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July 2022 Sex Doll News: Silicone Dolls & Brands Take Over

Another month flies by as we reach July, the month of celebration. There are many things to be grateful for including the creation of sex dolls! This month, sex doll brands released many new silicone heads, but not many bodies. Silicone brands such as Zelex, Starpery, and Irontech are slowly taking over the industry as new TPE releases have declined. It’s an interesting direction since TPE dolls probably have higher sales, but brands seem more interested in silicone material lately. However, that hasn’t stopped some brands like SE Doll from delivering new TPE heads. As usual, here are a few highlights for July 2022.

WM Doll returned to their Asian roots this month and released a couple of new heads and photosets. This includes the 164D with Silicone Head #70, 163C with Head #452, and 159C with Head #452. Oddly enough, the last two photosets feature the same head, yet look noticeably different. It seems lighting, makeup, and filters can greatly change a doll’s appearance.

SE Doll released some interesting new dolls and heads, including the 105cm Miho which they refer to as their “first attempt at a BJD style love doll.” They most likely meant “mini doll” because that doesn’t look like a ball-jointed doll.

They also released 3 new attractive TPE heads. The 157cm Eunice has a cute Asian face (dressed as a construction worker), 163cm Carolyn is a cute redhead (in a revealing summer outfit), and 161cm Cecily is a Hispanic hottie (in a fishnet top).

JY Doll released many new heads including a 165cm doll with detachable legs. Since I didn’t cover them last month, there are 2 months worth of updates here, yet still doesn’t cover all of them. However, not every doll here is new. Some are just new photos of existing dolls. For the dolls below, S2, Yan, Kaya, and WanYu have silicone heads on TPE bodies. The rest are full silicone. JY Doll almost exclusively makes silicone heads now.

Zelex released a new head (GE76) featured on their 170cm body with blonde hair and a white dress. They also released new photos of their existing heads, GE53 Scarlett (in a dance attire) and GE07 Yvonne (in a white dress).

Zelex released their hard hands option. The hard hands have increased firmness that protects the hands and fingers from damage, which is useful because doll hands tend to be fragile. They also released a video showcasing their gel breasts which is nearly identical to the one Game Lady released last month.

Zelex Gel Breasts Video
Game Lady Gel Breasts Video

Elsa Babe released 2 new heads (Sea Miko and Iwai Yuzuki) and a dark skin tone option. Sea Miko is a new head for their 105cm mini body, which Elsa Babe hasn’t focused on in a while. She is a cute mix between anime and realistic. Meanwhile, Iwai Yuzuki is a beautiful new head on the 165cm body which Elsa Babe describes as a “mature and elegant female boss.” This head is possibly their most realistic yet and shows Elsa Babe’s continual shift toward hyper-realistic faces.

Elsa Babe also finally released a dark skin tone option. Previously, they only had 1 skin tone (Natural). The 150cm Inoue Miu is showcased below in the dark skin tone option.

Elsa Babe regularly posts factory photos of their dolls. I usually don’t show them but these factory photos of their 148cm Mishima Nico with Large breasts are very cute. Their factory photos generally look good and closely resemble the promo photos. Elsa Babe is becoming one of the top anime doll brands.

Starpery released 3 new heads showcased on various bodies. These include the 165cm D-cup Xabelle, 172cm F-cup Wayne, and 171cm D-cup Lia. Xabelle and Wayne both have a European appearance while Lia has a more Asian-look and is cosplayed as K/DA Ahri.

Starpery also released their Articulated Finger Bone V2. These new, upgraded steel fingers feature “ball tips” to prevent punctures, rounded fingers (opposed to V1’s squarish fingers), and a ball joint at the wrist for more natural rotation. Mainly, everything is rounder and less prone to punctures.

Irontech released many new photos, mostly of pre-existing silicone heads and bodies. Lately, Irontech has gravitated toward hyper-realistic faces with a focus on Western (especially black) faces, and thick and curvy bodies. They are finding their niche, but since most of their dolls weigh over 40 kg (88 lbs), these “thicc” beauties won’t come without a cost.

I don’t cover 6YE much but they released new photos of two attractive heads recently. Shown below are silicone versions of their N68 and N204 heads. The heads are not new, but look good in these recent photos.

XYCOLO released a new European-inspired head named Aevita Anscura. The head is featured on the 163cm LB PRO, and is compatible with the 158cm, 163cm, and 171cm bodies. XYCOLO held a contest in February 2022 on TDF where members shared photos of European faces for a chance to win a free head. The winning photos were of Romanian model, Catrinel Menghia, which this head was inspired by. 

That wraps up another month of sex doll news. Similar to previous months, July had many beautiful and attractive new dolls. There wasn’t much new innovations, but that was expected. The overall industry trend seems to be moving toward silicone dolls (over TPE), at least in new releases. Even the most popular TPE brand, WM Doll, has mostly been converting their TPE heads to silicone the past few months. It seems silicone is on the rise again, and with that, comes new innovations on the horizon. What will sex doll brands come out with next? This post will be updated with more news as they come in. Stay tuned!

No Game Lady Doll news this month but their next head is rumored to be Lara Croft by credible sources.

Thoughts on the sex doll news for July 2022 or the silicone doll trend? Comment below! 

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