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Sex Doll Highlights at the 2023 Guangzhou Sex Culture Adult Expo

The 25th annual “Guangzhou Sex Culture, Adult Products and Health Care Products Expo” is here! That’s a mouthful.. I’ll just call it the 2023 Guangzhou Expo for short. Between November 3-5, several sex doll brands showcased their dolls all under one roof. As far as expos go, this one was fairly typical. Sex doll brands showcased their usual collection of dolls without anything particularly new or innovative. Now, join me on a little journey to see some of the notable highlights at the 2023 Guangzhou Expo.

Special thanks to fftq and Yugaki for most of these photos. Also some photos are from RealDollOnline, ぱぺぴん本家, and various brands. 

Jinsan (WM Doll)

Jinsan showcased a few TPE and silicone dolls at their booth. What’s interesting is the difference in selection compared to what they usually promote in the West. Aka, no thicc “Jasmine” doll.

Arguably the most interesting thing at the expo was Jinsan’s strange robotic heads over to the side. Back in March 2023, they revealed their pursuit of AI and robotics. Here, they finally gave a little teaser. Hopefully, it can do more than just move its eyes though.

JY Doll

JY Doll shared their many beauties, including several heads and mini dolls. A doll in a white dress took center stage, but she doesn’t look too interesting to me. The dolls on the side were the main attraction.


Irontech showed off many silicone dolls including their Real Lady series. They also had a large selection of torsos and hip toys from their Sigafun line.


Compared to other brands, Bezlya’s booth was a bit strange. Rather than spreading their dolls out, they put all their dolls together on giant bed so no one could really touch them. Still, they had some standing dolls in front, including a robot.

Courtesy: ぱぺぴん本家)

Sino Doll

Sino Doll went with an Ancient China fantasy theme. All their dolls wore fancy, colorful dresses, but were, unfortunately, blocked off by barriers.

Courtesy: RealDollOnline


Starpery had a variety of heads and bodies, including their 70cm Ivory mini doll.

CST Doll (BBdoll)

CST returned with their typical round display of dolls. They look pretty good as usual with interesting poses, and they even brought their robot. Unfortunately, most photos here are censored. 

SY Doll

SY Doll went with an Egyptian theme, and showcased a variety of dolls including their “Rihanna” head on a short body. They also had a doll with the electric hips function on display.

Dolls Castle

As usual, Dolls Castle had some weird dolls on display. Usually, it’s aliens, but this time, they had a zombie girl, a snake or reptile tail, and a muscular pig humanoid. The fish head was there as well..

Climax Doll

Climax Doll displayed a variety of dolls including their horse mini doll, a torso, and their silicone Mouna and Meru dolls.

AiZhiMei (Aiomi)

AiZhiMei (Aiomi) had many dolls and a nice assortment of heads on display. I recognize many these dolls from the last expo they attended. From the video, they seem quite firm.


Cosdoll was there promoting their brand and sub-brands like Yearndoll and Sanmudoll. They showed off a new doll with very realistic skin details.


This next brand is supposedly called Albizzia, but I’m not really sure. They had some interesting Asian heads.

Doll Senior

Doll Senior is a brand I’ve never covered. They had some pretty dolls behind a barrier.

Qita Doll

Qita showed off their recent AIO male doll, as well as many other male and female dolls. They also had quite a bit of mini dolls.


Realing showed off a similar selection from the previous expo. Muscular male dolls and slim female dolls. Dressed trendily, some of them resemble department store mannequins. 

GD Doll

A brand I’ve never heard of called GD Doll. They have fairly attractive Western and Asian heads.


A random anime hip toy brand I never heard of. The “spanking” display is pretty funny.

Other Brands

Putting together this post, I realized there are way too many photos and sections. It’s a bit long-winded and tedious to get through.. Therefore, I’ll just throw some leftover brands here. Due to limited space, I skipped many small brands at the expo (who didn’t really stand out). Here are some photos from Orange In, Starry Doll, Bajie Technology, and Carp Wax Figure (some names are poor translations).

Unknown Brands

Here are a bunch of photos from unknown brands. Most likely, they’re domestic brands with only Chinese names.

That wraps up 3 eventful days of the 2023 Guangzhou Adult Expo. As expected, it was a pretty standard expo. Since brands rarely unveil new things at expos, they’re really more for visitors to look at and feel the dolls up-close. Although technically, Bezlya did claim that they would reveal their new Bionic 3.0 series at this expo, but never did. Still, I like seeing dolls in this expo atmosphere. There’s something fun about it, plus you can see the dolls without photo editing and filters. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little expo adventure, which is the last one of the year. There won’t be another big one until April 2024. Until next time!

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  1. Jackson

    Great post! Those doll castle dolls kinda freaked me out tbh. But I liked that a lot of these doll brands are doing robotics to an extent. Keep it up!

  2. Adam

    Hi Steven! Once again, thanks for covering this event.
    About Doll Senior (pic 90/138) and GD Doll (pic 109/138), do you know where I can find more info? Or maybe their website? I couldn’t find them.

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      Unfortunately, Doll Senior (also known as wawaxuejie) doesn’t have a website. They sell on Chinese websites like tmall, taobao, and jd, but don’t think you can order outside of China. As for GD Doll, I can’t find any info on them.

      1. Adam

        Hi Steven!
        Oh ok! Thanks anyway! Great blog 🙂

  3. Jackson

    Have you covered Day 3 yet? Nov. 5? No rush just curious.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      Sorry, I was busy working on the weekly news post. I have a few more photos and videos to add, but this post is more-or-less finished. Just some more photos and videos of what I already showed. I’ll finish this tomorrow, but there isn’t really anything new.

  4. Ad Libitum

    Image 116/138: Bajie Technology. If I read the paper sheet correctly, then this doll weights 22kg with a height of 170cm. This sounds really good, really lightweight. Do you have any further information about this doll? Thank you for your great blog!

    1. Steven

      Hi Ad Libitum,
      What paper sheet are you referring to? Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about that brand.

      1. Ad Libitum

        Hi Steven, the Doll on image 116/138 is having a paper sheet placed on here womb, partly hidden by here right arm.

  5. Adam

    Thanks for the photos and info. I’m very very far from there, so this is very valuable for me.
    I’ll be asking a lot later hehe.
    Thanks again Steven.

  6. @Itzthedollover

    I thought first day was good, I always think it’s more satisfying to see what the dolls look like without photo editing.
    Furthermore, the doll in the last photo seems to have Eileen’s head from SHEDOLL (, I believe they are also at the event, as there will still be more days of news👀👀

  7. IconOkee

    damn, still no CyberLife androids.

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