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Asia Adult Expo 2023 Sex Doll Highlights

It’s time once again for another sex doll expo. This week, Asian Adult Expo 2023 is taking place in Hong Kong between August 29-31. Oddly, that’s during the weekdays (Tue-Thurs), rather than the usual weekends. AAE 2023 is looking like sex doll heaven as many brands showed up to display their beautiful TPE and silicone dolls.

A huge thank you to @DDdioxine for sharing these photos, which makes my life a lot easier. Be sure to follow him on Twitter as he’s currently at the expo in-person. Without further ado, let’s explore the AAE 2023 together, and see what magical experiences await us.


Jinsan showed up with a few dolls and some pamphlets. Not the most exciting display, but they chose some attractive dolls. I think they were mostly silicone Angel Kiss dolls.


Irontech’s booth was extremely crowded as everyone gathered to see Irontech’s interesting display. Drawing in crowds with their “sex robot” (electric hip and blowjob functions), people also stayed to see the silicone and TPE dolls, and torsos. However, the highlight was the grand reveal of their 170cm Real Lady with Eileen head.


Unlike other brands, Cosdoll showed up with as many dolls as they could carry – squeezing in every last inch of space with dolls. They have 3 brands after all (Cosdoll, Yearndoll, and Sanmudoll), and wanted to show them all. More interestingly, they had a blue elf that looks nearly identical to the Starry Doll Head #63 (from yesterday’s post). Perhaps, Starry Doll is made by Cosdoll.

Aizhimei (Aiomi)

Aizhimei had many dolls on display. I don’t know much about them, but they were also at the 2023 Shanghai API Expo. They’re mainly a Chinese seller on Alibaba whose dolls seem inspired by other brands.

Climax Doll

Photos were very limited, but it looked like Climax Doll only brought 2 dolls and a torso. They’re easily recognizable as the 159cm Lilian (CLM Ultra) and 157cm Sola (CLM Pro). 


Realing showcased their muscular male dolls, slim female dolls, and mini dolls. They also had a bunch of dildos and sex toys. Like Qita, male dolls are their front-and-center specialty.


Next is Qita, which has the same founder as Realing. They had a similar selection of dolls but not nearly as colorful. It seems that they forgot their wall posters (or all the resources went to Realing).


Missdoll made a rare appearance with some dolls. Someone brought up that they’re supposedly a Bezlya distributor now. Since I’m unfamiliar with Bezlya, I can’t tell if these are Bezlya dolls or not.


Youqu showcased a few dolls. They’re an affordable brand that I’ve seen some vendors carry, but I don’t know much about them.


Like Youqu, Youmei is also a mystery to me. They had 2 pretty dolls on display.

Random Other Stuff

This company solved the infamous sex doll weight problem by bringing back good old-fashioned inflatable sex dolls. These blow-up dolls were on full display, along with some other sex toys. What you’ll probably receive when you order those $69 sex dolls.


That wraps up Day 1 of Asia Adult Expo 2023. Again, special thanks to @DDdioxine for sharing these photos. It looked like a fairly standard expo, but being there in-person is a completely different experience. Seeing Irontech’s Real Lady and “sex robot” up-close, grabbing Realing’s muscular biceps, or being surrounded by Cosdolls in every direction. It sounds like a jolly good time. Hopefully, you experienced some of that magic in our little adventure today. I’ll update this post if there’s more photos/videos in the next 2 days. Until next time!

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    Does the moving irontech doll have the electric hips and the autoblowjob in one body?

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