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TAYU & Starpery Release New Silicone Dolls, & More

With less than 2 weeks until the winter holidays, many people are planning vacations and shopping for last-minute gifts. Meanwhile, sex doll brands and factories continued grinding out new heads and bodies. It was mostly silicone dolls this week as Irontech, Starpery, and TAYU took the spotlight. Brands have increasingly gravitated toward silicone lately, which was more evident this week. Also as expected, there were many Christmas-themed photos. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the news.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new (or possibly recycled) photoset of their 164cm J-cup with Head #398. She looks quite sexy in these colorful, Christmas-themed photos.

Jinsan’s silicone brand, Angel Kiss, released new photos of the 150cm body with Head #27. Although I wasn’t a fan of this head before, she looks much better in this photoset. She is so well-posed, people will be tempted to shower with their doll (not recommended).


My Loli Waifu released the Ali head that they teased about a month ago. She has big eyes, giving her an anime catgirl look, and is featured on the 148cm B-cup body. The head is silicone while the body is TPE.


Irontech released 2 Christmas photosets featuring their 165cm Ivy and 164cm Fenny dolls. As always, their photographer did an excellent job dressing and presenting these silicone dolls.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new anime head called Hinata Himawari. Based on the name and eyes, it was clearly inspired by the Naruto character. However, Elsa Babe seems hesitant to cosplay their dolls as specific characters lately. Otherwise, the head looks very happy.


Starpery released a new European-inspired head called Eugenia. She’s featured on the 167cm E-cup body in an Oktoberfest dress. She looks decent albeit a bit generic.


TAYU released their Italian-inspired Nika head on the 161cm F-cup body with two photosets. They also shared some nice Christmas-themed photos of their 161cm Peach doll. The well-known photographer, Mishka Valentino, took these photos and included some nice vagina shots.

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady released Head No. 14, which is their Ciri head with oral structure and moveable jaw. This is their second oral structure head. Read more here.

That wraps up another festive week of news. It was fairly quiet this week with mostly silicone releases, which illustrates the industry’s continual shift toward silicone. Although TPE is still a great material, silicone has been trending for a while now among almost every brand. There are many reasons why, such as more innovative potential and realism in silicone, or brands simply trying to compete with each other (and not get left behind). This industry is all about following the trend. Anyway, that wraps up a short week of sex doll news. As always, stay tuned for more highlights next week.

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  1. Adam

    I love this blog!

    1. Steven

      Thank you. Glad to hear that you enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Jackson

    Is the new silicone focus due to the high quality of silicone? And also the fact that the price of silicone has decreased? Or is it something else?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      I don’t know all the details so I can only guess. Earlier this year (or was it last year?), there was a silicone shortage to the point where several brands including Piper Doll had to stop silicone doll production. Somehow, that resolved itself but silicone prices are supposedly going up, so it’s not because of lower prices.
      I think it’s more about jumping on the trend. Silicone brands have innovated a lot lately with realistic painting, skin details, weight reduction, oral structure, etc. and TPE brands want in on it. Every brand wants to be the best and have the most realistic-looking dolls so experimenting with silicone was expected. Currently, silicone has a lot of growth potential while TPE is more limited. Keep in mind, many people still prefer TPE dolls to silicone dolls. This “pursuit of silicone” is something brands want more than the customers. However, silicone probably is the future once it’s perfected. As of now, TPE still has a big advantage in terms of price and softness.
      tldr: TPE brands see Silicone brands doing cool stuff so they want to do it too.

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