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Sex Doll News, Butterfly Doll, Zelex SLE ZX171C, JY Doll, & More

November is finally here. For some people, it’s a month of giving thanks, shopping, and eating turkey. For others, it’s a month of mental fortitude known only as No Nut November. Meanwhile for us, it’s the month of expos and big sales. Things were unfortunately a bit quiet this week, maybe because most brands attended the 2023 Guangzhou Sex Culture Expo. Still, they managed to release some new dolls and photosets this week. Therefore move over, Halloween. The spooky photos are behind us, and we’re back to classy and elegant photography. Without further ado, let’s see what the new month brought us.

Angel Kiss

Continuing their seamless neck trend, Angel Kiss released a new Integrated (AIO) doll, featuring a brand new AK24 155cm body. For some reason, they didn’t list the head number, but it seems new (or converted from TPE). She’s pretty cute with a somewhat anime or fantasy look.

They also shared a new photoset of their recent Integrated AK19 body with Head LS29. She looks super sexy here as a leggy policewoman. It’s nice to see Angel Kiss focus on more seamless neck dolls lately.

JY Doll

Out of nowhere, JY Doll released like 18 new photosets on their Chinese website. Half of them were smaller heads on bigger bodies, which didn’t really work. However, there were some nice ones worth sharing below.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe shared a new photoset of their previously teased head, now named Iwata Mitsuki. With a noticeably sexual expression, this will probably be a hit in Japan. Personally, I liked their previous photoset more than this one.


On a roll lately, Zelex released a new SLE 171cm C-cup body called ZX171C. It’s tall and petite – very similar to their ZX172E – but with smaller breasts. Weighing at 40.5 kg (89.3 lbs), the SLE collection unfortunately doesn’t reduce the weight by much.

Featuring the beautiful Head ZXE201, this body is tall, slender, and quite realistic.

They also showcased this body with Head ZXE203, whose very beautiful as well.

Additionally, Zelex shared a ton of new photosets, but I’ll just focus on SLE for now. With Head ZXE201 again, these photos show her on the ZX172E (172cm E-cup) body this time. The body looks very similar but with larger breasts.


EXDOLL released their first ever TPE body (with silicone Sakura head). Like with their recent A’Zhu doll, there were no specifications but it’s probably around 145cm tall. Promoted as “buy a silicone head, get a TPE body for free,” this doll surprisingly only costs ~$700 (+ $137 makeup) in a limited 7-day sale. Of course, you can only order her in China.


MLW shared a new photoset of their silicone 155F body with Head W1. This head was only shown once before (cosplayed as DOA’s Honoka). She looks fairly cute here, like an older version of Arisa or Emma (who had similar photosets).


6YE released a new silicone head numbered 478B (with ROS) on their TPE 162cm body. Maybe it’s just SY Doll’s photographer, but she really looks like a SY Doll. Having released a few silicone ROS heads recently, this is probably the most attractive one thus far.

Butterfly Doll

A new anime sex doll brand called Butterfly Doll recently emerged. Aesthetically, they look very similar to Irokebijin with anime heads and thin-waisted, curvy bodies. In fact, their factory videos greatly resemble Doll Forever’s (even with Piper Doll signs on the side), but Doll Forever supposedly denied any connection. Currently, they don’t have a website, but already have 9 heads and 2 bodies (135cm and 140cm).

135cm Cheryl
140cm Flora
135cm Celine
135cm Cheryl

That wraps up November’s first week of news. It was a fairly relaxed week as most brands were busy at the Guangzhou expo. Technically, there were a lot more photosets from SE Doll, JY Doll, and Zelex that I didn’t show, but it they were a bit redundant. Nothing wrong with a little break every now-and-then, especially after the lengthy expo post. Besides the expo, the new Angel Kiss Integrated doll, Zelex’s ZX171C, and the new Butterfly Doll brand were all pretty interesting. I might make a post about Butterfly Doll when there’s more info, but they look heavily inspired by Irokebijin/D4E if they’re not related. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on November’s first week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Micho

    Hi, can you share the chinese site of jy? I cant find those models in the site that’s in inglish. Is there any info about their lhp, and quality in general?

    1. Steven

      Hi Micho,
      JY Doll’s Chinese website is, but it’s meant for Chinese customers. They had quality control issues in the past, but they’re generally considered ok or good quality. I haven’t seen much JY Doll reviews lately though. LHP can vary depending on the body, but I’m not really sure since they rarely show it in promo photos.

  2. Zardoz

    Hey Steven, thanks for posting these blogs; I check here often for the latest good info. To that end, I wanted to offer a small correction: the Zelex SLE body shown with the 203 head above is not the 172, but the 171.

    1. Steven

      Hi Zardoz,
      Thank you for the correction. I’m surprised I didn’t notice the mistake. I guess the bodies look very similar; I fixed it. 😅

  3. IconOkee

    I guess butterfly doll heads will have usable mouths. That pic with the glowing penis tells us that the mouths can be used.

    1. Steven

      Hmm.. I can’t really say just based off of that photo. Since it’s censored, it could just be a pose for the camera. The mouth can definitely open, but I don’t know how big or usable the cavity is. Some of them don’t seem usable (ie the smiling and opened mouths), but we’ll have to wait for the specifications to know for sure.

  4. Adam

    I loved butterfly dolls!! Cant wait to see more!

  5. Atlas

    Super excited about the Butterfly Dolls!

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