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Cute New Heads, Christmas Photos, & More News

Christmas is almost here as the weather outside gets frosty. There’s about 1 month left until Chinese New Year, which means we’ve reached most brands’ cutoff point. Although you can still take advantage of holiday promos, most new orders will be held off until February. Brands will focus on finishing up open orders before their 2-4 weeks vacation. This week, brands continued releasing new heads and photosets. There’s a lot to see this week including a new brand, cute heads, and Christmas photos. Stick around for another festive week of sex doll news.

JK Doll

Jinsan released a new TPE brand called JK Doll. This brand focuses on fantasy and video game-themed dolls with all-out special effects. More info here.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared some new photos of their 167cm Elvira (Head #21) doll. This sexy redhead elf has unique eye makeup and a toned, muscular body.

JY Doll

JY Doll shared some Christmas photos of their full silicone 157cm Mili. Apparently, the unnamed head from that “boob bouncing” video a while back is the Mili head. I thought it was a different head since Mili came out weeks before that video. Regardless, this cute, anime-ish head should be very popular.

Kimber Doll

The popular budget brand, Kimber Doll, announced a new variation called Kimber Doll Deluxe. This upgraded version of Kimber Doll comes with shrugging shoulders, gel breasts, and articulated fingers. Other than the internal upgrades, she looks exactly the same on the outside. Their Australia warehouse will receive the first batch on Dec 20; other countries are TBA. The Kimber Doll Deluxe costs about $750 ($1099 AUD).


My Loli Waifu released new photosets of their 145B Haruki and 148B Rena. They have been pushing these heads pretty hard lately (Haruki- 25 photosets, Rena- 17 photosets). Most likely, their photographers went on a photoshooting spree like Mizuwali. I personally think the heads look cuter and better in every photoset. Below, Haruki is full silicone while Rena is a hybrid (silicone head with TPE body).

AXB Doll

AXB Doll released Head GD36, which is their Marie Rose head with oral structure and moveable jaw. There are two makeup variations: normal eyebrows and upturned eyebrows. I still think the open mouth looks weird with the normal expression, but at least you can close the mouth. This was an excellent head choice for the mouth upgrade.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Miyazawa Ayumi. She has an angry expression, and resembles the anime character, Erza Scarlet. Elsa Babe continues their trend of stylized faces with distinct expressions.


Starpery shared some holiday photos of their silicone 174cm F-cup Julie. She looks very pretty, and would make for a nice gift under the Christmas tree.

CST Doll (BBdoll)

Following the Christmas spirit, CST Doll shared some festive photos of their 165cm Margot doll. Some people will like this more mature, “MILF” head they offer, which looks pretty decent with those F-cup breasts.

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. Brands certainly haven’t slowed down as we approach the winter holidays. This month was full of new heads, sale promos, and Christmas photos. Luckily, some TPE brands re-emerged this week so it’s not all silicone dolls. The new Kimber Doll variant is pretty interesting; a budget brand gets articulated hands before Piper Doll. Since Kimber Dolls are made in the Aibei factory, they had access to articulated hands for a long time. It was only a matter of time, and I’m guessing they didn’t want to fall behind. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all the cute dolls and Christmas photos. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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  1. Jackson

    Hey thanks and Merry Christmas to you too! Also what is that CST Doll (BBdoll) brand? I haven’t heard of that one but that Milf doll looks hot asf!!!

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      CST/bbdoll makes some good-looking dolls but they’re not very well-known. Their focus is realistic and affordable silicone dolls- a bit like Zelex, but cheaper. It’s hard to find reviews about them, but the few reviews I read before were positive.

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