large single braid, so combing that out came with a bunch of shed hair.
        But after that it was a lot less, since she now has a pony tail. =D


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