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August 2022 Sex Doll News: Brands Release New Dolls

August is here as another month flies right by. Despite a slow start this month, things quickly picked up as the month progressed. Brands like Elsa Babe and Starpery continued pumping out new heads while most brands released new photosets of existing dolls. Something’s always brewing in the sex doll industry as brands work non-stop behind-the-scenes. Each month, I wonder if there will be anything to write about, and the answer is always yes. Every monthly news post is always jam-packed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another wild week of sex doll news. 

On July 27, 2022, WM Doll released a promo video of their newly upgraded “breathing feature.” This feature was first revealed two years ago during a 2020 expo. Even though the option was never really popular, they recently upgraded it with longer battery life and shorter charging times. Apparently, it takes 3 hours to charge and lasts about 4 hours now. However, it’s still incompatible with their enhanced skeleton because it requires too much space inside the doll. Although sex doll electronics usually aren’t recommended, it’s still an interesting design. 

Jinsan, the factory that owns WM Doll, also released some photosets under their own brand. The most attractive one was Silicone Head #29 on the 163cm TPE body. The beautiful, red qipao fits the doll very well.

SE Doll released many new photos, and as usual, it’s hard to tell which heads are new and which are old. Since SE Doll names their dolls rather than their heads, every new head-body combination gets a different name. The new photos below include the 157cm Akina, 161cm Rachel, 158cm Evelyn, 157cm Sylvia, 163cm Regina, and 163cm Jacey.

JY Doll released their 157cm WanYu sex doll. She features a beautiful silicone head on a TPE body. Without a doubt, JY Doll designs some of the prettiest Asian heads, and this is no exception. The body is also very sexy. In the video provided by My Robot Doll, her face looks nearly identical to the photos without any filters.

Irontech celebrated their achievements in silicone sex doll innovations this month. They revealed many new silicone developments including robotic dolls, standing feet without bolts (hard feet), and gel butt. Although they started as a TPE brand, it seems clear that their R&D is focused on silicone now.

This month, they released new photos of the 175cm Scarlet (TPE), 165cm S29 Fenny (Silicone), 166cm S12 Carmel (Silicone), and 160cm S13 Celine (Silicone).

They also released videos showcasing their robotic doll, gel butt option, and hard feet option. The robotic doll is similar to SE Doll’s with repetitive motions. While some modes don’t look very useful, Video 2’s Modes B and C actually seem decent. The gel butt and hard feet options look on-par with other brands. Irontech is taking their silicone dolls to the next level.

Irontech Gel Butt Option
Irontech Robotics Video 1
Irontech Robotics Video 2
Irontech Standing Without Bolts (Hard Feet) Option

Elsa Babe released 2 heads and new photosets for some existing heads. First, they released the Amami Tomoko head, which they describe as a female model with a temper. Ironically, she looks more happy than angry (as they described). Next, they released the Hirosue Yuko head, who they portray as a “tennis girl.” They also released new photos of their existing Kuraki Chiaki head (which looks super cute) and the two anthromorphic heads, Inujima Haruko (dog head) and Morikawa Yuki (cat head).

On July 22, 2022, Piper Doll released a weight reduction option for most of their full-sized silicone dolls. This option lightens their silicone dolls by a whopping 2-13 kg (depending on the model), which is a sizeable difference. While many people were excited about the news, some were annoyed that Piper Doll still doesn’t offer articulated fingers. As for the softness of the weight-reduced dolls, that remains to be seen.

On July 28, 2022, Mizuwali (the owner of Piper Doll and Irokebijin) shared a personal message on his Twitter. He wrote:

“Dear friends, I am very sorry. Because my brother is sick this year, I have to put down my work to take care of him. Originally, only a few good friends knew about this (because it is my personal matter, I don’t want to disturb too many people). But recently, many friends have sent private messages asking why I don’t reply on Twitter? In order not to worry everyone, I will explain it here. Thank you for your concern!! “ (Translated)

Due to Mizuwali’s family issues, Piper Doll and Irokebijin haven’t released much lately. Mizuwali used to post a lot of photos and videos on his Twitter but hasn’t for months. This is unfortunate considering Piper Doll just released a weight reduction option, but with little-to-no information. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned issues, we may not see any videos or additional information regarding the weight reduction any time soon.

On July 31, 2022, Zelex released a new 165cm body with Head GE81. The new 165cm body was 3d scanned from a real woman and looks much more realistic than their previous 165cm body. It has wider shoulders and waist, shorter arms and legs, and bigger calves. Cosplayed as Zero Two from the popular anime, DARLING in the FRANXX, she looks quite beautiful.

On August 4, 2022, Zelex released their new GD24 head on the 143cm body. She has a pretty Asian face and is cosplayed as a sexy nun with blonde hair. This is a great photoset in my opinion, and the head fits well on the rarely-seen 143cm body.

Zelex also shared some beautiful and artistic photos in a fantasy setting. The photos are charming, and whoever edited them did an excellent job blending the doll with the background. They really nailed the lighting, colors, and poses in each photo. The doll appears to be the 170cm body with GE45 head.

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady Doll was on fire this past month. They released their highly-anticipated Lara Croft (Head No. 7) and Jill Valentine (Head No. 9) heads. Additionally, they released photos of their Tifa and Aerith dolls in sexy nurse and doctor outfits. For more information on Game Lady releases, visit my blog page here.


Starpery released their new Yvonne Eve head on the 174cm D-cup body. It’s unclear why she has scars on her chest (maybe just for aesthetics). They also released new photos of their 171cm Iris doll in a maid outfit.

Sino Doll released a new head called G8 Shuikelian in their GD Sino series. The eyes seem a bit big but it’s their anime line so it makes sense. Regrettably, I haven’t paid much attention to the GD Sino series since it launched. I noticed they also released a cute doll in a maid outfit with head G6 Luoyoyo.

Sino Doll is also hosting a large photography competition from July 27, 2022 to October 10, 2022 with $15,000 worth of prizes. It will be judged by the community, as well as a panel of famous doll photographers and artists. There are three categories of submissions (photography, video, and article) with an opportunity to win full-sized dolls, heads, and coupons as the top prizes in each category. In order to participate in the Photography and Video genre, you must own a Sino Doll to use as the art subject. If you don’t have a Sino Doll (or a doll at all), you can still participate in the Article genre, where you have to write over 500 words about why you want a Sino Doll. This might be worth looking into if you own a Sino Doll or want to win one. Full details here.

XYCOLO released a new head called Nainai (or Nana) on what appears to be the 153cm E-cup body. Nainai has a youthful face, and looks like a younger version of XYCOLO’s recent Cherry head. Unsurprisingly, XYCOLO did not share this release on Dollforum. Interesting doll, but the proportions are a bit strange in my opinion, and the face is fairly generic.

That wraps up the highlights for August 2022. What started as a slow month quickly became jam-packed with endless new releases. The grind never stops for sex doll brands as they continue pumping out new dolls and photosets every month. The biggest trend right now seems to be professional and artistic photography. From Irontech to Zelex, promo photos have been top-notch recently from lighting and colors to costumes and backdrops. Sex dolls are looking prettier than ever before. In other news, everyone seems eager to find out what Game Lady’s mysterious Head No. 6 will be. Stay tuned for more sex doll news!

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  1. Arnold

    A bit back in the days… but to me the JY Doll 157cm with WanYu face does have something like Asian meets West, its on some way Asian but also a West face, really nicely done.

    1. Steven

      Hi Arnold,
      WanYu is definitely one of my favorite JY heads.

  2. Taneras

    Thanks for keeping tabs on new dolls/features, it is very convenient to follow your blog to keep up with all the new items.

    1. Steven

      Hi Taneras,
      No problem. I try to cover the sex doll news as best as I can. Instead of making a new post for every head that comes out, a monthly news post is a good way to showcase them all in one place. I’m glad that you find it informative. These take time to put together, but I noticed not many people read them. It’s good to see that you find it useful. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

      1. Taneras


        While I can tell you put a lot of effort into all your blog posts, it’s obvious that these monthly news showcases do take quite some time to compile. When you say that you notice not many people care about or read your monthly news posts, are you making that comment based on how few people are leaving comments, or are you basing that assessment on how much traffic this page has seen?

        You could have high traffic on a page that people don’t comment on because all the relevant information has been listed and they have no questions.

        If traffic is low, do you advertise these monthly showcases on popular doll forums/discord servers/other social media? I can see these sorts of compilations being popular because it cuts down on having to keep tabs on all the different brands yourself – especially to people new to this (like myself) and who don’t know all the places to look for it. If you keep it monthly, I could see people checking in at least once a month to see what’s new.

        Also, if you don’t feel like you’re getting good returns on the time you spend making these, consider putting a little less effort into them (like perhaps giving a few facts and a description, then providing a link to where you’re finding the information that someone could click if they want to know more). That reduction in time and effort could justify the amount of traffic you end up getting and still give people a place to look for all of these updates.

        Just a few ideas I had on the topic. Which blog posts do you feel, or see, get the most attention?

        1. Steven

          Hi Taneras,
          Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I based it mainly on Twitter statistics, where my monthly news posts get the least amount of likes and clicks. Definitely not the best analytics tool but it’s not that serious. This is just a hobby for me so I will keep writing these no matter what.
          My website growth is purely organic. I never advertised it other than when it used to be a store a few years ago. I think organic growth is fine since I don’t like self-promotion. And it has successfully grown on its own. Anyway, most my views nowadays come from my Game Lady Doll posts which went somewhat viral. My blog posts themselves have never really been popular, but that’s fine. I do it for fun anyway. I won’t decrease the quality since I like the format I came up with. No need to worry; I won’t stop what I’m doing. Also since I’m one of the very few doll news websites, the views naturally come to me.

          1. Taneras


            Well, thanks again for the work you’re putting in. I’ll certainly be reading all your posts. I don’t have a doll yet, but I’m very interested in getting one in a few years and it’s interesting seeing the evolution and innovation in this market.

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