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June 2022 Sex Doll News: SE Doll, Irontech, Shedoll, & More

Another month flies by as we reach the halfway point of 2022. While many people are planning out their summer vacations, sex doll brands are hard at work designing and producing new dolls as usual. This month we have new heads from Zelex, SE Doll, Elsa Babe, and more. Irontech alone came out with 10 new products this month. A brand called SHEDOLL appeared out of nowhere and began promoting globally. Here are a few of the highlights this month.

On June 1, 2022, Zelex released a new head called GE78 (Note: all their heads are named like this). GE78 features a mature, European look, and is dressed up like a royal queen. Zelex produced yet another detailed and realistic head that fills a specific niche. Like usual, their costumes and photography are very eye-catching.

SE Doll released a bunch of new photos. Since they have so many heads, it’s hard to keep track of which are new and which were simply re-taken. I think most of them are new, and they are all in TPE. You may recognize some dolls from the popular photographer, @delagefabrice1, who was hired to take some of these photos. A very pretty assortment of dolls this month from SE Doll.

Elsa Babe released 2 new heads: Ivanka Ricci (RHC027) who they portray as the owner of a social media company, and Mishima Miyo (AHR006) who is cosplayed as Ram from Re:Zero. They also released new photos of Fukada Ryoko (RHC007), an old head cosplayed as Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact 3. Both are featured on the 165cm body. Elsa Babe now has articulated fingers for their 148cm, 150cm, and 165cm dolls.

XYCOLO released a new silicone head named Cherry. She has a sexy and mysterious look, and is featured on the 163cm LB body. 

Game Lady Doll released Head No. 5 which resembles Ciri from The Witcher 3. Like usual, Game Lady’s heads are expertly-sculpted and greatly resemble the character. More photos and info here. Game Lady also released a video demonstrating how to unbox, setup, dress up, and move their dolls.

Game Lady Doll Demonstration video (Edited by My Robot Doll)

On June 6, 2022, Starpery released a new head called Flora. She is featured on their 167cm body and somewhat resembles Angelina Jolie in a Lara Croft/Tomb Raider costume. Possibly confident from Game Lady Doll’s success, Starpery is pushing the legal boundaries with this new design. Although it can be argued this doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie, the Tomb Raider movie outfit certainly gives away their inspiration.

Starpery also released a new BBW head and body: 161cm H-cup Ursula. The doll weighs a whopping 53kg (117 lbs) and comes with a weight reduction option.

Irontech released 10 new products this month, including the 171cm TPE body and two silicone torsos. They also showcased the Carmel and Luna silicone heads on some thick bodies. Irontech’s speciality seems to be thick dolls as of late. They don’t seem too concerned about weight as many of their new dolls are over 40 kg.

Bezlya shared hundreds of customer photos on their Twitter this past week. I won’t post them here since there’s a lot and I don’t have permission from the customers. You can find them here: Bezlya Twitter

You’ve probably heard of liquid cooling but have you heard of liquid heating? Bezlya developed a new, innovative way to heat up a sex doll by injecting and heating water inside the doll. This was meant to reproduce blood circulation in dolls and can supposedly heat up the entire doll. Because this invention is very new and untested, the effectiveness is unknown. The idea of putting water in a doll is questionable, but only time will tell.

On May 26, 2022, a new brand called SHEDOLL appeared on Twitter where they showcased several of attractive dolls. Before their global (Twitter) debut, they were already trending in China for over a month. They currently have 5 silicone heads (Lowe, Coco, Annie, Rose, Bailu) and 4 TPE body types (148cm C-cup, 158cm C-cup, 158cm F-cup, and 168 C-cup). The 148cm and 158cm bodies are also available in silicone. Judging from their appearance, and silicone head-TPE body hybrid, many believe they may be related to FUDOLL or at least made in the same factory.

SHEDOLL TPE vs Silicone Body Comparison

148cm TPE Body with Lowe Head
148cm Silicone Body with Lowe Head

That wraps up the sex doll news highlights for June 2022. Despite a slow month in the sex doll industry, brands continued designing new heads and bodies consistently. I’m surprised brands haven’t run out of head ideas because more come out every month. With Game Lady’s success, more brands seem to be testing the boundaries of copyright, and seeing what they can get away with. Meanwhile, SHEDOLL is still looking for global vendors. This post will be updated with new releases as they come out this month. Stay tuned for more news. 

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